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File:Badge TourismPraetoria.png Un-Civil Society

We live in uncertain times, where discontent sows unrest and the sheep become the wolves.


If you've made it onto the Rikti Ship, under the defensive shields, you're either very brave or.....

File:Badge damage recvd 01.png Unbreakable

You are truly unbreakable. You have survived ten million points of damage.

File:V badge DebtBadge.png Unbroken

They can knock you down, but they can't keep you down.

File:Badge vr months generic.png Uncompromising
You stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves without compromise. This badge has been granted to you for earning twenty eight Reward Tokens.
Believe it or not there are still some people out there that don't know not to mess with you. This badge has been granted to you for earning twenty eight Reward Tokens.
File:Badge tourist 01.png Undammed

Funding has recently been passed in an effort to stop the damage caused by the leaking Paragon City Dam.

File:Badge debt 01.pngFile:V badge DebtBadge.png Undaunted

You remain Undaunted by defeat. You're not even sure Praetoria had any daunts..

File:Badge tourist 01.png Undefeated

Here is where one of the brave souls to take up the mantle of Scirocco stood against, and fell to, the Rikti invaders.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Under Fire

You just stepped into a major battle zone. Was this all that you signed up for?

File:Badge TourismPraetoria.png Underground Explorer

You have shown considerable bravery in plumbing the depths of Praetoria's underground warrens. The dangers here are many but only by exploring deeper will you truly learn all of its secrets. Get going, Underground Explorer!

File:Badge it underground complete.png Underground Seeker

You have completed the Incarnate Trial: Underground.

File:Badge FB challenge limit power at only sl9.png Undertaker

You have completed a Task Force/Flashback between level 46 and 50 while only using your Primary and Secondary powersets.

File:Badge debt 01.pngFile:V badge DebtBadge.png Undying

You can't be certain, but you believe that the possibility exists that you can not die.

File:Badge FB challenge no enhance sl9.png Unenhanced

You have completed a Task Force/Flashback between level 46 and 50 while not gaining bonuses from slotted Enhancements.

File:V badge TourismBadge.png Unethical Tourist

Crey Corporation has been known to invite tourist groups to see the experiments caged in these pens. They justify their actions by claiming the research is to better understand the various subjects contained here.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Unfettered

You have burdened yourself with so many unnecessary attachments. Your friends will only disappoint you; they are best cast aside. You will ultimately disappoint those you love; better to walk alone and be responsible only to yourself. This identity you've constructed is just an illusion to hide who you really are; not to everyone else, they are less than nothing, but to yourself. Your possessions, your job, your status: it is time for you to deny the hold they have on you and walk free and unfettered.

File:Badge FB challenge no inspire sl3.png Unimaginative

You have completed a Task Force/Flashback between level 15 and 19 while not using Inspirations.

File:Badge FB challenge no inspire sl9.png Uninspired

You have completed a Task Force/Flashback between level 46 and 50 while not using Inspirations.

File:V badge MayhemForceOfNature.png Uninsurable

The massive destruction you previously wrought has made it really difficult to find anyone willing to insure you for collateral damage liability.

File:Badge villain hydra.png Unleasher

The Kraken was unleashed, but your might has put it down for another day.

File:Badge tourist 01.png Unlucky

Every member of Freedom Corps who works in this base is considered unlucky. The base is out-of-the-way from everything in Paragon City and has a long daily commute. Arachnos occasionally tries to spy on this base, but even they can't be bothered to come out this far from everything.

File:Badge FB challenge no inspire sl5.png Unoriginal

You have completed a Task Force/Flashback between level 25 and 29 while not using Inspirations.

File:Badge ArchitectClick.png Unpredictable

You've clicked on 100 mission objectives during Architect missions, earning yourself the Unpredictable badge.

File:Badge vr months generic.png Unshakable
Nothing can keep a hero like you down, you're referred to as 'Unshakable'. This badge has been granted to you for earning thirty one Reward Tokens.
Nothing can keep a villain like you down, you're referred to as 'Unshakable'. This badge has been granted to you for earning thirty one Reward Tokens.
File:Badge tourism hazard.png Unspoiled

The beauty that is Eden Falls came at a terrible price.

File:Badge tourist 01.png Unsubtle

Clamor of the Freakshow used this warehouse as a hideout after escaping from the Zig - sort of. She lasted barely an hour in hiding before bursting out of the warehouse to attack PPD searching for her. This spilled out into an all-out brawl with nearby Council and 5th Column, allowing Bile to swoop in and pull Clamor out from the chaos.

File:Badge vr months generic.png Unswerving
After paying your dues you have been recognized as 'Unswerving' by the government of Paragon City. This badge has been granted to you for earning twelve Reward Tokens.
You continue to elude capture after all this time. This badge has been granted to you for earning twelve Reward Tokens.
File:Badge villain family.png Untouchable

You have shown that no matter the bribe or threat, you will stand before organized criminals and take them on.

File:Badge villain nemesis.png Unveiler

You have shown great endurance in tackling the Fake Nemesis robots time and time again in your search for the real Nemesis.

File:V badge TourismBadge.png Unwelcome Guest

This Council base has managed to maintain its foothold within Sharkhead despite numerous attacks from several groups. These days, the biggest threats are the 5th Column raids and exposing sleeper agents among Council ranks.

File:Badge tourist 01.png Upgraded

Kord Technologies makes its home in this building, and Tony Kord frequently uses his personal helicopter to commute to work.

File:Badge defeatbrawler.png Uppercut

You have helped defeat Back Alley Brawler in Recluse's Victory.

File:Badge TourismPraetoria.png Urban Renewal

Older sections of the city like this pre-date much of Emperor Cole's reign, and as such have not been renovated to match the rest of the city. Constant distractions and sabotage by the Resistance and others have delayed such work indefinitely.

File:Badge TourismPraetoria.png Urban Spelunker

It takes courage and an adventurous spirit to brave the miles of corridors, tunnels, and maintenance chambers beneath Praetoria. You risk arrest by the PPD, conscription by the Resistance, or a messy end at the hands of Neuron's mistakes.

File:Badge tourist 01.png Use Might for Right

Longbow has placed various posters in Peregrine Island to attract more powerful heroes back to Atlas Park for the fight against Recluse. They have plenty of fresh heroes looking to join the fight, though all of them must be turned away due to inexperience, unless they become fodder for the Arachnos Operatives that plague Recluse's Victory.

File:Badge defeatrecluse.png Usurper

You have claimed victory over the master of villainy himself, Lord Recluse!

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Usurper of Worlds

The briefing listed this area as "Tyrant's Rock," though you are not sure why. Perhaps it is the growing sense of duty and entitlement that fills your chest with unbidden pride. You cast your gaze across this shattered landscape and are struck by a sudden feeling that it is yours, by might or by right. Your heart thuds with a martial drumbeat and you nod at the truth of it—yes, it could all be yours. You will find the one who rules this land and take their throne by force. But you shake off this irrational notion and the realization of where you are slaps you in the face. These thoughts are a trap meant to distract you from your real purpose here.

File:Badge tourism hazard accolade.png Utilities Commission

You've obtained this Accolade by earning every Exploration badge within Terra Volta.