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Professor Echo

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Professor Echo


Professor Echo is a Boss or Elite Boss (depending on mission) working for an unknown group. He's a scientific genius, having mastered time travel among other disciplines. His purposes are a mystery.

Villains may face him:


Description Prior to Pandora's Box

Professor Echo has been a thorn in Dr. Aeon's side for some time. No one knows where he came from or what his purpose is, only that he's determined to thwart Dr. Aeon at every turn.

Description from Pandora's Box

Professor Echo is a scientific genius and master of time travel. What he's doing here, bothering you, remains a mystery.


During the mission Take another deniable job from Marshal Brass:

During the mission Recover Amanda Vines and find out what she's learned:

During the mission Find out what's wrong with the Power Transfer System for Marshal Brass:

During the mission Defeat all Wyvern tech thieves:

During the mission Defeat Any Intruders in Base:

During the mission Catch Professor Echo once and for all, his chat with an stranger will reveal key data about this character:


The Professor Echo and Dr. Aeon? models were mistakenly switched. Note: The page formerly noting this mistake is unavailable.

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