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Viewing Portal

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This is a control auxiliary item.


Through this gateway thoughts fly quicker than wind. The portal generates additional control for your base.

Additional Information

Viewing Portal - Top View
Viewing Portal (left)
and Augury Table(right) shown for size reference.
Base Element Type Control Aux Item
Price 322,000 prestige
Issue Added Issue 6, Updated Issue 13
Energy Consumed 150
Control Produced 120
Crafted at Expert Forge
Salvage Required Salvage MysticFoci.png 1 Spiritual Essence Salvage Demonlogica.png 1 Volume of the Obsidian Librum Salvage PrototypeElement.png 1 Simple Chemical Salvage StrandofFate.png 1 Strand of Fate

Salvage KheldianBloodSample.png 1 Demonic Blood Sample Salvage Tatoo.png 1 Living Tattoo Salvage InertGas.png 1 Inert Gas Salvage SoulTrappedGem.png 1 Soul Trapped Gem


Salvage HellishTooth.png 1 Spirit Thorn Salvage MilitaryIntelligence.png 1 Psionic Threat Report Salvage Silver.png 1 Silver Salvage Scrolls.png 1 Prophecy

Attaches to Orbits of Control, Mystic Orrery
Tech Equivalent Advanced Corner Terminal


Price 322,000 prestige
Issue Added Issue 6Issue 12
Crafted at Expert Forge
Salvage Required 12 Salvage MysticFoci.png Mystic Foci
5 Salvage ArcaneEssence.png Arcane Essence
8 Salvage ArcaneGlyph.png Arcane Glyph
1 Salvage AstrologyBook.png Astrology Book
Allowed "Aux" Items None

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