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Mirror Self

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A player character encountering their doppelganger

Your mirror self, also known as "... You?" and "Your Doppelganger", is a Boss-class character with the faction Doppelgangers. If the mission holder is part of a Supergroup, it will share the group's name as its faction. This particular duplicate is apparently from another dimension, and shares the same appearance, Power Sets, and name as the mission holder.

This specific duplicate appears in the following missions:


Description - "...You?"

You see before you a strange doppelganger of yourself!

Description - "Your Doppelganger"

This person seems to match you in every way, shape, and form.


Related Badges

File:Badge I11HeroStoryArc1Complete.png The Fairest

Working with the government and your mirror self from another dimension, you stopped your evil doppleganger's plans to cause chaos and destruction throughout Paragon.

File:Badge I11HeroStoryArc2Complete.png Singular Vision

You've prevented Protean from carrying out his plot for a Praetorian invasion, but not without a heavy cost - the death of your alternate self.


  • The Mirror Self's appearance will be based on the first player character to enter the mission where it can spawn. This may result in a doppelganger who looks nothing like the mission holder, which may result in mismatched dialogue with the mission holder.
  • The Mirror Self's Power Sets will match the mission holder (or first player who enters the mission), but it will not have access to Power Customization. Instead, it will use original colors for its Power Sets.
  • The Mirror Self's Power Sets appear to be derived from Mission Architect's Custom Critters - for example, a melee power set lacking a range attack such as Martial Arts will have access to a heavy hitting ranged shuriken attack not normally seen in the Power Set.
  • During Closed Beta, the Mirror Self was heavily implied to have originated from Praetoria. Due to negative player feedback (who may have had plans for their own Praetorian doubles), the dimension which the Mirror Self originated from was changed to an unknown one.