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Combat Logs

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The Combat Logs allow you to purchase Break Free inspirations for 100 influence/infamy each.


The combat logs record past battles and help you prepare for ones to come. Here you can get Break Free Inspirations.

Additional Information

Combat Logs
Base Element Type Medical
Price 50,000 prestige
Upkeep Cost 100 prestige
Issue Added 6
Unlocked by Combat Log Plans
Energy Consumed 15
Control Consumed 5
Crafted at Advanced Worktable
Salvage Required Salvage MysticFoci.png 1 Spiritual Essence Salvage Boresight.png 1 Boresight Salvage Treatise.png 1 Chemical Formula Salvage Notes.png 1 Complex Chemical Formula

Salvage KheldianBloodSample.png 1 Demonic Blood Sample Salvage SyntheticOrgans.png 1 Improvised Cybernetic Salvage Notes.png 1 Scientific Law Salvage MilitaryIntelligence.png 1 Conspiratorial Evidence


Salvage HellishTooth.png 1 Spirit Thorn Salvage SkyRaiderWeapon.png 1 Kinetic Weapon Salvage Treatise.png 1 Chaos Theorem Salvage Nanites.png 1 Synthetic Intelligence Unit

Allowed "Aux" Items None
Arcane Equivalent Contemplation Charts


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