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Astral Haruspex

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This is a control auxiliary item.


This formula traps the mighty wisdoms of the cosmos to greatly increase the Control generated by other items in your base.

Additional Information

Astral Haruspex
Astral Haruspex (left)
and Scrying Paintings (right) shown for visual reference.
Base Element Type Control Aux Item
Price 200,000 prestige
Issue Added Issue 6, Updated Issue 13
Unlocked by Mega Monitor Plans
Energy Consumed 100
Control Produced 200
Crafted at Expert Forge
Salvage Required Salvage FaLakAmulet.png 1 Ancient Artifact Salvage ClockworkGear.png 1 Clockwork Gear Salvage InanimateCarbonRod.png 1 Inanimate Carbon Rod Salvage Titanium.png 1 Polycarbon Salvage SymbioticArmor.png 1 Symbiotic Armor

Salvage ThornFragmentold.png 1 Masterwork Weapon Salvage AlchemicalGold.png 1 Alchemical Gold Salvage Notes.png 1 Scientific Theory Salvage Steel.png 1 Steel Salvage Cloak.png 1 Mu Vestment


Salvage IceShard.png 1 Nevermelting Ice Salvage Sapphire.png 1 Sapphire Salvage Notes.png 1 Mathematic Proof Salvage TitaniumShard.png 1 Titanium Shard Salvage ArcanePowder.png 1 Pangean Soil

Attaches to Orbits of Control, Mystic Orrery
Tech Equivalent Mega Monitor


Price 849,000 prestige
Issue Added Issue 6Issue 12
Crafted at Expert Forge
Salvage Required 10 Salvage MysticElement.png Mystic Element
3 Salvage MysticFoci.png Mystic Foci
7 Salvage ArcaneEssence.png Arcane Essence
1 Salvage MagicalWard.png Magical Ward
Allowed "Aux" Items None

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