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Secure Base Plots

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Secure Base Plots range in size from the smallest grid of 12x16 units to the largest 24x28 grid. Secure locations can have backup control and energy sources, as well as more backup batteries. These can allow for more Energy, Control, and Battery Base Items to be placed within the Base than allowed by Hidden Base Plots. In addition to Base Plot acquisition cost, all supergroups pay a regular rent fee based on certain items in use.

Secure Base Plots have a greater cost than Hidden Base Plots.

There are seven Secure Base Plots available. Larger Base Plots are available for increased Prestige costs from within a Base's Entrance Room to characters that have Base Editing Rights.


Plot Name Size Cost Cost per Square Batteries
Small Secure Location 12x16 722,000 prestige 3760 prestige/sq Limit 3
Secure Location 16x16 1,250,000 prestige 4882 prestige/sq Limit 3
Large Secure Location 16x20 1,984,500 prestige 6201 prestige/sq Limit 4
Small Secure Complex 20x20 2,812,500 prestige 7031 prestige/sq Limit 4
Secure Complex 20x24 5,000,000 prestige 10416 prestige/sq Limit 5
Large Secure Complex 24x24 7,812,500 prestige 13,563 prestige/sq Limit 5
Massive Secure Complex 24×28 11,250,000 prestige 16,741 prestige/sq Limit 6

Note that you're doing good if, with the smaller plots, the number of squares used for rooms is at least half the total number of squares, due to unusable space between rooms.


All Secure Bases have the following maximum item limits:

Item Type Limit
Control 2
Dimensional Anchor  6
Energy 2
Entrance 1
Storage 18
Workshop 6