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File:Badge TakedownArtist.png Takedown Artist

You've taken down one of the big guys in the Syndicate. Hey, is that a bull's-eye on your back?

Talon of Talos

You know all the possible places where criminals lurk to ambush people in Talos - knowledge that only someone from the other side could have.


Back alleys in Talos Island like this one are perfect for waiting in ambush.

File:Badge tourist 01.png Talos' Blight

Years ago, Rularuu tore down the barriers between our dimensions and sent one of many invasion forces to this block. Heroes from all over fought back the invaders.

File:Badge tourist 01.png Talos' Might

Years ago, Rularuu tore down the barriers between our dimensions and sent one of many invasion forces to this block. Heroes from all over fought back the invaders.

File:Badge sgitem.png Talos Island Beacon

You have unlocked the capability of creating a teleport beacon to Talos Island.

File:Badge tourist 01.png Tank

M1, a hero from World War II, is honored today with a statue in Galaxy City.

File:Badge villain freakshow.png Tank Buster

You have proved your worth on the streets, and the Freakshow have learned to fear your name.

File:V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Tank Smasher

Tank smash!

File:V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Tarantula

Who can say what motivates these creations?

File:Badge task force set 01.png Task Force Abandoner

Your perks for serving the Freedom Phalanx have been stripped due to your descent into villainy. You can keep the epaulets, though.

Task Force Commander

You have successfully completed each of the Task Forces given out by the Freedom Phalanx. This gives you +5% Hit Points, and access to military epaulets at the Tailor.

File:Badge mentoring 01.pngFile:V badge MentoringBadge.png Teacher

Teaching those who want to learn the ways of Praetoria is more than a hobby to you. It's a mission.

File:V badge HistoryBadge.png Technofreak

Let's all welcome better future though the wonders of technology!

File:Badge TourismPraetoria.png Technophile

It takes a certain kind of person to find affinity with the city's Clockwork; that person is you, Technophile.

File:Badge DefeatClockwork.png Technophobe

If the Praetorian Clockwork felt any emotion, they would learn to fear you. You defeated your fair share of Praetorian Clockwork to earn this badge.

File:Badge it tpn achievement.png Television Addict

During the raid on TPN Campus, H.D. offered you his assistance in delivering the truth to the world, with only his protection as his price. You accepted his bargain and delivered far better than would be expected with the IDF swarming the facility, thus ensuring that H.D. had the greatest chance to deliver your message with no interference.

File:Badge FB challenge limit debuff player sl9.png Temerarious

You have completed a Task Force/Flashback between level 46 and 50 while under a constant Debuff.

File:Badge Tempered Through Fire.png Tempered Through Fire

Through fire and flame your resolve has been tempered like finely forged steel.

File:Badge heavy 1.png Temporal Agent

You have controlled 10 Heavies in Recluse's Victory.

File:Badge tourist 01.png Temporal Fighter

The Meinhoff Building was created in our current timeline to serve as an Arachnos base in this possible future.

File:Badge heavy 3.png Temporal Soldier

You have controlled 250 Heavies in Recluse's Victory.

File:Badge heavy 2.png Temporal Spy

You have controlled 50 Heavies in Recluse's Victory.

File:Badge temporal strife.png Temporal Strife

You are one of the few who has traveled back in time to face the 5th Column as they attempted to build a temporal stronghold in the ancient lands of Cimerora.

File:Badge croatoa x times the victor.png Ten Times the Victor

You have impressed Mary MacComber, leader of the Cabal, by defeating her ten times. Though some members of the Cabal may still fear you, others will work as your allies. As a reward, you can now use a witch hat as a costume piece.

File:Badge vr months generic.png Tenacious
When you are focused on your goal nothing can get in your way. You're often called 'Tenacious' by your peers. This badge has been granted to you for earning thirty Reward Tokens.
When you are focused on your goal nothing can get in your way. You're often called 'Tenacious' by your peers. This badge has been granted to you for earning thirty Reward Tokens.
File:Badge ArchitectDefeatedPlayers500.png Terminator

You've defeated 5000 custom enemies during published Architect missions earning yourself the Terminator badge.

File:Badge sgitem.png Terra Volta Beacon

You have unlocked the capability of creating a teleport beacon to Terra Volta.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Territorial

The territory around this bridge has been hotly contested turf between the Skulls and Hellions for some time now.

File:Badge Event Halloween09Terror.png Terror

The legions of terrible spectral fiends that guarded their Banner of Terror were no match for you.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Terror of the Vahzilok

They hunt the innocent and violate the dead. They are the name used by mothers to terrify misbehaving children. They are deserving of every ounce of punishment visited upon them. In the sewers they congregate in large numbers, believing they are safe from judgment. But you are here to prove them wrong. You will hunt them down and extract your vengeance upon every Reaper and Mortificator you find. You will make them know fear.

File:Badge OtherAlignmentMission Hero.pngFile:Badge OtherAlignmentMission Villain.png Tested the Water
Heroes and Vigilantes
You're not quick to pass judgment on others, but will step in when things stray off course. You earned this badge by helping someone complete an Alignment Mission that is not the same as your current alignment.
Villains and Rogues
You're willing to work with just about anybody if the pay is good enough.
File:Badge i24 Brickstown Arc.png The Center's Nemesis

You stopped Calvin Scott and the Center's plans for Paragon City. The public of Paragon consider you to be the one hero who can stop the Council.

File:Badge influence 01.pngFile:V badge InfamyBadge.png The Chosen One

Could it be that all along there has been some hand of fate at work here? Your name commands such weight, you now dare to dream that Praetoria's future may be in your hands after all...

File:Badge sewer trial achievement.png The Cleanser

You defeated all of the Lost worshipers before tackling their leader, ensuring he had no followers to fuel his power.

File:Badge Loyalty2010.png The Constant

Villains, heroes, time travel, trans-dimensional wars... Come what may, in an ever-changing multiverse, you are The Constant which remains unchanged.

File:Mission DA Arc Complete.png The Determined Mentor

Ice Mistral was absorbed by Mot, but you were able to save Scirocco from the creature known as the Sentinel. Scirocco has pledged to not rest until he rescues Ice Mistral from the maw of Mot.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png The Devouring Earth Abides

Strange whispers echo through this sheltered vale, a place where the Devouring Earth rest and meditate, receiving strange missives from their lord and master: Hamidon. If you listen hard enough you can catch brief glimmers of understanding. Hamidon speaks to his children and urges them to be patient, that the time to take back what is rightfully theirs will soon be here. How does one reckon time when they are immortal? What is "soon" to something with a life-span measured in millennia?

The Doctor's Ally

You have uncovered the fate of Doctor Friedkin.

File:Badge I11HeroStoryArc1Complete.png The Fairest

Working with the government and your mirror self from another dimension, you stopped your evil doppleganger's plans to cause chaos and destruction throughout Paragon.

File:Badge it magisterium achievement.png The Hard Way

You've never been one to do things the easy way, have you? You've proven true mastery over your Incarnate powers and the Well of the Furies by defeating Tyrant while he maintained most of his link to the well. You've taken The Hard Way - and prevailed!

File:Badge tourism hazard.png The Heart of Memory

You have found the source of the Crimson Falls. Scientists who have studied it have only theories as to its source and composition, but they are in agreement that it is not entirely of this dimension. Some think that perhaps it is a form of quantum foam; exotic particles and degenerate matter drawn to the Shadow Shard from other dimensions. Swimming through it you find that it offers little resistance, does not make you wet, and while immersed in it you find yourself recalling past events. These recollections become fleeting, as though drawn from you to suffuse the fluid. One memory follows another and as each one does, it becomes increasingly difficult to bring them back. You fear that were you to stay here much longer, the fluid would empty you of all memory.

File:Badge sgitem.png The Hollows Beacon

With this beacon your group can easily fight evil in The Hollows.

File:Badge History.png The Last Word

A land of notable Firsts and Lasts, the First Ward of Praetoria is flooded not only with mire, magic, and mayhem, but also memorials to its history. You have encountered them all, earning this badge.

File:V badge SnakeBadge.png The Mongoose

You've become adept at taking down the Snakes.

File:Badge TourismPraetoria.png The New Boss

Clockwork captured or appropriated by the Resistance are reprogrammed here, using taps into the Neutropolis wide area networks to speed the process. Some become soldiers, others servants; a few become bombs, designed to go back to scrubbing off graffiti and tending flowers until the right trigger is sent. Then... 'kaboom.' The Clockwork so reprogrammed are not given a choice in the matter.

File:V badge TourismBadge.png The Next Big Thing

This is the good life. The higher up you get, the bigger you are.

File:Badge tourist 01.png The Old Me

This area is where the real Ajax was buried, after being killed by the thug Ralph Valetti, who stole his identity as well as his powers. After the revelation was made, officials rushed to recover Ajax's body, which is now preserved in an unknown area within the city.

The Once and Future King

You helped set Pendragon down the path of righteousness. While he may walk the mists of Praetoria for years, his soul has been redeemed and his freedom from Night Ward ensured.

File:Badge Summer Event 2012 D.png The Perfect Grifter

You performed the role of the Grifter in the Summer Blockbuster 'Casino Heist' perfectly.

File:Badge Summer Event 2012 C.png The Perfect Hacker

You performed the role of the Hacker in the Summer Blockbuster 'Casino Heist' perfectly.

File:Badge Summer Event 2012 B.png The Perfect Hitter

You performed the role of the Hitter in the Summer Blockbuster 'Casino Heist' perfectly.

File:Badge Summer Event 2012 A.png The Perfect Thief

You performed the role of the Thief in the Summer Blockbuster 'Casino Heist' perfectly.

File:Badge it magisterium achievement.png The Really Hard Way

You have accomplished that which was seemingly impossible - defeating the champion of the Well of the Furies while he was at his full power! Congratulations to you - you are one of the strongest superpowered beings ever to walk the multiverse.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png The Roar of the Beast

Once this island was abuzz with human inhabitants and all the noise pollution they produce, but now, as you turn your ear to the wind, the only sounds are the collection of screeches, howls, and bellowing roars of the monsters that now call this place home. Arching your back you add your roar to theirs and for a moment they are quiet. What is this new monster who walks among them, invading their hunting grounds? You will show them.

File:Badge villain council.png The Silver Bullet

The Warwolves have a nickname for you: The Silver Bullet.

File:Badge villain council.png The Slayer

You are a slayer of the darkest of Vampyri.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png The Sleeper Below

Behold the God Mot, roused from His slumber! Behold the power of his faithful adherents, their prayers strong enough to stir Him from His dreaming! Behold the crucible of undoing, the maw through which all life shall soon pass so that all shall be unmade; an end to life, an end to hope, an end to all that respires in this corrupt and fallen world!

File:Badge villain devouring.png The Solution

You have bested Jurassik, the personification of the ideals of the Devouring Earth. The world sleeps safer at night due to your actions.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png The Sound of Thunder

The Devouring Earth have gathered here in force, their stomping legs echoing off the distant hillsides like the thunder of angry gods. The closer your approach, the more excited they seem to grow and the louder their roars and pounding feet become, creating a deafening racket that makes even shouted speech nearly impossible to hear.

File:V badge BlackScorpionBadge.png The Stinger

'Pretty soon, nobody's gonna be able to touch me. Stick with me and you'll go places,' Black Scorpion said approvingly.

File:Badge thiefofmidnight.png The Thief of Midnight

Only you and Darrin Wade will ever know what you took from the Midnight Squad. Even now they believe the artifacts they look upon with such reverence to be authentic

File:Mission DA Arc Complete.png The Timeless Adventurer

You travelled back to Cimerora and saved their civilization from certain destruction by the Talons of Vengeance, though you wonder if you only prolonged the inevitable, given that Cimerora is a lost civilization.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png The Tree of Woe

According to the briefing, some of the facility's survivors fled to this location in a last ditch effort to avoid the inevitable. If you look among the grass you can still see some dark splatters that might be blood and maybe a bone fragment or two. It gives the place an air of desperation and terror that is not entirely unfamiliar.

File:Badge debt 01.png The Unbroken Spirit

Your spirit cannot be shattered. Though you have often been defeated, you continue to fight the good fight.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png The Underlord

In King's Row, where life is hard and opportunities few, competition for resources can be fierce. But down here, someone of rare vision could carve out a niche for themselves; dominating the creatures who call this part of the sewer home or using the network's ability to touch every part of the city as a means to carry out all kinds of business out of the eyes of the authorities.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png The Unnamed

It was not long ago that a Council patrol reported a grave exhumation in the Bonny Morass. No culprits were found, and no records existed to indicate who once was laid to rest here, but many mark this incident as the start of the Banished Pantheon's presence on Striga Isle. Late at night, minions of the Banished Pantheon have been spotted congregating around this gravesite, leading the Council to believe they exhumed it. But others in the Council believe that whatever was in the grave emerged under their own power, and that such a being could have called the Banished Pantheon to the Isle for some unknown purpose. This hypothetical adversary is code-named in the Council logs as 'The Unnamed.'

File:Badge debt 01.png The Unwavering

Though you have been defeated, you continue to fight for Paragon City.

File:Badge debt 01.png The Unyielding

Continued defeats mean nothing to you.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png The Wolf's Maw

This heavily fortified gate leads into the Council base, but in truth it is a trap: a tantalizing lure devised to lure in the overconfident and unwary. It used to work well against novice heroes and the more foolhardy among the Warriors, but since the Banished Pantheon arrived to dominate the field outside the Maw, its effectiveness has been blunted. The Council has attempted to close the entryway but each time they do some mystical force prevents it. Time and again they have attempted to seal it off and each time the door has found a way to open. Since then, the Council have doubled the guard and sealed off any exits just inside the door. Council researchers believe the Banished Pantheon has employed a Hand of Glory to keep the entrance open.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png The Wolf's Snarl

The Wolf's Throat is a vital causeway for the Council, linking the outside world to the innards of the Council Base. When the Council goes to war they say "Let the wolf howl," indicating a massive outpouring of force from here. Lately, however, that howl has been choked by an influx of Banished Pantheon into this critical supply and transit corridor. While the Banished Pantheon make such bold attacks, the Council's war plans are stalled.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png The Wounded Earth

You can sense a palpable anger radiating from the Devouring Earth when you stand upon this, the last remnant of mankind's creation in Hamidon's pristine garden. The Devouring Earth do not hold back their thoughts about this place: it is a scab, a wound, an affront. When you look at the green sward blanketing the land around you, it is hard not to feel something akin to that, looking down at the rusting hulks and decaying metal beneath your feet.

File:Badge DayJob Banker.png Thief

Your time spent staging heists on the various financial institutions of the Rogue Isles has earned you the Thief Day Job. Logging out in a Vault will earn you an Infamy Bonus, when you log back in, each time you complete a mission for a short time.

File:V badge MayhemOutlaw.png Thin Line

The Paragon Police Department has an entire squad tracking you. They've let you know that you walk a Thin Line here in Paragon.

File:Badge task force ProtectorOfKindness.png Thorn Crusher

You saved the being known as Faathim the Kind from capture by the Circle of Thorns.

File:V badge RespecBadge1.png Thorn Robber
Before using Respec
You have stolen the power of the Nexus of Thorns for the first time, earning a character respec. Talk to Arbiter Lupin in Nerva Archipelago to use it.
After using Respec
You have stolen the power of the Nexus of Thorns with the knowledge from the demon Sparcetriel.
File:V badge RespecBadge2.png Thorn Thief
Before using Respec
You have stolen the power of the Nexus of Thorns twice, and earned second a character respec. Talk to Arbiter Lupin in Nerva Archipelago to use it.
After using Respec
You have stolen the power of the Nexus of Thorns with the knowledge from the demon Trepsarciel.
File:V badge RespecBadge3.png Thorn Usurper
Before using Respec
Your appearance may change, but your villainous heart stays the same. You've undergone three respecs.
After using Respec
You have stolen the power of the Nexus of Thorns with the knowledge from the demon Ractespriel.
File:Badge tourist 01.pngFile:V badge TourismBadge.png Thrill Seeker

You're always looking for new forms of entertainment, and it's said that the Mission Architect technology is entertainment in its purest form.

File:Badge TourismPraetoria.png Tiberian Overseer

From this high perch the Tiberian Overseer casts their gaze across the city-state of Praetoria, taking in its beauty while seeking out the corruption that threatens it.

File:Badge ArchitectTickets.png Ticket Fiend

You've earned 1,000 tickets while playing Architect missions.

File:Badge ArchitectTickets.png Ticket Hound

You've earned 500 tickets while playing Architect missions.

File:Badge ArchitectTickets.png Ticket Master

You've earned 5,000 tickets while playing Architect missions.

File:Badge ArchitectTickets.png Ticket Taker

You've earned your first Mission Architect Ticket from defeating enemies in Architect missions.

File:V badge TourismBadge.png Tiki Fan

Larry's Tiki Lounge is known for its gambling, drinks, fun, and Tikis. And also for the occasional invasion by giant snake monsters.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Time Bandit

Portal Corporation had their main facility here until the Devouring Earth destroyed the area. This forced them to move their headquarters to Peregrine Island.

File:Badge flashback 045.png Time Fixer

You have flashed back to 45 story arcs.

File:Badge DayJobAcc TimeTraveler.png Time Lord

Your presence in Cimerora and working with the Menders of Ouroboros has earned you the Time Lord Accolade. While logged out in either Cimerora or Ouroboros you will earn additional time for your Time Lord Power.

File:Badge pillbox 1.png Time Machinist

You have taken over 10 pillboxes in Recluse's Victory, making you a Time Machinist.

File:Mission DA Zone Achievement.png Time Saver

You were able to save Kadabra Kill and Sigil by defeating all the members of the Knives of Vengeance within two minutes.

File:V badge TimeSpentBadge.png Time Traveler

It seems you have mastered the recursive time flux of Lord Recluse's victory. You've spent 5 hours here, though it seems like much longer.

File:Badge GotTip.png Tipped Off

You received your first tip earning yourself the Tipped Off badge.

File:Badge healing 01.pngFile:V badge HealingBadge.png To The Rescue

Your allies are renewed in spirit and body whenever you arrive. Always in time, and always To The Rescue.

File:Badge it tpn achievement.png Tonight's Top Story

Maelstrom arrived during the raid on TPN Campus to send a message of his own: that he would not allow the Incarnates to spread their 'lies'. Not only did his efforts fail, but you also managed to defeat him handily, adding his humiliating defeats to your message to the people of Praetoria.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Too Dark Park

In a far corner of the district lies McCraughly Park, a shadowy strip of green that had a dark reputation even before Astoria and its citizens were consumed by evil. Clusters of suicides, strange disappearances, and even a well-publicized multiple murder cast a dark shadow across the park. In the years leading up to the rise of Dark Astoria, the park was largely shunned, but now that the Banished Pantheon have dominion over the district, the park has become a focal point for their evil rituals.

File:Badge event Snaptooth.png Toothbreaker

You have defeated Snaptooth 5 times, and are truly a Toothbreaker.

File:Badge tourist 01.png Top Dog

The top of Atlas' statue is the first place many flying heroes will go.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Tormented

The Shadow Shard is a prison created to house a powerful entity, an entity tormented by its imprisonment. Its sense of indignity, of injustice, has been concentrated here to such a degree that it has become part of the dimension. You can feel the entity's raw emotion flow through you; you have felt it from the very moment you arrived and it has been chipping away at your sense of self ever since. Remaining here risks making these emotions part of yourself; or worse, you risk being subsumed by the Shadow Shard, losing all identity and will by becoming one with Rularuu.

File:Badge tourism hazard accolade.png Touched Bottom

You've obtained this Accolade by earning every Exploration badge within The Abyss.

File:Badge damage recvd 01.png Tough

You have endured one hundred thousand points of damage and are still dauntless in your pursuit of justice.

File:Badge it underground achievement.png Tour Guide

While escorting Desdemona through the Underground, you never let her drop below half health.

File:Badge count 10.png Tourist

You have earned 10 badges. You are officially a tourist in Paragon City.

File:Badge arena Tournament 5.png Tournament Victor

You've won your first Swiss Draw match, you're considered a Tournament Victor.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Towering Inferno

This tower used to be a bastion for the Trolls, providing them a good view over much of Boomtown. When the Outcasts moved in, they violently assaulted this tower and killed or drove out the Trolls holed up within. This was a major victory for the Outcasts, and they keep the fires burning within as a constant reminder to the Trolls still in Boomtown of the defeat they suffered.

File:Badge holiday05 presentbig.png Toy Collector

You have amassed a vast collection of holiday gifts!

File:Badge villain tsoo.png Tracer

You have proven yourself a person who can track down anyone, even those with the ability to teleport.

File:Badge auction seller 03.png Tradesman

You've sold 100 items on the Auction House.

File:Badge count 200.pngFile:V badge 200BadgesBadgeVillain.png Trailblazer
You can usually tell where a hero is going by having a look at where they've been, and you've left your mark on almost everything you've touched in Paragon City. You've been there, done that, and still adventure beckons you. Carry on, Hero!
You're a villain that knows what they want, and they take it. The world is your oyster, go forth and conquer.
File:Badge TourismPraetoria.png Trainspotter

In this subterranean maintenance bay the Clockwork maintain and repair Praetoria's monorail cars. Here you may find some of the older cars that have since gone out of service: a trainspotter's dream.

File:Badge trial zone 01.png Transcendent

You have become the master of the mystical gateway beneath The Hollows.

File:Badge trial zone 01.png Transmogrified

You have succeeded in preventing the destruction of the Terra Volta reactor... but at what price?

File:Badge hold 01.pngFile:V badge YouveBeenHeldBadge.png Trapped

With all the time you spend in invisible boxes and cages, have you considered a career as a mime?

File:Badge DayJobAcc Traveler.png Traveler

Your travels around both Paragon City and the Shadow Shard have become a full time job for you and have earned you the title of Traveler. While logged out in either a Train Station or the Shadow Shard you will earn fuel for your Traveler’s Jet Pack at an accelerated rate.

File:V badge TourismBadge.png Tree Hugger

What mysterious purpose does this twisted old tree serve?

File:Badge influence 01.png Trendsetter

People look to you as a leader.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Trespasser

You have managed to get into the Crey base of operations. Nice work. Now how do you plan to get out?

File:Badge event halloween2011 trick.png Tricked Out

You took out the Abomination wearing nothing but a festive Halloween costume!

File:Badge RogueAlignmentPower.png Trickster

You completed a Rogue Morality Mission and then maintained your Rogue alignment for 7 days earning yourself this badge.

File:Badge vr months generic.png Tried and True
You've proven yourself to the entire world and are considered 'Tried and True'. This badge has been granted to you for earning eighteen Reward Tokens.
You've proven yourself to the entire world and are considered 'Tried and True'. This badge has been granted to you for earning eighteen Reward Tokens.
File:Badge crafter 1.png Trigger Man

You have memorized the following recipes at level 10: Recharge Rate and Interrupt Time.

File:Badge it magisterium achievement.png Triple Threat

While one Praetor is a challenge for the most potent of superpowers, you and your league masterfully tackled a group of three with startling simultaneity! You are henceforth known as a Triple Threat.

File:Badge tourist 01.pngFile:V badge TourismBadge.png Triumphant

The symbolism is hard to miss: whoever controls the Warburg rockets controls the world. Whether this is pure delusion or an ominous warning is a subject of much debate.

File:Badge time.png Troll Task Force Member

You have logged enough time in the Hollows to be named an honorary member of Lt. Wincott's Trolls Task Force.

File:Badge DayJobAcc RapidResponse.png Trouble Maker

Your reputation of your work with your Super Group and causing havoc in the streets of the Rogue Isles has earned you the Trouble Maker Accolade. While logged out near a Super Group Base portal you will earn time towards your Base Teleporter power.

File:Badge flashback 005.png Troubleshooter

You have flashed back to 5 story arcs.

File:Badge tourist 01.pngFile:V badge TourismBadge.png Trucker

You've visited the floating truck in Pocket D.

File:Badge Vigilant Hero.pngFile:Badge Vigilant Villain.png True to the Last

Wherever you must go, whatever you must do, Praetoria will always & forever be your home, and to it you shall be True to the Last.

File:Badge event halloween2010 blue.png Trusting

You've handed the Malleus Mundi over to MAGI for safekeeping. You Hope.

File:Badge vr months generic.png Trustworthy
You have been recognized for your service to Paragon City. This badge has been granted to you for earning two Reward Tokens.
It takes time for a criminal to be called Trustworthy. This badge has been granted to you for earning two Reward Tokens.
File:Mission DA PersonalArc Complete.png Truth Teller

You played through Dream Doctor's personal story, witnessing the event where Dream Doctor confronted Mender Silos and revealed why he harbors such a large hatred for Ouroboros.

File:Badge TourismPraetoria.png Tuned In

The Total Praetorian Network is the best source of news and entertainment. Well, the best LEGAL source for news and entertainment, anyway.

File:Badge tourist 01.pngFile:V badge TourismBadge.png Tunnel Rat

The various tunnels throughout the WEB are a nasty piece of work.

File:Badge I11HeroStoryArc1Complete.png Turf Protector

Working with the government and your mirror self from another dimension, you stopped your evil doppleganger's plans to cause chaos and destruction throughout Paragon. That's your turf.

File:Badge ArchitectHallofFame250.png Two Thumbs Up

You've completed 250 "Hall of Fame" Architect Missions, earning yourself the Two Thumbs Up Badge.

File:V badge TourismBadge.png Tyrannical

It isn't uncommon to see the Family taking associates for a walk with cement shoes at this beach in Independence Port.