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File:Badge VillainExploreAccolade.png Mad Science Supporter

You've obtained this Accolade by earning every Exploration badge within Cap au Diable.

File:V badge HealingBadge.png Mad Scientist

You've healed over two million points of damage during your nefarious adventures.

File:V badge Level50Badge.png Made

Arachnos has awarded you the Made Badge for reaching Level 50.

File:Badge MoralityMission Hero.pngFile:Badge MoralityMission Villain.png Made a Stand

Your morality has been demonstrated to all, at least for today. You completed a Morality Mission to earn this badge.


You strove for what you believe in and, against all odds, came out on top.

File:V badge StatureBadge8.png Mage Hunter

That's one less creepy mystic to get in your way.

File:Badge crafter 1.png Major

You have memorized the following recipes at level 10: Accuracy and To Hit Buff.

File:Badge crafter 4.png Major General

You have memorized the following recipes at level 35 and 40: Accuracy and To Hit Buff.

File:Badge ArchitectVillainMissions.png Malefactor

You've completed 50 Architect Missions marked as Villainous content, earning yourself the Malefactor badge.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Malice Aforethought

Everything about the Shadow Shard expresses the danger it represents to your home dimension. This is not some mere foreign power that can be reasoned with or with whom a peaceful settlement can be negotiated. Its very existence is built upon a hostility towards anything other than itself; malice is ingrained into every particle of its being. But are you not just projecting your own human-born ideas of good and evil upon it? Is the wolf acting with malice when it devours the hare? Is it evil for the strong to dominate the weak?

File:Badge event malleus.png Malleus

You have defeated 75 witches, sorcerous crones who use dark magicks.

File:Badge Summer Event 2012 D.png Man's Best Friend

You defeated Frank 'Hunnerd Yard' McCain within 10 seconds of defeating his dog, Killer.

File:V badge ShivanBadge.png Man in Black

These creepy alien parasites are no match for you.

File:Badge tourist 01.png Man of Vengeance

This is the wreckage of a warehouse owned by the Family. The man who killed Blue Steel's father was rumored to be taking shelter here. Blue Steel went to investigate, only to discover the Family had rigged the warehouse to explode. Blue Steel survived the explosion and has continued the hunt for his father's killer to this day.

File:Badge task force 05.png Manticore's Associate

Manticore was proud to present you with this medal, in recognition of the valor and honor you showed while helping him.

File:Badge task force 05.png Manticore's Betrayer

Manticore, always the paranoid one, now thinks you let Countess Crey escape on purpose...

File:Badge ArchitectDestroy.png Marauder

You've destroyed 25 objects during Architect missions, earning yourself the Marauder badge.

File:Badge VillainExploreAccolade.png Marcone Insider

You've obtained this Accolade by earning every Exploration badge within Port Oakes.

File:Badge FB challenge no power epic sl9.png Marginalized

You have completed a Task Force/Flashback between level 45 and 50 while not using any Epic Power Pools.

File:Badge DefeatSyndicate.png Marked for Death

The Syndicate has marked you for death, but if they're smart they won't get anywhere near you. You defeated several Syndicate members to earn this badge.

File:Badge DayJob Auctioneer.png Marketeer

Your time spent supplying the Black Market has earned you the Marketeer Day Job. Logging out near a Black Market will grant you a power that will allow you to teleport to a Black Market of your choice, when you log back in.

File:Badge auction seller 10.png Marketer

You've sold 5000 items on the Auction House.

File:V badge Marshall.png Marshal

You have been awarded the title of Marshal for your service to Arachnos. This has given you a 5% increase to endurance.

File:Badge damage recvd 01.pngFile:V badge TakenDamageBadge.png Marvel of Modern Medicine

Each day you're stunned at how much punishment you can take. Maybe it was all that Enriche... or maybe it was all that Beefy Pop.

File:V badge StatureBadge1.png Mask Maker

You obtained "samples" from the notorious Facemaker.

File:Badge DayJobAcc MasterArchitect.png Master Architect

Your extensive study of the Mission Architect technology has earned you the Master Architect Day Job. Earning this Accolade grants you the Vitalize power which will allow you to revive yourself, should you be defeated, while on Architect missions.

File:Badge inventor lvl 2.png Master Artisan

You have created 100 inventions, justifying your title of Master Artisan.

File:Badge vanguard 003.png Master At Arms

You have defeated the Rikti Master At Arms from the crashed ship in the Rikti War Zone.

File:Badge ArchitectRatingTier 005.png Master Builder

By having one of your Architect missions voted on at least 100 times, and having at least a 4 star average, you've earned the Master Builder badge. This badge is awarded to all characters on your account.

File:Badge inventor lvl 4.png Master Craftsman

A Master Craftsman they call you, as you have created 1,000 inventions.

File:Badge tourism hazard accolade.png Master Plumber

You've obtained this Accolade by earning every Exploration badge within Abandoned Sewer Network.

File:V badge ThiefBadge.png Master Thief

There isn't a trophy vault made you can't steal from!

File:Badge tf tinmage master.png Master of Apex's Task Force

You have proven yourself Master of Apex's Task Force.

File:Badge it dea master.png Master of Dilemma Diabolique

You have mastered the Incarnate Trial: Dilemma Diabolique.

File:Badge it keyes master.png Master of Keyes Island Reactor

You have mastered the Incarnate Trial: Keyes Island Reactor.

File:Badge MasterofLadyGreysTF.png Master of Lady Grey's Task Force

You have proven yourself Master of The Lady Grey Task Force.

File:Badge it lambda master.png Master of Lambda Sector

You have mastered the Incarnate Trial: Lambda Sector.

File:Badge task force master recluse.png Master of Lord Recluse's Strike Force

You have proven yourself Master of Lord Recluse's Strike Force.

File:Badge it magisterium master.png Master of Magisterium

You have mastered the Incarnate Trial: Magisterium.

File:Badge it mom master.png Master of Minds of Mayhem

You have mastered the Incarnate Trial: The Minds of Mayhem.

File:Badge task force master statesman.png Master of Ms. Liberty's Task Force

You have proven yourself Master of Ms. Liberty's Task Force.

File:Badge villain malta.png Master of Olympus
You have destroyed the Kronos Titan, showing Malta that the Heroes of Paragon City defend their turf.
You have destroyed the Kronos Titan, showing Malta that you are a force to be reckoned with
File:V badge TourismBadge.png Master of Science

Dr. Aeon designed this giant globe of an atom to signify the advances that science has brought to Cap au Diable.

File:Badge it tpn master.png Master of TPN Campus

You have mastered the Incarnate Trial: TPN Campus.

File:Badge tf alpha accolade.png Master of Tin Mage's Task Force

You have proven yourself Master of Tin Mage's Task Force.

File:Badge MasterofReichsmanSF.png Master of the 5th Column Strike Force

You have proven yourself Master of the 5th Column Strike Force.

File:Badge MasterofReichsmanTF.png Master of the 5th Column Task Force

You have proven yourself Master of the 5th Column Task Force.

File:V badge TourismBadge.png Master of the Airwaves

Top of the world! You have climbed to the top of the radio tower in Grandville.

File:Badge it baf master.png Master of the B.A.F.

You have mastered the Incarnate Trial: Behavioral Adjustment Facility.

File:Badge MasterofImperiousTF.png Master of the Imperious Task Force

You have proven yourself Master of the Imperious Task Force.

File:Badge it underground master.png Master of the Underground

You have mastered the Incarnate Trial: Underground.

File:Badge event spring delivery.png Match Maker

In honor of the season of Spring, you've delivered Valentines throughout the world!

File:Badge ArchitectPlayDevChoice50.png Maven

You're known as a Maven among certain circles after completing 50 "Developer's Choice" Mission Architect story arcs.

File:Badge i24 StMartial Arc.png Mayhem's Creator

You were personally responsible for the creation of a new villainess, Penelope Mayhem. What she will do now is anyone's guess.

File:Badge TourismPraetoria.png Mayhem's Prodigal

This is where it all started. When First Ward was still a tyrant's dream, the true Mother of Mercy Hospital was already an aging heap of Gothic masonry. No one is sure exactly when Praetor Tilman built this hospital, or why she built it here, but even with its crumbling edifices, weed-choked grounds, and vacant windows, the place resonates with a malign power. So close to Mother Mayhem now, you can feel the weight of her psyche pressing down upon you, can feel her sightless gaze turn to you, condemning and welcoming at the same time: as with the return of a prodigal child.

File:V badge TourismBadge.png Media Junky

The top of the WSPDR building is a great place to survey Recluse's media empire.

File:Badge healing 01.png Medic

You have helped your fellow heroes by healing them for two hundred and fifty thousand hit points.

File:Badge healing 01.pngFile:V badge HealingBadge.png Medical Specialist

You have helped your fellow heroes by healing them for three million hit points.

File:Badge crafter 1.png Medicator

You have memorized the following recipes at level 10: Heal.

File:Badge healing 01.png Medicine Man

You have helped your fellow heroes by healing them for five million hit points.

File:Badge sgitem.png Mega Monitor Plans

Your group has collected 5 badges. You are now ready to build a Mega Monitor.

File:V badge Megalomaniac.png Megalomaniac

You've wanted more control and now you have it. Activating this power increases the power of all your Sleeps, Holds, Immobilize, and Confuse for 60 seconds.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Meltdown

Covert Rikti strike teams have attempted to destroy the Terra Volta reactor on more than one occasion.

File:Badge vanguard 001.png Member of Vanguard

You are now a member of Vanguard and can earn Merits for defeating Rikti.

File:Badge crafter 2.png Mender

You have memorized the following recipes at level 15 and 20: Heal.

File:Badge it mom complete.png Mental Voyager

You have completed the Incarnate Trial: The Minds of Mayhem.

File:Badge DayJobAcc Soldier.png Mercenary

Your work aiding Vanguard defend Paragon from the ever present Rikti threat and always being ready to aid Paragon City has earned you the Mercenary Accolade. While logged out in the Vanguard base you will earn charges for your Fragmentation Grenade Power.

File:Badge auction seller 04.png Merchant

You've sold 250 items on the Auction House.

File:Badge DefeatRGC.png Merciless

You defeated one of the signature "Rogues Gallery" characters in an Alignment or Morality mission earning yourself this badge.

File:Badge sgitem.png Mercy Isle Beacon

You have thoroughly mapped Mercy Isle, allowing you to add a beacon to the zone.

File:Badge VillainExploreAccolade.png Mercy Mariner

You've obtained this Accolade by earning every Exploration badge within Mercy Island.

File:Badge TourismPraetoria.png Mercy Missionary

You have visited the Behavioral Adjustment Facility to extend a helping hand to the lost souls housed within. It took great courage to enter this forbidden area, braving the sonic fence and the hordes of belligerent guards on your mission of mercy.

File:Badge anniversary 3.png Merrymaker

You have helped celebrate the 3rd anniversary of City of Heroes.

File:Badge crafter 5.png Mesmerizer

You have memorized the following recipes at level 45 and 50: Sleep, Snare, Hold, Stun, Immobilize, and Fear.

File:V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Meson

This mighty foe is under your control.


You have crushed Nemesis' weather controlling equipment.

File:Badge event halloween2010 accolade.png Meticulous

You are not tied to any single decision, and must pursue every course of action available to determine the consequences.

File:V badge InfamyBadge.png Midas Touch

Every job you take seems to turn to gold. You've earned over ten million infamy.

File:Badge arena middle.png Middleweight Champion

You have achieved the status of Champion in the Middleweight division by winning your first match in this division.

Midnight Dodger What Dodges at Midnight

Director 11 may be a master of demolitions, but you showed him you're a master at dodging bombs.

File:Badge midnightsquadmember.png Midnight Squad

You have proven yourself a worthy ally to the secretive order of mystics, magicians and scholars known as the Midnight Squad. Because of this, they have granted you access to their exclusive Midnighter Club.

File:Badge tourist 01.png Midnighter's Perseverance

This bridge is the site where Mayor Bower and Buck Salinger last met; Bower informed Salinger that his trek into Red Cap territory was a suicide mission. Salinger ignored the warning and continued forward, insisting that his skills as a Midnighter would prevail. So far, Salinger's luck - and survival skills - haven't failed him.

Midnighter Archivist

You have learned the secrets of the Midnighter Club.

File:Badge DayJob Midnighter.png Midnighter

Your studies at the Midnighter Club has earned you the Midnighter Day Job. Logging out in the Midnighter Club will earn you a random piece of Arcane Salvage, when you log back in, each time you complete a mission, for a short time.

File:Badge tourist 01.pngFile:V badge TourismBadge.png Midnighter Club Member

Within these walls rests the greatest minds of mystic, occult, and arcane magics.

File:Badge tourist 01.png Minotaur

While wrestling with the Chimera in the waters of the bay, Talos tore a rift in the ocean floor. Although the hero never rose from the waters, the island that formed was named in his honor.

File:Badge holiday06 miraculous.png Miraculous

A season of miracles, it has been called.

File:V badge SciroccoBadge.png Mirage

You have chosen Scirocco's cause. He will not forget your noble gesture.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Misbegotten

You're no hero. You're a thug. A super-powered bully who metes out pain and suffering in equal measure. What kind of person are you, who finds inspiration in the broken bodies and shattered lives you've left in your wake? What kind of person has their life enhanced every time some "villain" crumples in a lifeless heap at your feet? Does it make you feel powerful? You're a leech, sucking the life from everyone who stands between you and your "noble goals" for a "better, safer society." Have you no shame?

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Misfit Monstrosity

On this distant, lonely island you find some Devouring Earth monsters who seem to have separated themselves from their brethren, or perhaps they were relegated this isle for some reason. What kind of rules must govern these creatures that some of their number could be found wanting? Were their rampages not destructive enough? Their roars not bladder-emptyingly terrifying enough? Did they fail to pay the proper obeisance to Hamidon, their lord and master? It matters not, they seem just as interested in grinding you underfoot as any other monster here.

File:Badge event spring misdelivery.png Missed Connection

You've spurned the season of Spring in favor of sowing discord and heartbreak throughout the world by misdelivering Valentines!

File:Badge ArchitectTestComplete.png Mission Detective

You've completed 25 missions while in Test Mode, earning yourself the Mission Detective badge.

File:Badge ArchitectMissionEngineer.png Mission Engineer

Your overall expertise in everything relating to the Mission Architect system has earned you the title of Mission Engineer.

File:Badge ArchitectTestComplete100.png Mission High Inquisitor

You've completed 100 missions while in Test Mode, earning yourself the Mission High Inquisitor badge.

File:Badge ArchitectTestComplete.png Mission Inquisitor

You've completed 50 missions while in Test Mode, earning yourself the Mission Inquisitor badge.

File:Badge ArchitectTestComplete.png Mission Investigator

You've completed 10 missions while in Test Mode, earning yourself the Mission Investigator badge.

File:Badge ArchitectTestComplete.png Mission Seeker

You've completed 1 mission while in Test Mode, earning yourself the Mission Seeker badge.

File:Badge FB challenge limit power at only sl8.png Missionary

You have completed a Task Force/Flashback between level 40 and 45 while only using your Primary and Secondary powersets.

File:Badge tourist 01.png Misunderstood

Voodoo practitioner Cadao Kestrel fled into these tunnels after being accused of murder. Agent Six tracked him here and beat him within an inch of his life before arresting him. Cadao would later be cleared of all charges, but to this day he has not gone near Agent Six, claiming she is, "out of her mind."

File:Badge TourismPraetoria.png Moar Power

Praetor Keyes's anti-matter reactors are a boundless source of energy, once supplying all the power for the entire Eastern United States. It was their presence which led Emperor Cole to declare Praetoria City as the capital of the new world. Even at peak demand, barely one-third of the reactors' full power is needed.

File:V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Mob Specialist

Crey has authorized these men for your Arena teams.

File:Badge DayJob MonitorDuty.png Monitor Duty

Your time spent protecting your Supergroup's base has earned you the Monitor Duty Day Job. Logging out in your Supergroup base will earn you a Prestige bonus, when you log back in, each time you complete a mission for a short time.

File:Badge villain malta.png Monkeywrencher

You have crushed Malta's Zeus Titans, the combination of two damaged Hercules Titan robots.

File:Badge TourismPraetoria.png Monolithic

As you set foot in this peculiar stone circle you can feel ancient magics coursing through your veins. The source of its power remains a mystery - as well it should. Night Ward harbors many secrets too awesome, too transcendent for the mortal mind to behold. To merely be counted among those touched by her radiance is in itself a humbling experience.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Monster Factory

Mankind has a long history of creating monsters that escape their control and ultimately turn on them. If there is an example of the opposite in effect, it is Hamidon and his Devouring Earth monstrosities. Hamidon has shown how little the rest of humanity understands what it means to be a true creator species. His creations are flawless and true to their creator. They adore him and he them and they obey him without question. Others have tried to replicate his success and failed to achieve a fraction of his ability. This island is a living testimony to Hamidon's power to transcend human limitations: observe and learn.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Monster Islander

You've set foot on soil now the domain of ravaging monstrosities. You take a deep breath and catch a scent of their spoor. It is harsh with a slaughterhouse reek. At your feet you see that you are standing in the massive footprint of one of the island's inhabitants. Impressive. Against the horizon you catch a hulking silhouette ambling slowly towards some unknown destination. Squaring your shoulders, you set out; it is time you showed them that a new monster prowls the island. Just as fierce and twice as deadly.

File:Badge Event Halloween09Monster.png Monster Masher

You helped thwart the schemes of the horrifying Abominations by destroying their Banner of Mayhem.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Monsters' Playthings

About you lies shattered heavy machinery, evidence of the power the Devouring Earth monsters possess. Hulks of metal weighing tons have been tossed about and shredded like a dog's chew toy. You can only imagine what they did to the island's former masters. You vow to not let the same happen to you.

File:Badge Event Halloween09MonsterGM.png Monstrous

The colossal Greater Mystic Aspect proved to be no match for your might.

File:V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Mook

Dese guys is part of your crew.

File:V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Mook Capo

Da Mooks are on your side.

File:Badge 5MoralChoice.png Moral High Ground

You've decided to ally yourself with either the Praetorian Resistance or the Praetorian Loyalists on five separate occasions. Regardless of where your true morals lie, you've proven willing to defend your positions.

File:Badge TourismPraetoria.png Morbid

You have discovered the nearly forgotten sub-sub-basement of the hospital morgue, long since abandoned due to an infestation of Ghouls. Perhaps here you can learn something of lividity, morbidity, and the proclivities of the near dead.

File:Badge DayJob Gravedigger.png Mortician

Your time spent studying death itself has earned you the Mortician Day Job. Logging out in a graveyard will earn you protection against Experience Debt, when you log back in, for a short time.

File:V badge PvpMissionBadge.png Most Wanted

You've contributed to the effort against the heroes by completing a patrol mission in a pvp zone.

File:Badge ArchitectInspirations.png Motivated

You've earned 100 Inspirations while on Architect missions, earning yourself the Motivated badge.

File:Badge mentoring 01.pngFile:V badge MentoringBadge.png Motivator

If those you mentor slack off, you've got quite a few ways to motivate them. They're not all pleasant.

File:V badge InfamyBadge.png Mr. Big

You've earned enough Infamy to run your own crews.

File:V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Mu Guardian

These mystics are intrigued by you.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Multidimensional

The Hydra that lives under Paragon City is rumored to be a refugee from this dimension.

File:Badge crafter 1.png Munitionist

You have memorized the following recipes at level 10: Damage and Knockback.

File:Badge tourist 01.png Mystic

This nexus is the intersection of two very minor Ley Lines, almost imperceptible to those without Second Sight.

File:Badge tourist 01.png Mystic King

Ley Lines are powerful forces of mystical energy that crisscross the planet. Where they meet is called a nexus, and all magic is stronger for miles around.

File:Badge stature 07.png Mystical Adept

You saved a cabal of mystics from being used by the Banished Pantheon.

File:Badge stature 07.png Mystical Savior

You saved a cabal of mystics from being used by the Banished Pantheon.

File:Badge crafter 4.png Mystically Powered

You have memorized the following recipes at level 35 and 40: Endurance Modification and Endurance Reduction.