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Base Battery Items

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Battery items provide temporary backup power for devices in the same room. They are normally used by PvP bases, so their devices can be kept operational for a short period of time if the main Power Unit fails. Occasionally, Batteries can also be used as temporary solution for a base with power requirements slightly over the max output of their main power unit, however this use is not common, as batteries have usually extremely long recharge times.

The number of batteries that can be placed in a base depends on the plot size. Hidden Base Plots can have only a single battery while Secure Base Plots can have between 3 and 6 depending on size as shown below.

Plot Name Max Batteries
Small Secure Location 3
Secure Location 3
Large Secure Location 4
Small Secure Complex 4
Secure Complex 5
Large Secure Complex 5
Massive Secure Complex 6


Arcane Name Tech Name Price Energy Provided Control Consumed Run Duration Aux Allowed Unlocked by Crafted
Mana Crystal Brief Capacitor 10,000 prestige 500 0 60 seconds 0 N/A No
Mana Seal Backup Capacitor 20,000 prestige 1,000 0 120 seconds 0 N/A No
Mana Lens Emergency Capacitor 30,000 prestige 1,500 20 240 seconds 0 Emergency Capacitor Plans Yes
Mana Resonator Aeon Capacitor 40,000 prestige 2,000 100 480 seconds 0 N/A Yes