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The Heart of Memory Badge

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You have found the source of the Crimson Falls. Scientists who have studied it have only theories as to its source and composition, but they are in agreement that it is not entirely of this dimension. Some think that perhaps it is a form of quantum foam; exotic particles and degenerate matter drawn to the Shadow Shard from other dimensions. Swimming through it you find that it offers little resistance, does not make you wet, and while immersed in it you find yourself recalling past events. These recollections become fleeting, as though drawn from you to suffuse the fluid. One memory follows another and as each one does, it becomes increasingly difficult to bring them back. You fear that were you to stay here much longer, the fluid would empty you of all memory.


The Heart of Memory badge is located 544 yards NE of the Crimson Falls marker, in the middle of a lake.

Its coordinates are (-1814, 3032, 128).

Badge The Heart of Memory.jpg


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