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File:Badge vr months generic.png Radiant
Your power is palpable and very presence is inspiring to others. You have earned this badge by earning thirty four Reward Tokens.
Your power is palpable and lesser beings tremble in your wake. You have earned this badge by earning thirty four Reward Tokens.
File:Badge tourist 01.png Rage Driven

The major highway that runs alongside this warehouse is frequently used by the "Dyne-addled" Supa-Trolls.

File:Badge tourist 01.pngFile:V badge TourismBadge.png Ragnarok

Some say this battle will signal the end of civilization as we know it, and the beginning of a new history—written by Lord Recluse.

File:V badge TimeSpentBadge.png Raider

Siren's Call must call to you. You've spent over 5 hours here.

File:V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Raider Engineer

This will provide a good defense for your gladiators.

File:Badge TourismPraetoria.png Rail Rider

It is every Praetorian citizen's duty to preserve the environment by utilizing public transit as much as possible. Praetor Berry thanks you for your patronage.

File:Badge DayJobAcc RapidResponse.png Rapid Response Member

Your reputation of your work with your Super Group and in the field has earned you the Rapid Response Member Accolade. While logged out near a Super Group Base portal you will earn time towards your Base Teleporter power.

File:Badge FB challenge limit debuff player sl6.png Rash

You have completed a Task Force/Flashback between level 30 and 34 while under a constant Debuff.

File:Badge troll raveroundup.png Raver

You have helped clean up the streets of the raving Trolls.


You crashed, smashed, and bashed the raving Trolls party into the ground.

File:V badge TourismBadge.png Razor Toothed

This is the spot where Mako paraded Scrapyard's body after he eviscerated him. Many of the locals have seen his ghost in this area.

File:Badge TourismPraetoria.png Ready for Anything

This training room under Lambda Sector serves as a harsh urban combat 'shoothouse' for the Imperial Defense Force and PPD TEST. Live fire exercises are also known as 'Resistance assaults.'

File:Badge it magisterium achievement.png Ready to Rumble

Pendragon, Chimera, Shadowhunter, Black Swan, and a legion of IDF fell before you and your league with startling rapidity. By demonstrating your speed at mowing through Praetoria's last line of defense, you have proven that you are Ready to Rumble!

File:Badge crafter 5.png Reanimator

You have memorized the following recipes at level 45 and 50: Heal.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Reborn

You have located where the Devouring Earth have attempted to bring forth the Hamidon outside of the prying eyes of Paragon City.

File:Badge crafter 3.png Rebuilder

You have memorized the following recipes at level 25 and 30: Heal.

File:Badge atlas set 01.png Received the Atlas Medallion

Through the might of Atlas, one of the greatest heroes of Paragon City's history, you have gained +5 to your maximum Endurance total.

File:Badge respec stalwart.png Received the Stalwart Medallion
Before using Respec
Fighting in the reactor in Terra Volta has affected you in strange ways... some of your powers seem to be fluctuating.
After using Respec
Your battle in the reactor of Terra Volta altered your powers in a permanent way.
File:Badge FB challenge limit debuff player sl8.png Reckless

You have completed a Task Force/Flashback between level 40 and 45 while under a constant Debuff.

File:Badge defeatrecluse.png Recluse's Rival

Lord Recluse has commented that he had underestimated you as a hero, and will not do the same as a villain.

File:Badge ArchitectRatedUp50.png Recognized

Another player has rated an arc that you've published earning you the Recognized badge. This badge is awarded to all characters on your account.

File:V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Red Cap

You now can summon a Red Cap Rascal in the Arena pet battles.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Red Fog

You have been manipulated by this place. It has played you like a well-tuned instrument. It has fed you lies and thrown your shortcomings at your face. This place, by its very existence, mocks you and your attempts to understand it. Just as you think you've got a handle on this place it presents you with some new insanity to confound the senses. You feel anger growing like a cancer at the center of your being, a burning rage at every little indignity you've been made to suffer here. Each step you take is fueled by your anger; you will make the Shadow Shard and the things that call this place home pay for what they've done to you.

File:V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Red Hand

The spirits of the dead are at your command.

File:Badge defeatstatesman.png Redeemed Blackguard

Despite defeating all the Signature Heroes in Recluse's Victory, you are now considered a Redeemed Blackguard.

File:Badge stature 06.png Redeemer

You negotiated the surrender of Alexander, a Warrior boss.

File:P DefeatTheDestroyers.png Redundant

Destroying the Destroyers has destroyed their chance to cause destruction, even if saying out loud sounds a bit redundant. Those big and strangely colored targets are hard to resist. You destroyed many Destroyers to earn this badge.

File:V badge LongbowBadge.png Reformed

Once you were considered a villain, but now you walk the path of the straight and narrow.

File:V badge MayhemFireBug.png Reformed Firebug

For your actions setting Paragon City ablaze, you've been prohibited from owning matches or lighters of any sort.

File:Badge FB challenge no power travel sl2.png Refrained

You have completed a Task Force/Flashback between level 1 and 14 while not using any Travel Power Pools.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Regal

King Mihenra, a self-proclaimed warlord from the Netherworld, attempted to seize control of Paragon City, only to be defeated by Positron on this very spot.

File:Badge it underground achievement.png Regenerate This

You blitzed the Self-Repairing and Lichen Infested War Walkers within 8 minutes of starting combat in the Underground.

File:Badge villain trolls.png Regenerator

You have shown tenaciousness in taking down the leadership of the Trolls... over and over again.

File:V badge PvpBadge.png Reinforcement
You've taken down 20 villains in PvP.
You've taken down 20 heroes in PvP.
File:V badge DebtBadge.png Relentless

Those lousy heroes win a lot of battles, but the war ain't over yet.

File:Badge i24 StMartial Challenge.png Remembers Their Friends

Vincent Ross was kidnapped by the Family after they found out he had past dealings with you. However, you beat the Family down and rescued Vincent Ross, showing the Rogue Isles that you remember your friends.

File:Badge influence 01.pngFile:V badge InfamyBadge.png Renowned

Most citizens of Praetoria have heard your name by now. Rumors abound concerning your relationship with the Emperor because of it.

File:Badge debt 01.pngFile:V badge DebtBadge.png Repaired

If you were just an ordinary Clockwork, you'd probably have been junked by now. But as it is, you continue to fight in honor of Praetoria.

File:Badge flashback 035.png Repairman

You have flashed back to 35 story arcs.

File:Badge sgitem.png Repulsor Base Defense

Your group has erased 500,000 in debt. Such determination has earned you the Repulsor.

File:Badge FriendofYin.png Rescuer

You saved Penelope Yin's father from the Lost, and now a thankful Mr. Yin has re-opened Yin's Market in Faultline. You can now shop there whenever you want.

File:V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Research Assistant

Crey will study the results of your gladiator battles.

File:Badge history 01.png Researcher

You have learned the sordid history of former mayor of Paragon City, Spanky Rabinowitz.

File:Badge DefeatResistance.png Resistance Is Futile

The Resistance considers you an obstacle to accomplishing their goal of overthrowing Emperor Cole. You defeated a number of Resistance members to earn this badge.

File:Badge Resistance.png Resistance Member

You have lent your support to the Praetorian Resistance to overthrow Emperor Cole, or at least appeared to do so.

File:Badge hold 01.png Restrained

You have been under the influence of restraining powers such as sleeps and holds for an inordinate amount of time.

File:Badge auction seller 06.png Retailer

You've sold 1000 items on the Auction House.

File:Badge crafter 5.png Retrograde

You have memorized the following recipes at level 45 and 50: Defense Debuff, To Hit Debuff, Taunt, and Confuse.

File:V badge MayhemInvader.png Return Visitor

You've seen a lot of Paragon from the other side already, so you've got a head start on making your new life here.

File:Badge anniversary 2.png Reveler

You have helped celebrate the 2nd anniversary of City of Heroes.

File:Badge ArchitectHallofFame25.png Reviewer

You've completed 25 "Hall of Fame" Architect Missions, earning yourself the Reviewer Badge.

File:Badge crafter 4.png Revivifier

You have memorized the following recipes at level 35 and 40: Heal.

File:V badge TourismBadge.png Revolutionary

The Family doesn't make as many deals on the beach in Independance Port since you started working in Paragon.

File:Badge anniversary 8.png Rhapsodic

You have helped celebrate the 8th anniversary of City of Heroes/Villains. (This badge was awarded to every character who logged in during the month of May, 2012)

File:P Level 30.png Rift Traveler

Whether you have traveled to Primal Earth or delved into the otherworldly secrets of Praetoria, you have tested yourself against many new challenges, which has increased your skills rapidly. You'll need them.

File:Badge sgitem.png Rikti Crash Site Beacon

You have unlocked the capability of creating a teleport beacon to Rikti Crash Site.

File:V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Rikti Drone

This unit has been programmed to serve as your gladiator in the Arena.

File:Badge tourist 01.png Rikti Gone Wild

The horde of Rikti Monkeys on Monster Island seems to have been confined to this area, supposedly by Crey. Investigations into what exactly went wrong have been going on for some time. Many suspect that the Devouring Earth assaulted the island, destroying the barriers put in place to keep the Rikti in.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Rikti Monkey Island

There is a secret to this island of monkeys, that if an infinite number of Rikti Monkeys were placed before an infinite number of typewriters the smell they'd produce would be unbearable. It is nearly unbearable here; the Rikti Monkeys chattering non-stop, dropping dung wherever they please, and prancing about with that unnerving rapidity fills you with the urge to kill every last one of them. You're going to enjoy pulping their little bodies.

File:Badge sgitem.png Rikti Plasma Turret

You have unlocked the power of the Rikti Plasma Turret

File:Badge sgitem.png Rikti War Zone Beacon

You have unlocked the capability of creating a teleport beacon to Rikti War Zone.

File:Badge i24 Brickstown Challenge.png Riptide's Comrade

You were able to prevent Riptide from being defeated while he was fighting Nosferatu by himself.

File:V badge PvpMissionBadge.png Risk Taker

You've contributed to the effort against the Villains by completing a patrol in a PvP zone.

River Rat

An invigorating swim in the rich, clear waters of Praetoria always perks you up.

File:V badge TourismBadge.png Road Raged

Hair pin risers like this road in Skyway City can incite rage even in pedestrians.

File:Badge sgitem.png Robo-Surgery Plans

Your group's work at healing has unlocked the Robo-Surgery.

File:V badge WarburgRocketBadge.png Rocketman

Supergroups everywhere quake in fear when you enter Warburg. You've launched the Warburg Rocket ten times.

File:Badge mentoring 01.png Role Model
You are looked at as a Role Model to the newest generation of Heroes.
You've spent considerable time with a lackey of your own.
File:Badge Summer Event 2012 E.png Roleplayer

You've obtained this Accolade by perfecting each of the roles in the Summer Blockbuster 'Casino Heist'.

File:Badge Defeat Romulus.png Roman
You've defeated the great usurper Romulus Augustus, first to merge with Nictus Aliens. With his defeat, you've thwarted his plans to build temporal strongholds throughout time and space.
You've defeated the great usurper Romulus Augustus, first to merge with Nictus Aliens. With his defeat, you've thwarted his plans to build temporal strongholds throughout time and space.
File:Badge tourist 01.png Rookie's Mistake

Longbow has placed various posters in Peregrine Island to attract more powerful heroes back to Atlas Park for the fight against Recluse. They have plenty of fresh heroes looking to join the fight, though all of them must be turned away due to inexperience, unless they become fodder for the Arachnos Operatives that plague Recluse's Victory.

File:Badge vr months generic.png Rookie
The world has begun to take notice of your deeds, but more accomplished Heroes still call you a Rookie. You have earned this badge by earning your first Reward Token.
While the world has only just heard of you, it is only a matter of time before they tremble before you. More seasoned villains consider you a Rookie, but you'll show them. You have earned this badge by earning your first Reward Token.
File:Badge tourist 01.png Room for Expansion

With Faultline gaining traffic, many people are calling for more apartments to be built in this area and for Longbow to move their Bloody Bay heli-pad to another location. Longbow refuses however, stating this is the safest place for them to be, and that they are also keeping the Lost of the area in check.

File:Badge PositronRevampPart1.png Rule of Three
You've joined the Freedom Phalanx's Task Force Program. In the process of proving yourself to Positron, you uncovered three villainous plots involving the Faultline Dam.
You've ditched the Freedom Phalanx's Task Force Program. You proved yourself to Positron by uncovering the Faultline Dam plots, but then turned your back on him.