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Archetypeicon peacebringer.png  CreateSymbol Hero.png
Primary Offense
Secondary Defense
Inherent Cosmic Balance
Base HP 1070.9
Max HP 2409.5
Primary Sets 1
Secondary Sets 1
Epic Power Pools 0
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Peacebringers, along with Warshades, are one of the two Epic Archetypes for Heroes. They are available to players who are VIP or who have purchased an unlock from the Paragon Market. All Peacebringers are of Natural origin.

Peacebringers are formed from the fusion of an alien energy being called a Kheldian and a willing host. While Peacebringers take more damage from most attacks, they make up for this weakness with solid Hit Points, a good variety of Energy attack powers and strong defensive powers, inherent Flight, and eventually even gain access to two shape-shift forms. Peacebringers become stronger when teamed with non-Kheldian heroes, gaining bonuses to their own powers based on the archetypes of their teammates.

Alignment: Hero

The Peacebringer's powersets are:

Primary: Offense
Secondary: Defense

Peacebringer Stats
Survivability ?    
Melee Damage ?    
Ranged Damage ?    
Crowd Control ?    
Support ?    
Pets ?    

* Peacebringers require VIP status or purchase on the Paragon Market.

Power Sets

Peacebringers only have access to one Primary and one Secondary power set. They do not have access to the Flight and Teleportation Power Pools. They also have no Ancillary Power Pools, but they make up for this in the number and variety of powers in their Primary and Secondary.

Primary Power Sets

A Peacebringer's primary power set is designed specifically for offense. It is:

Secondary Power Sets

A Peacebringer's secondary power set is designed for defense. It is:

Ancillary Power Pools

This archetype does not have access to Ancillary Power Pools.

Patron Power Pools

This archetype does not have access to Patron Power Pools.

Inherent Powers

Nictus and Void Hunters

Special enemies in the game appear when Kheldians are on the team. Depending on team size, various Nictus and Void Hunters may spawn in addition to any groups of spawned enemies; both in and out of missions. The Void Hunters are highly resistant to Kheldian damage and have a special weapon, Quantum Array Gun, that deals a considerable amount of additional damage to Kheldian players. If the team size is large enough, one or more Shadow Cyst Crystal may spawn in a mission. These are known for being difficult to dispatch, and pose a good deal of danger to the entire team.

Once a Kheldian joins a team, the team is "flagged" for special Kheldian-related spawns. Even if all Kheldians leave the team, the team will continue to see Nictus and Void Hunters in addition to any normal spawns they would have seen otherwise. The only way to "de-flag" a character is to log off.


Badge time.png This section contains information about changes that took place in City of Heroes Freedom. It is provided for historical purposes.
  • Peacebringers and Warshades were added to the game in Issue 3.
  • The special damage to Kheldians from Quantum Array Gun was originally untyped and irresistable, but has since been changed to Negative Energy damage.
  • Kheldians were buffed in Issue 13. They gained the ability to shift into Dwarf form while mezzed, had their Damage Scale increased, gained Slow resistance for each Epic Archetype on the team and Cosmic Balance and Dark Sustenance remain active while shapeshifted.
  • Prior to Issue 17, Peacebringers and Warshades, along with their villain equivalents, Arachnos Soldiers and Arachnos Widows, were unlocked at level 50.
  • After Issue 17 and prior to Issue 21, Peacebringers and Warshades, along with their villain equivalents, Arachnos Soldiers and Arachnos Widows, were unlocked at level 20.

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