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Portal Corporation

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Portal Corporation, also known as Portal Corp, is a private organization that specializes in the exploration of other dimensions. It was initially founded by Dr. Brian Webb following the discovery of Superadine addicts accessing other dimensions, and went through tumultuous legal and physical battles, before becoming the company at the forefront of dimensional exploration.


At the end of the war against Superadine, the main lab that manufactured and supplied the drug was located and its scientists captured by the Back Alley Brawler. The scientists were not interested in money, but rather the effects of the drug on addicts. In very rare cases, Superadine addicts were able to see and even travel to other dimensions. The Freedom Phalanx wanted nothing to do with the immoral methods of research that led to the discovery of other dimensions, and tried to bury it completely. However, Brian Webb, a brilliant young physicist, believed that there was potentially a way to access other dimensions through less dubious methods, and sold several teleportation device patents to found Portal Corporation.

Webb was able to access the scientific law that had allowed the addicts to travel to other dimensions, and announced his discovery to the world. The questions and implications raised were immediate, but more relevant was the actual exploration of other dimensions. The Freedom Phalanx and Portal Corp researchers explored many worlds, but none quite so dangerous as Axis America. There, Webb and his assistants were captured and tortured to death by the Reichsman, who gained enough knowledge about Primal Earth that he was able to invade. In the fight, Queen Comet was gravely wounded, and the Portal Corp facility destroyed.

Although the facility was destroyed, investors retained rights to the technology and research of Portal Corp, and planned to continue the exploration of other dimensions. Unfortunately, Dr. Webb's wife sued shareholders, and the entirety of the research was tied up in court for a decade. Even after the legal resolution of Portal Corp's property, the company was not able to restart itself until the Rikti War. Because of the extra-dimensional nature of the invaders, Portal Corp's research became critical in discovering information about the invaders.

Following the Rikti War, Portal Corp rebuilt itself, and is once again exploring other dimensions. With the help of the numerous heroes of Paragon City, dimensional exploration is now as safe as possible. In addition to its research and exploration, Portal Corp also maintains a permanent presence in the Shadow Shard, in association with the UN.


Personnel who have worked or are working for Portal Corporation:

Dimensions known by the Portal Corporation

  • Primal Earth
  • Upsilon Beta 9-6 (Praetoria)
    • Originally thought of as a world where the signature heroes of Paragon City gave in to their darker side and became villains, Praetoria has since been shown to be a world with more shades of grey. Although many differences are present, this world may be one of the closest to Primal Earth, as it has its own version of many groups and persons of interest. The main divergence of history occurred when nuclear weapons were used in the Korean War, and the man later known as Emperor Cole temporarily abandoned civilization.
  • War Earth
    • War Earth may be Praetorian Earth. Battle Maiden can be found here. Valkyrie's spear somehow traveled from War Earth to Primal Earth.
  • Zeta Tao 7-63 (Shadow World)
    • Black Swan's dimension and one of 17 Shadow Worlds. She gets her power and her Shadow minions from this dimension.
  • Black Shroud Dimension
    • As revealed by Maria Jenkins, this a dimension that Nightstar has gained access to, and apparently draws power from.
  • Alpha Upsilon 24-2
    • A world destroyed by your alternate self, now inhabited by Ghosts resentful of the living.
  • Omicron Zeta 12-20
    • A world ruled by the Freakshow. This world is known to have its own Bile. Other versions of other Freakshow archvillains might exist here as well.
  • Epsilon Tau 27-2
    • Here, the Clockwork King realized his true potential, and destroyed all the heroes, along with the rest of humanity. It is unknown if Epsilon Tau 27-2 is the same dimension as Clockwork World, which is also solely inhabited by the Psychic Clockwork.
  • Hydra dimension
    • Origin of the Hydra. Originally discovered by the Rikti.
  • Omega Omicron 26-20 (Council Empire)
  • Tau Gamma 9-24
    • A world where Oranbega won their war against the nation of Mu. The people of Oranbega here did not follow the dark path which lead to the creation of the Circle of Thorns
In the streets of Axis America
  • Delta Zeta 24-10 (Axis America/Axis Earth)
  • Shadow Shard
  • Abandoned world
    • A world currently overrun by the Devouring Earth after 70% of the world's population was destroyed by a doomsday device.
  • Rikti Home World
    • Origin world of the Rikti. Currently locked off.
  • Sigma Psi 20-7
    • Revenant Hero World. Crey's Revenant Hero Project developed a hive mind here, and pretty much wiped out anything not in the collective.
  • Tau Delta 8-7
  • Nu Beta 9-7
    • A war torn world with few remaining defenses, this world has suffered a war against their Council recently. In this world, our dimension's Dreck attempts to set himself up as ruler.
Eternal darkness: Werewolf World
  • Lamda Rho 57-20 (Werewolf World)
    • Perpetually night world, ruled by the Requiem of that dimension. This is an alternate world where the plot of A Path into Darkness succeded and the planet seems to have suffered a major invasion of Nictus, to the point of having no more daylight, only darkness.
  • Gamma Upsilon 28-3
    • A world controled by Nemesis, who is opposed by a secret cadre of freedom fighters.
  • Multiple other Nemesis controlled worlds
    • A world in which the hero must venture into to save several scientists' other halves.
    • A world in which Nemesis was able to take over by blocking out the sun with self replicating smog machines.
    • A world in which Nemesis took over by hooking the population on Superadine.
  • Circle of Thorns world
    • The hero must travel here to locate a copy of the Tome of Persephone.


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