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Orbits of Control

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This is the second, mid-level of the Arcane Base Control Items that generate control in a Supergroup Base.

This will generate enough control to supply the needs of a medium to large sized base, with a few auxiliary attachments if necessary, provided only a few (if any) defensive items are installed.

50 Control 500 Control 1500 Control
Magic Axis Orbits of Control Mystic Orrery


The orbits are fonts of power. Magical tendrils link them to your base defenses, allowing those defenses to be controlled.

Additional Information

Orbits of Control
Base Element Type Control Item
Price 500,000 prestige
Issue Added Issue 6, Updated Issue 13
Unlocked by Supercomputer Badge
Device Rank 2 of 3
Energy Consumed 500
Control Produced 500
Crafted at Not Crafted
Purchase Tab Arcane Control Item Tab
Maximum Connections 9
Allowed "Aux" Items Bookshelf, Clerk Desk, Augury Table, Mystic Advisor, Scrying Paintings, Mystical Bookshelf, Seer Desk, Viewing Portal, Mystic Overseer, Astral Haruspex

Oracle, Pillar of Ice and Flame

Tech Equivalent Supercomputer

Note: This item is significantly larger than its tech equivalent, and does not fit in the 2x2 Control Room.


Price 1,500,000 prestige
Issue Added Issue 6 - Issue 12
Crafted at Not Crafted
Allowed "Aux" Items See Above

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