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Col. Burkholder

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Col. Burkholder is an Archvillain that was once fighting for the 5th Column, but can be found by traveling to the past via Ouroboros. In the present time, he is now known as Archon Burkholder who is an Archvillain for the Council.

Heroes and Villains can find him the following missions:


Archon Burkholder has made a name for himself in the 5th Column. His obsession with robotics led him to carve off his own arm and replace it with one of steel; it also led him to create a terrifying robot factory. There is nearly nothing Burkholder won't do to achieve his own ends.


During the React to the 5th Column's movements mission in the Mender Lazarus Task Force:

Before combat: The Vampyri have gone over to the Council? Huh, I wonder how well the Center pays.
Combat start: I'm up for recruitment.
At 75% Life: Oh, I see. You have to make it look good.
At 50% Life: Alright. Alright.
You don't have to make it look THIS good.
At 25% Life: Tell the Center I'll join!
Defeated: Oh fine, be that way.
After defeating a player: You know, if you're the best the Center has to offer, I will stick with Requiem.

During the Remove the 5th Column leaders mission, again in the Mender Lazarus Task Force, he will be already part of the Council:

Before combat:

5th Column soldier: You always were full of lies.
Col. Burkholder: I know what you're thinking... I'm not a traitor. Really?
Ubermenschen Boss: You were nothing but a waste of time, Burkholder.

Combat start:

5th Column soldier: Ah look Burkholder, your friends are here.
Col. Burkholder: Character! Uh, I was just telling them how loyal I am to the cause.
Ubermenschen Boss: For the 5th!

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