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Archetypeicon blaster.png
Primary Ranged
Secondary Support
Inherent Defiance
Base HP 1204.8
Max HP 1606.4
Primary Sets 12
Secondary Sets 7
Epic Power Pools 9
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The Blaster is an offensive juggernaut. This hero can deal a ton of damage from a distance. But the Blaster must be careful, because he's somewhat fragile compared to other heroes. The Blaster can't stand toe to toe with most opponents at melee for long. His best defense is a great offense!

The Blaster's power sets are:

Primary: Ranged
Secondary: Support

Blaster Stats
Survivability       4              
Melee Damage 8    
Ranged Damage 10  
Crowd Control 4    
Support 2    
Pets 2    

Power Sets

Primary Power Sets

  • A Blaster's primary power sets are designed specifically for ranged attacks. They are:

* Beam Rifle requires purchase on the Paragon Market.
* Dual Pistols requires VIP status, purchase on the Paragon Market, or purchase of Going Rogue.
* Water Blast requires purchase on the Paragon Market.

Secondary Power Sets

  • A Blaster's secondary power sets are designed for support via melee attacks, minor crowd control powers, or temporary self-buffs. They are:

Ancillary Power Pools

Patron Power Pools

* Patron Power Pools require villain alignment to obtain.

Inherent Power


Badge time.png This section contains information about changes that took place in City of Heroes Freedom. It is provided for historical purposes.
  • Blasters have been in the game since Issue 0, originally as a City of Heroes archetype. Their original primary powersets were Assault Rifle, Electrical Blast, Energy Blast, Fire Blast, and Ice Blast. Their original secondary powersets were Devices, Electricity Manipulation, Energy Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, and Ice Manipulation.
  • Cold Mastery, Flame Mastery, Force Mastery, and Munitions Mastery were added to the game in Issue 3.
  • Archery, Sonic Attack and Electrical Mastery were added to the game in Issue 5.
  • Also in Issue 5, the Blaster inherent power Defiance was introduced to address some datamining concerns regarding Blasters being defeated just before they dispatch their enemies. The power granted the Blaster a ToHit and Damage buff that grew as the Blaster's hit points decreased.
  • Defiance was later changed to a new setup. Now, Blaster Primary and Secondary powers that are available at level 1 can be used even while mezzed, and most powers give the Blaster a temporary damage buff.
  • Psychic Blast and Mental Manipulation were proliferated to Blasters in Issue 12.
  • Radiation Blast was proliferated to Blasters in Issue 16.
  • Dual Pistols was added to the game on March 2, 2010 as an early feature of Going Rogue to those who prepurchased.
  • The Patron Power Pools were made available to Blasters in Issue 18.
  • Dark Blast was proliferated to Blasters in Issue 21.
  • Beam Rifle and Darkness Manipulation (a combination of Dark Melee and other darkness powers) were added to the game in Issue 21.
  • Blasters will receive the following buffs in Issue 24 (link when available):
    • Snipe powers will remove interrupt time and fire much faster than normal if the Blaster has 22% ToHit or more, allowing it to be used in attack chains
    • Ranged power sets without snipe powers will be balanced to ensure they remain competitive
    • Dual Pistols animations will be shortened to increase DPS
    • Tier 3 Blast powers such as Blaze and Bitter Ice Blast will have their range increased to 80ft from 40 or 50ft.
    • All Blaster secondary power sets (except for Mental Manipulation) will have one power which helps keep the Blaster alive in some way, be it regeneration, healing, absorb, or a combination. This mechanic is referred to as "sustain." Most powers getting this change will also grant a recovery buff.
    • More to come!

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