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Midnighter Club

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Midnighter Club
Splash MidnighterClub.jpg


Cooperative Zone (1-50, but see Overview)

Trainers: none
TF Contacts: none
Events: none
Exploration Badges: Midnighter Club Member
Plaques: Midnighter Archivist
Day Jobs: Midnighter
Enemies: none
Connecting Zones: Croatoa, Founders' Falls, Steel Canyon
Cap au Diable
Transits: none
Midnighter Club VidiotMap



This is the headquarters of the secretive Midnight Squad. There is little content within the Club itself. The zone is primarily a staging area and entry point to Cimerora.

Upon entering the club for the first time, you receive the following message:

Balloon.png The Midnighter Club

Welcome to the Midnighter Club. This is a 'cooperative zone.' You and the Villains are now on the same side against a greater enemy. You cannot fight each other here.

Entry Level

Technically, the Midnighter Club has no minimum entry level. However, it does require the Midnight Squad Badge. Heroes earn the badge by running the Montague Castanella Story Arc given inside the University in Steel Canyon. Montague only gives the arc to Heroes of at least Security Level 10, but all team members get the badge at the end of the arc, so it is possible to acquire the badge, and thus enter the Midnighter Club, at any level. Villains earn the badge by running the Midnight's Hand arc from Ashley McKnight in Cap au Diable. Ashley only gives the arc to Villains of at least Threat Level 30, but again, all team members earn the badge.

As of Issue 23, the Midnight Squad Badge (and access to the Midnighter Club) is also awarded to characters earning the House Hunter Exploration Badge in Night Ward.



  • Midnighter Store

Midnight Store buys back all enhancements (barring IOs) as if she was the same origin store as the enhancement. She sells all SO enhancements of Level 35 and higher.


Some of the NPCs walking around or standing as 'Midnighter' are recognizable. Some which can be identified are:


There are no neighborhoods explicitly marked on the Midnighter Club map. However, upon entering a library for the first time, you will receive the zone message and hear the following music.

Exploration Badges

File:Badge tourist 01.pngFile:V badge TourismBadge.png Midnighter Club Member

Within these walls rests the greatest minds of mystic, occult, and arcane magics.


Midnighter Archivist

You have learned the secrets of the Midnighter Club.

Day Jobs

File:Badge DayJob Midnighter.png Midnighter

Your studies at the Midnighter Club has earned you the Midnighter Day Job. Logging out in the Midnighter Club will earn you a random piece of Arcane Salvage, when you log back in, each time you complete a mission, for a short time.

Transfer Points


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