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Base Control Items

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All information on this page is current as of Issue 13.

Most functional base items require both energy and control. Base Energy Items provide energy, while Control Items consume energy and create control. As with energy items, control items come in both arcane and tech styles which are functionally identical. These items may have different footprints and crafting items, however, which are detailed on the item's page. Auxiliary items must be paired with a main item of the same style. Control itself is not typed across the base - for example, control generated from a Mainframe can be used to run an arcane teleporter.

Hidden base plots can only contain a single main control item while secure base plots can contain two.


Combo Power and Control Unit - A special type of item intended for getting bases off of the ground. It provides 125 energy and 75 control, costs 25,000 prestige and can only be placed in the Oversight Center room.

Arcane Name Tech Name Price Energy Consumed Control Produced Aux Allowed Unlocked By Crafted
Magic Axis Mainframe 50,000 prestige 50 50 9 N/A No
Orbits of Control Supercomputer 500,000 prestige 500 500 9 Supercomputer Badge No
Mystic Orrery Autonomous Expert System 1,500,000 prestige 2500 1500 9 Autonomous Expert System Plans Yes


Most Control Auxiliary items are intended to supplement the base's primary control items and provide Control while consuming Energy.

Arcane Name Tech Name Price Energy Consumed Control Produced Unlocked By Crafted
Bookshelf Database 50,000 prestige 100 50 N/A No
Clerk Desk Terminal 10,000 prestige 10 10 N/A No
Augury Table Corner Terminal 12,000 prestige 15 12 N/A No
Mystic Advisor Holodisplay 25,000 prestige 15 25 N/A Yes
Scrying Paintings Monitor Bank 20,000 prestige 10 20 N/A Yes
Mystical Bookshelf Advanced Database 500,000 prestige 1000 500 N/A Yes
Seer Desk Advanced Terminal 100,000 prestige 100 100 N/A Yes
Viewing Portal Advanced Corner Terminal 120,000 prestige 150 120 N/A Yes
Mystic Overseer Advanced Holodisplay 250,000 prestige 150 250 N/A Yes
Astral Haruspex Mega Monitor 200,000 prestige 100 200 Mega Monitor Plans Badge Yes

Some Control Auxiliary items allow the user to start certain missions or events. These items consume some combination of Control and Energy.

Arcane Name Tech Name Price Energy Consumed Control Consumed Crafted Notes
Pillar of Ice and Flame Pillar of Ice and Flame 50,000 prestige 0 15 No Used to start Flashbacks
Oracle Mission Computer 75,000 prestige 20 10 Yes Used to start Silver Mantis SF and Cathedral of Pain Trial