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An uncaptured Pillbox
An Arachnos-captured Pillbox
A Longbow-captured Pillbox

Pillboxes exist in the PvP Zone of Recluse's Victory. Each Pillbox represents a space/time focal point whose capture will dramatically alter the surrounding zone.

Pillboxes have four turrets located at each of the cross-shaped corners that start out as Pop Up Anti-Personnel Guns. Once all four Pop Up Turrets are defeated, the player can head to the center of the Pillbox and activate the control panel. Once the capture process (which can be interrupted) is successfully completed, the four corners of the Pillbox convert to two different sets of two missile Turrets. Control of the missile Turrets passes to the player - the Turrets can be controlled by all Archetypes by the /petcom commands, or in the Pets window similar to a Gladiator match in the Arena and identical to a Mastermind.

A Dampening Field is also set up around any player in the center (not just the controlling player), preventing offensive teleporting (Teleport Foe).

Duration Teleportation Teleport.png Active while in the AoE of the Dampening Field.
Effects Auto: -Teleport

Should the controlling player leave the center of the Pillbox, the Turrets revert to a "default" state of Aggressive - that is, they attack all nearby viable targets. To regain control, a player will have to re-activate the center control panel.

When either side controls their fourth Pillbox, reinforcements spawn to support the other faction in the form of two to three Signature Heroes/Villains. At the fifth Pillbox another wave of support is spawned if the first set of Signature Heroes/Villains has already been defeated.

At the capture of six (of the seven) Pillboxes for a side, the zone is "won" by that side, and a five minute counter begins. During the five minutes, the winning side can continue to defeat enemy heroes/villains for bonus credit towards the Longbow Mech or Arachnos Mini Blaster (which is awarded to players who have accumulated 1000 points before the dimensional reversion regardless of who "won" the zone). In the five minute timer, the losing side can defeat opposing heroes/villains to cause an early Dimensional Reversion. After the five minutes (or shorter), all characters get the message "Dimensional Reversion" and the Pillboxes revert to neutral status. The Pop Up Turrets respawn on all Pillboxes with full hit points.


File:Badge pillbox 1.png Time Machinist

You have taken over 10 pillboxes in Recluse's Victory, making you a Time Machinist.

File:Badge pillbox 2.png Somewhere in Time

50 pillboxes have fallen into your hands.

File:Badge pillbox 3.png Back from the Future

100 pillboxes have been captured by you, you are truly a Time Bandit.

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