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Captain Castillo

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Captain Castillo


Captain Castillo is an Archvillain of the mercenary group, the Sky Raiders. Based on the reports he sends to and receives from Colonel Duray, he seems to be the man in charge of the Sky Raiders operations in the Faultline area (he's certainly the most powerful Sky Raider in the zone), and he seems to be interested in the archaeologist Delilah Stein. His attempts to attract her attention fail miserably, and Doc Delilah seems to be quite tired of him.

Heroes can face him in:

  • The mission Defeat Captain Castillo from Agent G
  • The mission Destroy the PsychoCronoMetron! from Agent G


The dashing Captain Ernest Castillo has made quite a name for himself, both for his photogenic panache and for his bold criminal exploits. While he cultivates the image of the daring air-pirate and heart-throb, any who've been on the wrong end of his temper know not to underestimate him.


Here's what Captain Castillo says during combat. He's quite colorful:

During the Uncover the truth mission:

Before combat: The breaking of into the base was of no great difficulty for one such as I am.
You may all count yourselves as blessed for to be seeing my skills in such operation.
Combat start: Ah, Hero. Long has it been my desire to cross swords with one such as yourself.
At 75% Life: A most cunning blow, but I shall not give up the fight!
At 50% Life: You have done well so far, for an oafish sort of person that you are.
At 25% Life: I am fearing that I may have underestiamed you.
No, no. Not fear. It is Tactical Concern.
Defeated: A true Air Pirate of the dashing sort such as myself, knows when to leave is the smartest option.

During the Defeat Captain Castillo mission:

Combat start: What are you doing to be doing here, Hero?
At 75% Life: Ah! You have appeared to have done harm to my so well tailored uniform!
At 50% Life: You have done harm to my person, and that is a harm of the sort I cannot abide!
At 25% Life: Truly you fight with the will of one who is almost the equal of myself!
Defeated: This is a happening that is impossible

See Also

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