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Items of Power

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Badge time.png This article or section contains information that no longer applies to the current version of City of Heroes Freedom. It is provided for historical purposes.


Items of Power are powerful relics that Supergroups may acquire by completing the Cathedral of Pain Trial. (The Trial was made unavailable on October 11, 2006 due to an exp exploit. It returned in Issue 18, but no longer gives Items of Power.) They bestow benefits to your entire supergroup for as long as you are able to keep them in your possession. Every character in the supergroup receives these benefits as long as they are in supergroup mode.


Rularuu has obtained a number of powerful relics from the infinite worlds into which he peers. These relics rest at the center of his great palace in the Shadow Shard, the Cathedral of Pain.

Every so often, Rularuu’s legions invade Earth and scour it for these relics, or Items of Power. While this is a dangerous time for earth, it also grants heroes and villains an opportunity to travel to the Shadow Shard and take Rularuu’s items for themselves. With these relics, Rularuu will eventually be able to pierce the veil and transfer his full consciousness into our reality, and ravage it utterly. Great heroes must stop this process. Super villains will want to gain the items for their own personal goals.


InherentBase Anger.png Anger Monument

Carved with the strange glyphs that scholars have yet to decipher, the Anger Monument radiates with evil power. When this is in your base, it gives all members a small bonus to damage. You can have up to 5 copies in your base.

InherentBase Fury.png Fury Monument

This item of power has been imbued with the fury of Rularuu's ambition. This power actually gives a small bonus to experience earned for all Supergroup members. You can have up to 5 copies of this item.

Effects +1% experience for everyone in the Supergroup

InherentBase Torment.png Torment Monument

Said to be empowered by the pain and suffering of Rularuu's victims, this stone perversely allows Super
The Monument of Iron in a SG base
Group members to repay debt quicker. You may have up to 5 copies of this item.

Upkeep: -40,000

InherentBase Iron.png Monument of Iron

Harder than diamond, the Monument of Iron confers a slight resistance to certain mind-affecting powers. You can have up to 5 copies of this item.

Effects Magnitude 3 status effect protection for from holds, immoblisation, sleep and stun for everyone in the Supergroup

Unique Items

These Items of Power are unique for each server. Ex. Only 1 Book of Rularuu in all the SG Bases on the Guardian Server.

The Heart of a Storm Elemental

InherentBase Heart.png Heart of a Storm Elemental

Not all Rularuu's treasures have physical form. Hovering here is the Heart of Daralak, a mighty brute. The Heart increases the health of all members of a Super Group.

Effects +5% Health for everyone in the Supergroup

The Perfect Eye

This is the unblinking guardian of Rularuu's cathedral. Its gaze pierces darkness and even dimensions. The Perfect Eye aids supergroup members by increasing their chances of spotting those using stealth powers.

Effects +Perception
The True Furnace

InherentBase Furnace.png The True Furnace

This is the True Furnace Rularuu used to construct his inter-dimensional Factory Cubes. Although it cannot be harnessed, the True Furnace radiates energy, increasing the Endurance of every Supergroup member and supplying power to all items in a base.

Effects +10% Endurance for everyone in the Supergroup
+ 100,000 Power for Base

InherentBase Book.png The One Book of Rularuu

This book is said to contain the essence of the timelines that have been, are and could be. Each letter is beyond the comprehension of all but Rularuu. Nonetheless, the tiniest fragment bestows power to those who possess it. The One Book gives a 20% reduction to debt incurred by all Supergroup members at all times.

Effects +20% Debt Reduction

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