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File:V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Kaolin Legacy of Earth


The Legacy Chain respects you.


The Legacy Chain fears you.
File:Badge tourist 01.png Keen Sighted

Manticore, one of the Surviving Eight, was first sighted at this location after keeping to the shadows for months.

File:Badge Achievement NightstalkerDefeats.png Keeper of Beasts

Vicious though they might seem, the beasts of the Spirit Stalkers proved no match for you. You defeated many members of the Spirit Stalkers to earn this badge.

File:Badge i19 villain storyarc.png Keeper of Coral Lore

You've discovered the secrets of the Blood Coral and the ancient power of the slumbering Leviathan.

File:Badge level 20.png Keeper of Peace

Positron has awarded you this badge for achieving Security Level 20.

File:Badge villain banished.png Keeper of Secrets

You have defeated the demon, Adamastor, brought forth by the Banished Pantheon to destroy the world.

File:Badge TourismPraetoria.png Keeping the Lights On

While the Keyes Reactors themselves require little fuel to keep humming, the entire island is devoted to power transmission, safety, and security; the latter especially due to near-constant Resistance sabotage attempts. All of these functions require maintenance Clockwork and deliveries which come through this bay.

File:Badge it keyes complete.png Keyes Technician

You have completed the Incarnate Trial: Keyes Island Reactor.

File:Badge tourist 01.png Keymaster

The whimsical Gamester placed several presents all throughout Peregrine Island during the holidays. This block had a few of them.

File:Badge villain skulls.png Kill Skuls

Go. Hunt. Kill Skuls.

File:Badge tourist 01.png King's Capriciousness

The Clockwork Paladin, a menace to the city, was once spotted running around in this area.

File:Badge tourist 01.png King's Righteousness

The Clockwork Paladin, a menace to the city, was once spotted running around in this area.

File:V badge TourismBadge.png King Maker

This is the spot in Kings Row of a famous bloodbath where the Marcone made a vicious power play against the Verandi.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png King of Pain

Pain! Every nerve flares with it. Your body sings with a crystalline agony that is transcendent in its intensity. But this is not a pain that makes you whimper like a struck animal, it makes you growl with fury at the indignity of it. It is a lesson, a challenge to be conquered, to remain unbowed and ultimately triumph over it. But in a moment it is gone though the memory of it lingers, as does the conviction that you were the master of it.

File:Badge HeroExploreAccolade.png King of the Zig

You've obtained this Accolade by earning every Exploration badge within Brickstown.

File:Badge sgitem.png Kings Row Beacon

You have unlocked the capability of creating a teleport beacon to Kings Row.

File:Badge tf alpha achievement.png Kitty's Got Claws

You saw Bobcat do something no one else has seen; fight with all her effort. Despite her best efforts, you still managed to put her down.

File:Mission DA Arc Complete.png Knife Butcher

You destroyed the source of the Knives of Vengeance, ending both their reign and also whatever was left of the Knives of Artemis.

File:Badge paladin.png Knight Errant

You have helped defeat the Clockwork Paladin, a diabolical invention of the Clockwork King.

File:Badge TourismPraetoria.png Knowledgeable

You have proven yourself knowledgeable in the ways of the Paragon Store.

File:Badge count 100.pngFile:V badge 100BadgesBadgeVillain.png Knows He Knows Not

The secrets of all dimensions lie before you. You realize 100 badges is but a step in the right direction.

Knows No Fear

You chose to fight against Romulus and his army of Talons by yourself, showing that you know no fear.

File:P NovaPraetoriaExplorer.png Knows Nova's Nooks

You've obtained this Accolade by earning every Exploration badge within Nova Praetoria's Underground.

File:Badge count 50.pngFile:V badge 50BadgeBadge.png Knows the Truth

From the depths of the Underground to the top of the Magisterium, Praetoria is built on lies. After 50 badges, you've learned this truth.