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File:Badge tourist 01.png Jack's Wrath

This path of destruction was made by Jack in Irons, who stormed all the way here from his throne deep in the forests of Croatoa. The witches of the Cabal were barely able to push Jack back, but not before he destroyed much of their territory.

File:Badge ArchitectOverflowTickets.png Jackpot

You've earned 1,000 tickets while at your ticket cap, earning yourself the Jackpot badge. This badge is awarded to all characters on your account.

Jail Bird

It is rumored around the Zig that the Bug Man escaped from this location.

File:Badge hold 01.png Jailed

Enemies no longer regard you as a threat.

File:Badge holiday05 jetpack.png Jet-Setter

You have received a Jetpack from an anonymous benefactor.

File:Badge VillainExploreAccolade.png Johnny's Ex-Best Friend

You've obtained this Accolade by earning every Exploration badge within St. Martial.

File:Badge VillainExploreAccolade.png Johnny's Go To Guy

You've obtained this Accolade by earning every Exploration badge within St. Martial.

File:Badge holiday06 joyful.png Joyful

The power of the season finds you overcome with joy.

File:Badge anniversary 5.png Jubilant

You have helped celebrate the 5th anniversary of City of Heroes/Villains.

File:Badge DefeatRGC.png Judge & Jury

You defeated one of the signature "Rogues Gallery" characters in an Alignment or Morality mission earning yourself this badge.

File:Badge ArchitectHallofFame100.png Judge

You've completed 100 "Hall of Fame" Architect Missions, earning yourself the Judge Badge.

File:Badge Accolade JudgementSlot.png Judgement Unlocked

You unlocked your Judgement Incarnate slot allowing you to create powerful new abilities that can be slotted there.

File:V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Juicer

The Freaks celebrate you as a force of anarchy.

File:Badge VillainExploreAccolade.png Jumped the Shark

You've obtained this Accolade by earning every Exploration badge within Sharkhead Isle.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Junkyard Dog

This is where some military vehicles went to die.

File:Badge history 01.png Just Said No to Superadine

You have learned the history of Superadine, the newest designer drug to plague Paragon City.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Justice Avenger

This fountain was a gift to the city, donated by billionaire playboy Justin Sinclair.

File:Badge level 40.png Justice Incarnate

Positron has awarded you this badge for achieving Security Level 40.

File:Badge defeatrecluse.png Justiciar

You have helped defeat all the Signature Villains in Recluse's Victory, making you a Justiciar.