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Twilight's Son Task Force

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Smoke and Mirrors
Twilight's Son.jpg
Contact Twilight's Son
Zone Ouroboros
Minimum Size 1 player
Level Range 25-34
Merits 7
Enemy Groups Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns
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The Twilight's Son Task Force is the first of three Ouroboros Task Forces/Strike Forces. The other two Ouroboros Task Forces/Strike Forces are started by Mender Lazarus and Mender Silos.

This Task Force can be completed solo, but due to the difficulty, a team is recommended.

Unlike normal Task Forces, Archvillains/Heros will spawn as Elite Bosses according to Notoriety and number of players in the team.

Twilight's Son is found inside the Ouroboros Citadel, near the Pillar of Ice and Fire.

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 7 Reward Merits.


Agree to form a task force

Smoke and Mirrors
Part One


Hello. I knew the time was right for you to seek me out. We have much work to do if we are to save this plane of existence. It is only with your help that we have a chance of setting things right, in this time and others. Steel yourself, hero, as what is to come will test every bit of your strength and resolve. For this task, you will be required to travel into the recent past and restore the natural order of the Chronoverse. Your quest is to stop the Circle of Thorns from opening a portal to the netherworld and bringing their demonic master here to Earth. If not, all is lost. You must seek out three individuals who serve as the 'cosmic key', and keep them out of the Circle's evil hands. If they succeed... well, I can't bring myself to think of it...

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

Story and dialogue by City of Heroes' favorite comic book author Troy Hickman. Originally published in issues #4 - #6 of the City of Heroes comic book.

Are you familiar with the story of Cyrus Thompson, the hero once known as Breakneck? He and two others are the only means of bringing the demon to earth. Go through the portal and find Cyrus and bring him back here, that I might keep him safe.

If you can keep Cyrus out of their clutches, their master will forever be confined to his own nightmarish realm.

Unnecessary solicitation

There is no time! Find Cyrus Thompson so the world will not perish!

Mission Objective(s)

Cyrus Thompson should be waiting outside of the Skyway City train station.

  • Protect Cyrus Thompson
    • Defeat Malico

The Circle of Thorns have escaped with Cyrus Thompson, but all is not yet lost. You must return to Twilight's Son for further instructions.


Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns

Notable NPCs

Cyrus Thompson is captured by the Circle of Thorns
Cyrus Thompson:
Let me guess...
The Circle of Thorns need me for some strange plot.


I'll get the old man out of here. Destroy the rest!
Excellent! Everything is going according to plan, and our power grows exponentially! Soon we will rule all that walk the earth!

Cyrus Thompson:

What? Hey!

Icon clue generic.png
Cyrus Thompson Taken
One of the Thorns has dropped a yellowed slip of parchment detailing the shape and dimensions of the mystic symbols that must be drawn during the ceremony to bring their master to earth.


You did not find Cyrus Thompson in that time? Odd, perhaps there is more going on here than I first anticipated.

Though you were unable to thwart the kidnapping of Cyrus Thompson, you did strike a formidable blow against their evil. We must stop them from abducting the other two innocents, however, or soon I fear the causality field will ripple forward and all will be lost, now and through eternity.

Your assistance shows your appreciation of me and my lost people. Thanks is given.

Rescue Jimmy Preston from the Circle of Thorns

Smoke and Mirrors
Part Two


You can still save the child, Jimmy Preston. Shortly after Cyrus was taken from the train station, Jimmy was abducted from his tenement in Kings Row. I've found a report from that time filed by operatives from MAGI saying they "sensed" a child being held in a nearby warehouse. I believe this is Jimmy Preston. It's imperative that we rescue young Jimmy, as he is even more important that the matter at hand, but... I cannot tell you any more about the "coming storm" without putting it all at risk. just know that with the advent of their master's arrival, the Circle of Thorns grows ever stronger.

Are you up to this task?

Mission Acceptance

Go back and find Jimmy, you must bring him forward so that he can be removed from the events of his time.

Unnecessary solicitation

Why have you returned without Jimmy Preston? Go... save him in time... for the sake of the world!

Mission Objective(s)

The Circle of Thorns are here and looking for Jimmy.

  • Save Jimmy Preston
    • Defeat Juikon

You've defeated the Circle of Thorns Boss.
You've defeated the Juikon, but the Circle of Thorns managed to get away with Jimmy Preston.


Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns

Notable NPCs

Juikon's evil plot

The time draws near we must take this brat to the ceremony.

Make sure his bonds are secure and remove him from this place.


This is most unfortunate. The Thorns were able to escape with young Jimmy, taking him to who knows where. I wonder how this will affect his future as---well, let's not get sidetracked. There's still a chance if we can get to the last cosmic key before the Circle of Thorns do.

Perhaps, if more of your kind are like you, there is hope for humanity and Kheldian alike.

Go to the Atlas Park fashion show and keep Candy Lebeaux from being abducted.

Smoke and Mirrors
Part Three


There was a beautiful woman, a model, named Candy Lebeaux. She was last seen at a fashion shoot in Atlas Park some time ago. She must be the third key to the Circle of Thorns plan. If you can go back there and keep her from being abducted, the Circle of Thorns can never complete their plan.

Mission Acceptance

The safety of Candy Lebeaux is our last hope! Save her, Character!

Unnecessary solicitation

There is no time for backtracking! Save the model, save the world!

Fashion show at Atlas Park

Mission Objective(s)

No entrance message given

  • Save Candy Lebeaux
    • 7 Fashion Victims
    • Defeat Sitrix

You have defeated the Sitrix and saved all of the hostages, but Candy was not among them.


Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns


V badge PPD.png Paragon Police Department

Notable NPCs

  • Sitrix (Circle of Thorns Agony Mage)
  • Police Security (Allies)
  • Fashion Show Security (NPCs)
  • Fashion Victim x 6 (Captives)
  • Mandy Lebeaux (Captive)

Icon clue generic.png
Candy's Twin Sister
Mandy Lebeaux is Candy Lebeaux's twin sister. They were working together at the fashion shoot in Atlas Park. She wasn't too happy to hear that you were there to rescue Candy, and failed.
Icon clue generic.png
Dear Character...
While time traveling into the past, you visit Atlas Park and in a trashcan you find a hand written letter addressed to Character...

Once again, it is rewarding to know that you are reading this antiquated form of communication. Have you rescued Candy's twin sister yet? Not to worry, you will find Candy, Jimmy and even Cyrus very soon. But the busy work of Twilight's Son holds no interest for me.

I write to you because I believe that you have the ability to see beyond the smoke and mirrors placed around you. Silos talks of a coming conflict, but with whom? Has he told you or is he protecting his precious causality curve? I would like you to believe that Mender Silos is sending you back in time to change events in his favor, no one else's, but, that is something you may have to learn for yourself. Think on this, who benefits from these 'mends' that you do? Is it the people who are deemed unworthy to know the truth of what will happen to their race or is it someone else?

Before I go, I wish to reveal to you an ugly truth regarding Twilight's Son. He is, in fact, the last of his race, but that is because he sold the rest of his kind into slavery. Whether for his own gain or to escape their wrath, I do not know. Unfortunately for him, when the slave masters burned through the Kheldians, they came after him once more and he fled into the past. Perhaps he made yet another bargain with the masters, trading all the Kheldians of the past for his own survival.

Again, be cautious of those you speak to about this; the Menders are aware of my existence, but not my time or location and they would not take kindly to you associating with me. All I ask of you now is to do your duty, pursue the truth and look for more of my letters.

Travel well.


No! They've managed to capture all three of them! We have little to no idea where they will perform their arcane ritual.

But... there might be a chance. Given the clues we've accumulated, I might be able to divine an area where the ceremony may take place. It's a slim chance, and even if you can find it, the odds of you going back to exactly the right time and of you defeating their assembled forces are practically nil. Still, I have faith in you, Character.

Find the Circle of Thorns and stop their heinous ceremony

Smoke and Mirrors
Part Finale


With all three keys, Baron Zoria can start the ritual that brings his nearly-omnipotent master to earth. There is a very small window of time in which he can do so, however. If you can find that exact moment in time to interrupt the ceremony, even for a few seconds, he will lose that opportunity.

Can I count on you to stop this evil?

Mission Acceptance

The world of today and tomorrow needs you! Go and stop this ceremony before it's too late.

Unnecessary solicitation

There are mere moments left to save the earth, and time itself! Go now!

Baron Zoria

Mission Objective(s)

The temporal energy crackles off of you as it collides with the mystic power around you.

  • Stop the Circle of Thorns
    • Rescue Jimmy
    • Rescue Candy
    • Defeat Baron Zoria

You have saved Jimmy Preston and Candy Lebeaux, thus, thwarting Baron Zoria's attempts to summon his demon. Regretfully, Cyrus died before you could arrive.


Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns

Notable NPCs

Cyrus Thompson battles Baron Zoria
Baron Zoria:
The thirteen bells have begun to toll. The time of our master is at hand!

Cyrus Thompson:

I don't think so.
I might not be in a colorful get-up anymore.
I might not be Breakneck...
...But I'm still a man.
And one who can stand on his own two feet... least for a mite longer.

Baron Zoria:

You shall be the first to die!

Cyrus Thompson:

maybe sometimes...
That's enough...

Icon clue generic.png
Jimmy Remembers
When Jimmy is thoroughly examined by Longbow medics later, it is found that he possesses a mutant gene that may well activate as he grows older.
Icon clue generic.png
Candy Remembers
As you released Candy Lebeaux, you noticed an arcane symbol on her thigh. She was obviously destined to be part of some greater mystic event.


Rarely have I seen such acts of heroism, in this time or any other. You have honored all those who come before you, and you have set a standard for all those that will follow. I salute you, Character. And grieve not for the noble Breakneck. As a man of the future, I can assure you that his legacy will never die.


Smoke and Mirrors

You hold an old tarnished belt buckle in the shape the letter B...

As you look at it, you remember Cyrus Thompson and his sacrifice. He dedicated his life helping people and he gave his life saving them. There's no greater hero than that.

It was Twilight's Son who sent you back in time to rescue him, Jimmy Preston and Candy Lebeaux from the Circle of Thorns The Thorns were attempting to bring forth their master from the nether realm and use those three as human sacrifices. Twilight's Son believed stopping this particular sacrifice was tied to the Coming Storm. How? Twilight wouldn't say, "it is the people of this time that can save your world."

Saving people? You think back on this as you remember your last mission for him. You couldn't save them all. Just as you got there, you saw Cyrus Thompson get struck down trying to save the others. You managed to save the other two, but you'll never forget that old guy throwing himself into harms way.

The city put a statue up in front of the Kings Row train station, hopefully other will see him there and remember that being a hero is not how you dress or what powers you have, but who you help along the way.


Unlike the larger Task Forces, Smoke and Mirrors is more like a short Story Arc, and can be soloed easily in under an hour. Consequently, it has no accomplishment badge, and offers only a small merit reward.