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The Auto-Doc produces Respite and Catch a Breath inspirations, which you can buy for 50 influence each. It will also give you influence for your salvage, recipes, and most inspirations.


This semi-intelligent robot can help you prepare for battle. It sells health and Endurance Inspirations, and allows you to trade in extra Inspirations for inf.

Additional Information

Base Element Type Medical
Price 50,000 prestige
Upkeep Cost 100 prestige
Issue Added 6
Unlocked by Auto-Doc Plans
Energy Consumed 35
Control Consumed 15
Crafted at Advanced Worktable
Salvage Required Salvage Ring.png 1 Luck Charm Salvage BloodSample.png 1 Human Blood Sample Salvage Titanium.png 1 Polycarbon Salvage HeadsUpDisplay.png 1 Heads Up Display

Salvage MagicalWard.png 1 Rune Salvage DevouringCulture.png 1 Stabilized Mutant Genome Salvage Steel.png 1 Steel Salvage SyntheticOrgans.png 1 Military Cybernetic


Salvage Scrolls.png 1 Fortune Salvage HydraulicPiston.png 1 Hydraulic Piston Salvage TitaniumShard.png 1 Titanium Shard Salvage RiktiPlasmaRifle.png 1 Photonic Weapon

Allowed "Aux" Items None
Arcane Equivalent Tree of Wonders



Won't Buy:


Price 50,000 prestige
Issue Added Issue 6Issue 12
Crafted at Advanced Worktable
Salvage Required 3 Salvage TechMaterial.png Tech Material
8 Salvage TechPower.png Tech Power
Allowed "Aux" Items None

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