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Doctor Geist

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Doctor Geist

Doctor Geist is an special Boss working for Arachnos.

Villains face him:


Doctor Geist is a mad scientist working for Arachnos on a project involving mutant spiders! He is also a long time rival of his former colleague, Doctor Creed.


During the mission Interrogate Doctor Geist he has his own cutscene:

Doctor Geist and his plans

Doctor Geist:

The fools! They said that I, the ingenious Dr. Geist, would never make anything of myself!
Now here I am, working for Lord Recluse, unlocking the secrets of these Arachnoids!
Soon, I will work my way up the Arachnos hierarchy and get the resources I need to create my ULTIMATE SECRET WEAPON!
Then, I shall rule the WORLD!

Wolf Spider:

Doctor Geist's dreams come to a halt

Doctor Geist:


Wolf Spider:

Get back to work or we'll cut off more than your funding!

Doctor Geist:

Of course, s-sir! I'll get back to it, sir!

Wolf Spider:

I hate mad scientists.

Combat start: "You! My spies saw you speaking with Doctor Creed! You're one of his lackeys!"
First blood: "Taste my photon accelerator!"
At 75% Health: "You dare strike Doctor Geist?"
At 50% Health: "You'll pay for that, scum!"
At 25% Health: "Ouch!"
Defeated: "Another genius plucked from this world!"
Defeats player: +++ Missing Information +++

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