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Mender Lazarus Task Force

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The 5th Column Overthrow
Mender Lazarus.jpg
Contact Mender Lazarus
Zone Ouroboros
Minimum Size 1 player
Coordinates (483.0, 665.7, -767.7)
Level Range 30-39
Merits 10
Enemy Groups Badge villain 5thcolumn.png 5th Column
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The Mender Lazarus Task Force is the second of three Ouroboros Task Forces/Strike Forces. The other two Ouroboros Task Forces/Strike Forces are started by Twilight's Son (for Heroes)/Mender Tesseract (for Villains), and the last is started by Mender Silos.

This Task Force can be completed solo, but due to the difficulty, a team is recommended.

Unlike normal Task Forces, Archvillains/Heros will spawn as Elite Bosses according to Notoriety and number of players in the team.

Mender Lazarus is found near the pool in the courtyard of Ouroboros, opposite the entrance into the building.

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 10 Reward Merits.


Agree to form a task force

The 5th Column Overthrow
Part One
Exemplar Level: 30-39


Alright, Character, let me explain something before we get started.

Each of us Menders has his or her own theories on how to stop the coming storm. I call it the 'coming storm' because Silos was very clear to us before we came here that we could not reveal anything regarding the future inva-- I mean 'storm'. We need to control the variables. The more people know, the bigger the circle of those who could potentially cause alterations to the time stream. We wouldn't be able to track or control it. We'd see changes but not know where they came from and we can't have that.

Each Mender has a theory on how to stop the coming storm. So, you want to give me a hand with my pet project?

Note: This series of missions is recommended for group play. You're welcome to try it as a solo player, but it'll be tough. Consider yourself warned and good luck either way.

Mission Acceptance

Fascists. It always comes down to fascists.

In your recent past the fascist 5th Column party was overthrown and the Council took their place. Now, the Council might not be the best group in the world, but compared to the 5th Column, they at least had some morals. You know nothing about what really happened during the 5th Column overthrow, namely the fact that you were directly responsible for it. Take a moment and let that sink in... okay? Ok.

The battle between the two sides was close and in many timelines the 5th Column survived and prospered creating a world that is a little bit '1984,' a little bit 'Soylent Green,' and a whole lot of 'not good.'

So, right off the top, I want you to go back in time and upload a computer virus onto the 5th Column network. This will give us the intel we need to find out what they're planning as well as disrupting their infrastructure enough to bring them down.

Team Requirements Not Met

I admire the fact that you're ready to go on this mission. However, not all the members of your team are present. You can't go anywhere until they're here.

You need at least one hero and everyone needs to be at least level 30 in order to begin.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Once we get the computer virus installed, I'll be able to tap directly into their system. There's a couple things I want to check out, not to mention the whole 'bringing their infrastructure to a grinding halt' part.

Mission Objective(s)

The first step to bringing down the 5th Column is to attack their computer systems.

  • Install computer virus
    • 3 5th Column Computers
    • Defeat System Engineer

You've uploaded the computer virus to the 5th Column's network, literally crippling them in the process.


Badge villain 5thcolumn.png 5th Column

Notable NPCs

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! After programming the last computer, there will be an ambush by the 5th Column which will include the Systems Engineer.

Systems Engineer: "There's a problem with the system code? That's odd. I just checked it yesterday."

Icon clue generic.png
Future Endeavors
This desktop has a single deaths head icon in the center of it with the text of 'Future Endeavors' underneath it. You open the file.

This tree like organizational document breaks down the plans and tactics of the 5th Column over the next five years. It mentions planned assaults of Paragon City, Los Angeles, Austin and other high tech areas. The 5th Column appear to be focusing their attacks on areas of increasing technology.

Icon clue generic.png
Base Locations
One of the computers has a desktop wallpaper of a map of the United States showing the location of the 5th Column bases spread throughout the U.S. There is a detailed map of Paragon City and the outlying suburbs as well. Some of these bases must have been around for decades.
Icon clue generic.png
Deployment Database
As you download the virus, you find a database link to the deployment plans of the entire 5th Column force. How many there are, where they currently are located and what the 5th Column leaders are planning to do with them. You browse through it as you watch the 'now loading' bar crawl across the screen.


Nice. I noticed that I had access before you even stepped back through the portal. I've been checking through some of their files. It looks like it's time for us to go on a recruiting drive.

Convince Nosferatu to join the Council

The 5th Column Overthrow
Part Two


You need to convince Nosferatu to join the Center's army. He's working on some very edgy tech and I don't like extrapolating where it could end up. Bringing Nosferatu on as a member of the Council might be the only way to offline his 5th Column projects.

Mission Acceptance

You're going to have to go in under the disguise of a Council member. We don't need to worry about a costume change or anything, we'll just have you upload some information to their systems that gives them the impression that the Council is planning an attack on that installation. Granted, that means they'll be expecting you, but I'm sure it's not anything you can't handle.

Unnecessary Solicitation


Find the nearest computer and upload the intel on it so they believe you're a member of the Council. The Council guys are already making a play for the 5th Column, so this won't be very hard for them to believe.

Mission Objective(s)

Nosferatu has always been the right hand of Requiem. It is time for an amputation.

  • Turn Nosferatu
    • Upload false intelligence
    • Defeat Nosferatu

Nosferatu has decided to join the Center. Well done.


Badge villain 5thcolumn.png 5th Column

Notable NPCs

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! After programming the last computer, there will be an ambush by the 5th Column which will include Nosferatu.


Nicely done. Now the conflict between the Council and the 5th Column is in full swing. When Nosferatu arrives with his full contingent of Vampyri, the Center will not look a gift quadruped in the mouth.

One last thing before you go, Character. You and I have been through a lot. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your friendship. Here's to many more past adventures.

React to the 5th Column's movements

The 5th Column Overthrow
Part Three


Let us not forget Newton and his lovely little laws. Simple though they might be, occasionally we can see them in action. With Nosferatu on the side of the Council, the 5th Column is responding by bringing out one of their most powerful members. Col. Burkholder is their 'equal and opposite reaction' to our earlier moves. I believe it's time for a countermove.

Mission Acceptance

The funny thing about Col. Burkholder, and this is simply something I've seen through history investigating him, is that he's not the most loyal individual. If his handlers believe that he'll stand for them, they've got another thing coming. However, he's a smart man so he will put up a good fight either way. I want you to go in with Nosferatu. He's now a Council member and believes that you work for the Council as well so it shouldn't be a problem. Just give Col. Burkholder the same offer you gave Nosferatu and you should be good.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Col. Burkholder

Burkholder shouldn't be a problem. Your real problem is going to be what the 5th Column are going to do when they realize you've got him on the Council's side.

Mission Objective(s)

With Nosferatu on the Council's side, Col. Burkholder will be aware of something going on. He will be on guard for you.

  • Recruit Burkholder

You've defeated Col. Burkholder.


Badge villain 5thcolumn.png 5th Column

Notable NPCs

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! After freeing Nosferatu, there will be an ambush by the 5th Column.


Excellent. I hoped Nosferatu would help you out on that last mission. He presence in the encounter was key for later events. Now that Burkholder is on the side of the Center, there is only one final step before the Council will truly take control.

We are true allies, you and me. I will speak your name with reverence to all the times of the ages. I am in your debt.

Remove the 5th Column leaders

The 5th Column Overthrow
Part Finale


The last piece of the puzzle needs to be put in place. The last three leaders of the 5th Column need to be removed from power. You'll have Nosferatu and your new friend Col. Burkholder on your side to help you out. I bet you can't wait.

Mission Acceptance

Excellent. You simply need to take out Maestro, Requiem, and Vandal. Go to Striga and take them out. Once they are defeated, the rest of the Column will fall.

Now, I warn you to be cautious. Everything I've found regarding this final battle tells me that there's a good chance the 5th Column may exist afterwards. They go so deep into hiding though that I have no record of them anywhere after this point. So, you need to make sure all of those leaders are taken down.

Unnecessary Solicitation

The 5th Column's swan's song

You need to find the leaders of the 5th Column and remove them from power. Only then will the Center be able to take control.

Mission Objective(s)

This is the final battle that will decide who will gain control of the 5th Column forces.

  • Take down the 5th Column
    • Defeat Requiem
    • Defeat Maestro
    • Defeat Vandal
    • 115 5th Column to Defeat

You've defeated the 5th Column. The Center is now able to gain control of and remake the Column in his image.


Badge villain 5thcolumn.png 5th Column

Notable NPCs

Requiem delivers a rousing speech to the 5th Column faithful


You, my most loyal of subjects, are to be privy to a secret.
Even though the 5th Column may fall this day, our time in the sun is NOT over.
We WILL return. I have seen to this personally.
Lie in wait within the ranks of the Council. Wait for the sign.
Never despair...
the time WILL come.
V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! After freeing Nosferatu, there will be an ambush by the 5th Column.
V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! After freeing Col. Burkholder, there will be an ambush by the 5th Column.
V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! During the fights with Maestro, Vandal, and Requiem, there will be ambushes at 75%/50%/25% health remaining. More detail is located within their dialogues.
Icon clue generic.png
Dear Character...
While time traveling into the past, you visit a 5th Column base and in a crate you find a hand written letter addressed to Character...

'Character, did you even think that you were the one responsible for defeating the 5th Column? When I first learned this, I was equally surprised. I never believed that you had the conviction to see it through, given the moral ambiguities. I underestimated you then, something I've made a point to never do again.

I feel that you should know the truth behind Lazarus if you plan to continue working for him. Mender Lazarus is a lunatic, driven completely mad not by his extensive time traveling (as they would have you believe), but because of his "research" into temporal alterations. He meddles with time in ways that others wouldn't even consider. He has a shared temporal consciousness with his other selves throughout the time stream. He has even "volunteered" versions of himself to send off into the abyss to see what lies beyond. I wonder if he has eyes into the afterlife itself. The goggles that Silos made for Lazarus do more than hide the creatures from beyond time, they may well block visions from beyond the veil.

This is a dangerous group you ally yourself with, Character. Be wary. Be wise. Be willing to act.

Look for my letters and travel well.'


You have taken out the 5th Column and paved the way for the Center to take control. He will rename the group, calling it the Council. His control will be harsh and nearly as deadly, but trust in time. It is for the best.


Mender Lazarus' words keep ringing in your ears:

'You know nothing about what really happened with the 5th Column overthrow, namely the fact that you were directly responsible for it.'

Is this the world you're now in? One of paradox and a headache? Perhaps. But you know one thing, anytime someone offers to take down some fascists, you're the first to volunteer. You infiltrated the 5th Column bases, impersonated a Council member, even got Nosferatu and Col. Burkholder to join up on "your" side.

But none of it compared to the look the faces of the 5th Column leaders when you stormed their complex with their own men.

You'll remember that one for all time


Unlike the larger Task Forces, "Overthrow" is more like a short Story Arc, and can be soloed in an hour. Consequently, it has no accomplishment badge, and offers only a Single Origin Enhancement reward instead of a Pool C Recipe.