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Globalchat.png This user's global chat handle is @BustermanZero.
Archetypeicon blaster.png This user's main hero is a Blaster.

CoH Game Icon.png This user plays City of Heroes on the Protector server.

Hey there, Busterman Zero here. You can find my primary hero of the same name on the Protector server while my villain, Zalerech, is on Victory.

I have an ongoing fan fic here.



Emblem Ornate 02.png
Security Level: 50

Origin: Science
Archetype: Blaster
Primary Powers: Energy Blast
Secondary Powers: Energy Manipulation
Ancillary Powers: Flame Mastery
Other Powers: Flight, Fitness, Leadership, Speed
Accolades: Atlas Medallion, Elusive Mind, Freedom Phalanx Reserve Member, Vanguard Medal

In world war two the Nazi organization known as the 5th Column was working to develop vampiric super-soldiers, among other things. In response the Allies created Project Busterman, in which various willing soldiers, mainly last-chancers facing execution, were subjected to experiments in an attempt to make them manifest abilities. Alex Blake, a Canadian Corporal who'd been threatened with execution for killing a fellow soldier in cold blood (in reality it had been an Axis sniper who'd fired teh shot), became Patient Zero, thus Busterman Zero. In all there were twenty-six Bustermen, several with unique powers different from the others. Following a deadly battle with the 5th Column at the end of the war, seven remained: Zero, Pyro, Cryo, Aero, Hydro, Electro and Geo. The seven formed the Buster Brigade and worked after the war to track the movement of major arch-villains such as Nemesis and Lord Recluse, unaware that the 5th Column was still in existence.

Following the Rikti War only Zero and Pyro remained, Pyro confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Zero began to lead a one-man war against the 5th Column, now the Council, headless of the dangers. After a confrontation with Arakhn Zero was badly wounded and needed a blood transfusion, which he received from Pyro. Pyro's blood caused Zero to develop a few flame-based abilities, further strengthening him his battles against those who would threaten his beloved Paragon City.

Completed Task Forces

Defeated Arch-Villains/Gang Leaders/Giant Monsters
Adamastor, Anti-Matter x 2, Arakhn, Arbiter Sands x 2, Babbage, Baron Zoria, Black Swan x 2, Bobcat, Captain Castillo x 3, Captain Dietrich, Captain Mako, Col. Burkholder, Death: Rider, Diabolique x 2, Dominatrix, Dra'Gon, Dr. Vahzilok, Envoy of Shadows x 3, Famine: Rider x 3, Frostfire, Giga Watts, Ice Mistral x 4, Infernal (Praetorian), Jurassik x 2, Lord of War: Hro'Dtohz x 3, Lt. Sefu Tendaji, Maestro, Malaise (Praetorian), Manticore, Marauder x 2, Mother Mayhem, Nemesis Rex, Neuron x 2, Night Widow Nocturne x 3, Nosferatu, Pestilence: Rider x 2, Pyra x 2, Requiem x 2, Scirocco, Siege, Shadowhunter, Shivan Decimator x 2, Silver Mantis x 4, The Clockwork King, The Clockwork King (Psychic) x 3, Tyrant, Vandal, War: Rider x 4, Weakened Hamidon

Emblem Ornate 02.png
Security Level: 12

Origin: Natural
Archetype: Peacebringer
Primary Powers: Luminous_Blast
Secondary Powers: Luminous Aura
Other Powers: Fitness

During the Rikti War several members of the Buster Bridge fell to the invaders. Among the fallen was Busterman Electro, a member of Alpha Team who was seemingly killed in action. Following the end of the war Busterman Zero put Electro's body into storage in a Longbow base, well away from the thieving hands of Crey Industries and other organizations. Uknown to Zero at the time Electro's body was still barely fuctioning, put into a state of deep hibernation by the Rikti weapon blast to avoid death.

After a few years inside a preservation capsule a Kheldian Peacebringer approached Electro and communicated with his mind, offering him new life in return for joining with the alien. Electro didn't hesitate and was born again as Busterman Neo.

Defeated Arch-Villains/Gang Leaders/Giant Monsters

Emblem Ornate 02.png
Security Level: 48

Origin: Science
Archetype: Tanker
Primary Powers: Willpower
Secondary Powers: Energy Melee
Ancillary Powers: Energy Mastery
Other Powers: Flight, Fitness, Leadership, Speed
Accolades: Atlas Medallion, Freedom Phalanx Reserve Member, Vanguard Medal

Completed Task Forces

Defeated Arch-Villains/Gang Leaders/Giant Monsters
Adamastor, Anti-Matter, Arakhn, Arbiter Sands, Babbage, Baron Zoria x 2, Captain Castillo, Clamor, Col. Burkholder x 2, Death: Rider, Diabolique x 2, Dominatrix, Dr. Vahzilok x 2, Envoy of Shadows x 2, Frostfire, Ice Mistral x 4, Infernal (Praetorian), Jurassik, Lord of War: Hro'Dtohz x 2, Maestro, Malaise (Praetorian), Marauder, Mother Mayhem, Nemesis, Nemesis Rex, Neuron, Night Widow Nocturne, Nosferatu, Pyra x 2, Requiem, Siege, Shadowhunter, Shivan Decimator x 4, Silver Mantis x 2, The Clockwork King, The Clockwork King (Psychic) x 2, Vandal


Busterman shadow.png

Emblem V Eldritch.png
Threat Level: 25

Origin: Magic
Archetype: Stalker
Primary Powers: Dark Melee
Secondary Powers: Dark Armor
Other Powers: Fitness, Leaping

In response to the damage Busterman Zero was causing, the Council decided to fight fire with fire. Using a blood sample taken from a recent battle and combining it with Vampyri tissue an imperfect clone of Zero with no thought patterns. Following a trade with the Circle of Thorns the Council was able to use the Eye of the Abyss to make the clone use DNA from its two donors to create a personality and give it life, resulting in Busterman Shadow. Unfortunately for the Council, not only was Shadow evil, but he shared Zero's hatred for the facists.

Following his escape from the Council Shadow found himself in the employment of Arachnos on the Rogue Isles. The alliance quickly deteriorated and Shadow offered no loyalty to Lord Recluse even after he was rescued from Brickstown after he'd been captured while trying to infect Paragon City's water supply with the Busterman Virus.

Defeated Heroes/Gang Leaders/Giant Monsters
Deathsurge x 2, Doctor Geist, Doc Quantum, Flambeaux x 2, Tac Lt. Chelman, Professor Echo x 3, Rosethorn x 2, Snow Maiden x 2, Spinnerette, Stalwart x 2

Emblem Ornate 01.png
Threat Level: 7

Origin: Magic
Archetype: Corruptor
Primary Powers: Radiation Blast
Secondary Powers: Dark Miasma
Other Powers: Flight

History of the Buster Brigade

In 1942, shortly after the failed strike on Dieppe, the Allied forces had a collective agreement to form the Buster Brigade, which was envisioned to be a superpowered commando unit, similar to the concept of the 1st Hero Brigade, comprised entirely of battle-hardened soldiers injected with the experimental Busterman Virus. Patient Zero of the virus, or at least who the official reports say is, was Alexander Blake, a Canadian Corporal who'd been accused of killing a fellow officer and was originally set to be shot. Unfortunately the original virus killed all but Blake, thus he was the only one to manifest the virus's true potential as an energy emitter and projector. Twenty-five other test subjects were given variants of the virus, in turn being able to produce similar energy projection and manipulation abilities but not in a pure form, instead manifesting as fire, electricity, wind and other such elements. The original plan of the Brigade was abanoned with so many fatalities and the virus being banned internationally shortly afterwards.

During World War II the Buster Brigade scored several victories against the Storm Korps, their small numbers being made up for with their virtual medley of abilities. Only a handful of Busterman Zero's brave soldiers died fighting in Europe, but tragedy fell during the war's final days. With the Storm Korps on the run the Allies requested the Brigade go to Paragon City and hunt down the 5th Column in hopes of eliminating them once and for all. The Column lost several of its best men but dealt a serious blow to the Brigade, leaving only eight members alive following the fight. Busterman Zero remained, along with Busterman Pyro, Busterman Electro, Busterman Aero, Busterman Geo, Busterman Hydro, Busterman Cryo and Busterman Scio. With the end of the war the heroes were free to disband but, feeling that would be pointless, remained as a unit. The group was quickly called into action when Nemesis invaded Washington D.c., Scio killed in the fighting by an atom-ray blast.

While the threat of the Axis powers was gone, the Soviet Union and the cadre of Communist supervillains became a new major threat for the Buster Brigade. As they'd been more or less forgotten after the war the heroes were able to launch convert strikes against potential threats without drawing the public eye. For a good portion of the Cold War the Buster Brigade operated out of a massive submarine base that contantly patrolled the Pacific Ocean. Two particular villains that the Brigade caused problems for were the People's Hammer and Comrade Sickle, a husband and wife pair of Russian superheroes who were considered tragic villains due to their commanding officer being the one to assign them their vile missions. A bloody battle during 1971 resulting in Busterman Zero killed Comrade Sickle and a furious People's Hammer nearly killing Busterman Pyro in retaliation but Zero, at the cost of suffering serious personal injury, saved his ally. Hammer escaped but, saddened by the loss of her husband, didn't surface again.

In 1993 the Buster Brigade offically relocated to Paragon City, setting up a base in Perez Park where the heroes had managed to find cheap but comfortable housing. In spite of the chaos that transpired in the park the Brigade kept a brave face and helped keep the worst of it at bay.

When the Rikti invaded in 2002 Busterman Zero led the Buster Brigade in a series of rapid strikes on major enemy ships all over the world, trusting Paragon City's other heroes to keep their home safe. Shortly after the month-long mission however the Buster Brigade's base was invaded by Rikti commander Pri'mus and following the disasterous battle Busterman Zero was blinded in one eye and Geo, Cryo, Hydro and Aero had all been killed. For the final battle Busterman Zero was originally conidered for Omega Team, as while his powers weren't magical he did possess strong leadership abilities and military experience, but he ended up getting transferred to Alpha Team so he could watch over Electro and Pyro. Unfortunately Electo died in battle and Pyro was paralyzed below the waist. With no members left save Busterman Zero himself the Buster Brigade was offically disbanded.

In spite of the Brigade being dissolved, however, its legacy continues. Busterman Zero is still an active hero and Busterman Pyro is an information broker for heroes in Europe. In addition Busterman Zero's clone, Busterman Shadow, exists though he is evil in nature. More recently Busterman Electro's body was possessed by a Kheldian and he became Busterman Neo, thus the Busterman legacy lives on.

Busterman Zero's Missions

A list of missions I've brainstormed that my character could issue if he were a contact.


Busterman Zero
Zone Atlas Park
Coordinates (1130, 70, -3397)
Level Range 20-50
Introduced By City Representative
Introduces None
Enemy Groups

Badge villain council.png Council
V badge Shivan.png Shivans
V badge Cryst.png Nictus

V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos
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Contact Introduced By

After completing the cape mission you'll be introduced to Busterman Zero.

New Contact(s)



Old Time Hero

Unlike other contacts, Busterman Zero, an old timer, knows about the gritty truth underneath Atlas Park. He works with the Freedom Corps, assigning tasks for heroes that take place in Atlas Park, all of which are far complicated than something that mere Longbow agents could handle.

Relationship: ...

Initial Contact

Atlas Park is supposed to be a safe place, a place where new heroes can make their start battling weak street gangs like the Hellions. Unfortunately life doesn't work like that. Time to remove the blindfold, Character, this is the big league. Atlas Park's security is squarely in our hands.

Don't let me down, because if you do you might have to tell some poor family why their loved one won't be coming home for dinner.

Too Busy

Sorry Character, I've got a million things to do right now, and none of them involve having this conversation. There's got to be someone else with something for you, go see them.


  • Inspirations
  • Level 20 Dual-Origin Enhancements (150% Markup)
  • Level 25 Dual-Origin Enhancements (150% Markup)


Busterman Zero has a lot of different repeatable missions featuring all villain-groups in Atlas Park.

Defend the Medical Center


Nice timing, Character. It seems a few of our local heroes have had some rough luck as of late and are being treated at the Chiron Medical Center as we speak. Unfortunately Arachnos wants to take advantage of this and will be launching an attack on the facility.

I need you to rescue any captured heroes and wipe out the Arachnos threat before the press hears about this. Arachnos in Atlas Park, that's just what we need.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Defend Chiron Medical Center
    • Rescue 3 Heroes, Defeat all Enemies


V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos

Notable NPCs


That's the stuff heroes are made of, Character. The medical center is safe thansk to you. Hey, I've got some Enhancements for you. You might need them, because the diapers are coming off.

Take my number, you might need it if you're too lazy to walk over here and talk to me.

Secure the Weapon Cache


It's a bad day to be a Kheldian, Character. The Council's got a new shipment of Quantum Array guns in and they're eager to attack the Peacebringers. I doubt they're even aware of this problem, so I'm just going to have you deal with it to save time.

Make sure you get all the guns, otherwise we'll have dead aliens on our hands, and that's not what I'm hoping for.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Capture the Quantum Array Guns
    • 5 Crates Left


Badge villain council.png Council

Notable NPCs

  • Archon Dekker (Galaxy Archon)


Nice, now Sunstorm and his friends don't have to worry about being ambushed in the supposedly safe corners of Atlas Park. You deserve a medal. If you actually want one though, go talk to city hall. I don't have time to waste on puppies who want their treats.

Save Hero Corps Office


People may not like the Hero Corps, but they're useful enough. I guess someone figured that out, because Shivans, of all things, have invaded one of their main offices. Shivans. In Atlas Park. I swear Statesman is letting this town go to the pits...

I need you to go rescue the hostages in the building. Yeah, an unknown group is holding people hostage and just using the Shivans for muscle. Stresses me out, I don't mind saying. Get moving before someone gets killed.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Save the Hero Corps Office
    • Rescue 5 Hostages, Defeat All Enemies


V badge Shivan.png Shivans
V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos

Notable NPCs

  • Operative Greench (Crab Spider Longfang)
  • Leonard (Hostage, NPC)
  • Michael (Hostage, NPC)
  • Allison (Hostage, NPC)
  • Lavernius (Hostage, NPC)
  • Franklin (Hostage, NPC)


Arachnos? Great, now Statesman will get involved. That jerk acts all high and mighty but is too busy dealing with Lord Recluse to worry about Atlas Park. I am not so egotistical. Good work, Character.

Destroy the Shadow Cysts


The Council has plans for Atlas Park, namely infecting the populace with Nictus. It isn't that original for them, I know. If you didn't know that, go talk to Moonfire on Stiga Isle and you'll get what I mean.

The Council secretly rented out an office and have planted four Shadow Cysts inside. Those are the lifeline of the Nictus, so take those out and their plot will be effectively foiled.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Destroy the Shadow Cysts
    • 4 Cysts Left


Badge villain council.png Council
V badge Cryst.png Nictus

Notable NPCs

  • Archon Walmer (Vortex Elite Archon)
  • Shadow Cyst x 4


The Council really should know better than to mess with us, huh Character? Good work, there will be punch and pie in city hall tonight. What, you think I'm being serious? Come back when you've developped the ability to detect sarcasm then, will you?

Stop the Bombing

Briefing I always knew this day would come: Archnos and the Council have teamed up to bomb Atlas Park itself. They've somehow disabled security protocols around the area, probably the same way the Rikti always do during their invasions. In any case, they're doing a bombing raid, and you need to stop them. Yes, you.

The only good news I have for you is that this is Atlas Park, so you will have some help. I'm going to be busy taking out the bomb teams, but I need you and your allies to disarm the bombs that were already planted. Good luck, Character. You might need it, since I hear a high-ranking Council Vampyr is leading the assault, and Lord Recluse even loaned out one of his Heavy Blasters to help with this raid.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Stop the Bombing
    • 6 Bombs left, Defeat Lt. Blechley, Defeat Heavy Blaster


Badge villain council.png Council
V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos

Notable NPCs

  • Snow Maiden (Ally, Pet)
  • No Mind (Ally, Pet)
  • Stalwart (Ally, Pet)
  • Lt. Blechley (Elite Boss)
  • Arachnos Heavy Blaster (Elite Boss)


Well that should make Arachnos and the Council think twice before trying such a stupid bombing run again. Of course, they are fools so I doubt they'll think at all. Good work, in any event. I took out an Arachnos Flier while you were busy taking out those bombs. I bet you wish you'd been able to fight that instead of that Heavy Blaster, huh? Well, you can't always get what you want.