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Behavioral Adjustment Facility

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This article is about the Praetorian neighborhood/building. For the Incarnate System Trial, see Behavioral Adjustment Facility Trial.


BAF entryways

The Behavioral Adjustment Facility (or BAF), Praetoria's thought criminal prison, is located in Imperial City at the coordinates (-1150, -11, -3477).

Thought crime does not carry a harsh punishment in Praetoria. Those found guilty are merely subjected to resocialization and reeducation regimens that correct the mental imbalances that are the source of such criminal behavior. Once rehabilitated, a prisoner's citizenship is reinstated, and he or she is returned to his or her normal life. The Behavioral Adjustment Facility is a small, efficient institute that concentrates on correcting the problem, not just the symptoms.

The Facility is fenced in by Sonic Fence Pylons, and will kill you if you try to enter by going over the wall. Likewise, it keeps anyone from jumping out (minus the killing part). There are doors on the outside of the wall marked with a solid yellow upside-down triangle that will bring you into the facility. The doors to exit the facility are marked the same way on buildings nearby the entry points. The 3 entrance locations are on the South-West wall, the Northernmost wall, and the Easternmost wall, as shown in the image.

Exploration Badges

File:Badge TourismPraetoria.png Mercy Missionary

You have visited the Behavioral Adjustment Facility to extend a helping hand to the lost souls housed within. It took great courage to enter this forbidden area, braving the sonic fence and the hordes of belligerent guards on your mission of mercy.


There is a plaque for the the Behavioral Adjustment Facility across from the island at coordinates (-1216, -12, -2537).


The Behavioral Adjustment Facility
Across these waters lies the Behavioral Adjustment Facility, where the unfortunate citizens who have succumbed to the effects of the Hamidon Spore are treated. Though no cure yet exists, those afflicted by the Hamidon Spore reside in the well-appointed facility, receiving treatment and living out their days in comfort until the cure is finally developed.


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