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Freedom Corps Cataphract

Found in Recluse's Victory, these giant robots are zone specific pets using mastermind style controls. Each side has 3 heavy deployment stations where a single heavy may be obtained from. Only one heavy is currently allowed per hero or villain in the zone, and only three of the mechs can exist for either side at any one point in time. (Originally on test server before Issue 7 went live, players were allowed to acquire all three of their sides' Mechs).

File:Badge heavy 1.png Temporal Agent

You have controlled 10 Heavies in Recluse's Victory.

File:Badge heavy 2.png Temporal Spy

You have controlled 50 Heavies in Recluse's Victory.

File:Badge heavy 3.png Temporal Soldier

You have controlled 250 Heavies in Recluse's Victory.

An Arachnos Heavy Blaster Deployment Station
A Freedom Corps Cataphract Deployment Station

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