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Magisterium Trial

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Magisterium Trial
Team Size 12-24 players
Badge Badge it magisterium complete.png Enemy of the State
Enemy Groups V badge BlacKnight.png The Black Knights
V badge Loyalist.png Imperial Defense Force
V badge Loyalist.png Imperial Special Forces
Badge villain praetorians.png Praetorians
V badge NightStalker.png Spirit Stalkers
Incarnate XP Advanced Psychic
Icon vip.png Requires a VIP subscription.
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The Magisterium Trial (MT, Magi) is one of the Incarnate Trials connected to the release of Issue 23 which takes place after the events in Dark Astoria and after the events in Belladonna Vetrano's arc. A minimum of 12 and a maximum of 24 players can raid the Magisterium.

In order to participate in the Magisterium Trial, players must have the Lore Slot and Destiny Slot already unlocked.

Prior to the mission, the league gathers in a "staging area" and speak with Dream Doctor. While there is no specific contact (the trial is entered entirely through the LFG menu), Dream Doctor continues to give information through text pop-ups related to the league's progress throughout the trial.

All Issue 20 Incarnate Components will drop during this trial, and Advanced Psychic Incarnate Experience is gained towards unlocking the Hybrid Incarnate Slot.

Story Summary

The Incarnates set up a bold plan to face down Tyrant, the Emperor of Praetoria. Their effort is co-ordinated by the Dream Doctor, and Dreamspace is used as a staging area. This allows the Dream Doctor to intervene should an Incarnate fall in battle.

In order to face off against the emperor, the Incarnates must face down against the remaining members of the Praetorian Guard: Black Swan, Nega-Pendragon (a negative of the Praetorian counterpart of Hero 1), Chimera (Praetor Sinclair) and Shadow Hunter (counterpart to Woodsman). Finally the team meets up with the emperor himself, but not before he institutes a "scorched earth" protocol and nukes the courtyard of the Magisterium killing potentially millions of Praetorians. Then, the emperor empowers himself with the souls of the dead (via the aspect of Hades that he absorbed instead of Praetorian Stefan Richter) and the final confrontation begins.

The Incarnates are able to vanquish the emperor who, having failed to keep his bargain with the Hamidon, sentences the rest of Praetoria to attacks by the beast and his minions.

In Detail

The Magisterium Trial is an incarnate trial that takes place in Nova Praetoria. There is no contact for this trial, though Dream Doctor assists during the trial. However, rather than going to anyone for a mission, the players use the Team-Up Teleporter to find other interested players.

Phase 1

The League must defeat 250 IDF surrounding the Magisterium. The IDF spawn at level 54 of Minion, Lieutenant, and Boss types and periodly respawn in specific areas.

After the first ten IDF troops are defeated:

Phase 2

The League must defeat Chimera, Nega-Pendragon and Shadowhunter at level 54(+3). Chimera will mark targets for Rain of Arrows, Nega-Pendragon taunts and gains rage while fighting, while also gaining Damage Absorbtion at regular intervals and Shadowhunter gains rage while not fighting, as well as using a power called Grasp of the Beyond, which kicks in when his health is lower than 50%. It places resistance to Heal effects on nearby characters proportional to the amount of health he has left.

When defeated each has a specific power that triggers. After Nega-Pendragon's defeat, his sword Excalibur will continue fighting, spawning damage patches as in the Apex TF. After Shadowhunter's defeat, the remaining Archvillains will gain the ability to Banish anyone hit by their attacks three times, shifting that character out of phase for ten seconds. After Chimera's defeat, he scatters mine over the area using a mine-laying power similar to Director 11's power from the Tin Mage Mark II Task Force.

Phase 3

The League must defeat Black Swan at level 54(+3). She spawns Shadow Portals which heal her and spawn minions, and will teleport the League to her and use Quills of Jocas to weaken Incarnates for a short time. The quills will disable Incarnate, APP, and PPP powers, which may negate player Level and Incarnate shifts depending on which Incarnate powers are disabled.

Phase 4

The League must defeat Tyrant who spawns at 54(+5). Surrounding the area will be six respawning Lights of the Well. Use the Quills of Jocas temporary power while standing next to these to defeat them automatically, which gives the team a temporary stacking Level Shift (up to +9 possible). Tyrant uses several different attacks, the most damaging of which is Zeus' Lightning Bolt used approximately every 30 seconds. Players will see the message The air crackles around Tyrant! shortly before the attack hits, giving them time to move away from Tyrant. The attack is a PBAoE which summons Flow Lightning, each one doing 10-12 ticks of heavy irresistible energy DoT and stacking an energy resistance debuff with each tick. As the columns are targeted on players within range, it is possible to be hit by multiple columns at once if players are close together, leading to a quick death. Hammer of Justice is another attack to watch out for due to the 60ft range PBAoE which does not display any warning and deals severe Smashing damage. Unlike Statesman's version, Tyrant is able to use his in midair.

Tyrant is able to summon Boss-class versions of Olympian Guards at level 54 at various intervals, which attack players. He is also able to use Power of Tartarus, a 60ft sphere centered on him, to give himself bonus ToHit and Smashing Damage by using the lifeforce of any Olympian Guards in range. This buff duration is 60 seconds, and stacks, but each application refreshes the duration of all other stacks. However, when Tyrant drops below 40% health, Olympian Guards are no longer available.

Once Tyrant is below 50% health, a bar appears showing his "Favor of the Well", a number which directly affects his regeneration. Favor of the Well will increase by two points for every % of his MaxHP that Tyrant drops below 50. Similarly, Favor of the Well decreases by two points for every %MaxHP that Tyrant regenerates.

When Tyrant reaches 10% HP, the league has effectively won the trial. The Well rescinds much of the power it has given Tyrant, and he loses his special regeneration, along with level shifts, becoming level 54(-8). In addition, he loses all of his attacks save for Brawl. The league must utterly destroy Tyrant by stripping away his last 10% HP, at which point the Trial is successfully over.

Balloon.png After defeating Black Swan:

Tyrant nukes the Magisterium.

Upon defeat of Tyrant:

Notable NPCs

Please note that Archvillains will be level 54(+3), while Tyrant will be level 54(+5). Level Shift and Incarnate Shifts are recommended to defeat them.



Badge it magisterium complete.png Enemy of the State   Complete the Magisterium Trial.
Badge it magisterium achievement.png Triple Threat   Defeat all three Archvillains during the Battle Royale stage of the Magisterium Trial within 5 seconds of the first one's defeat
Badge it magisterium achievement.png Ready to Rumble   Defeat Black Swan sooner than 8 minutes after entering the Magisterium.
Badge it magisterium achievement.png Shadow Master   Never allow Black Swan to open all six Shadow Rifts simultaneously in the Magisterium Trial.
Badge it magisterium achievement.png The Hard Way   Defeat Tyrant during the final battle of the Magisterium Trial without destroying more than 12 Lights of the Well.
Badge it magisterium master.png
Master of Magisterium   Earn the Triple Threat, Ready to Rumble, Shadow Master, and The Hard Way badges .
Badge it magisterium achievement.png The Really Hard Way   Defeat Tyrant during the final battle of the Magisterium Trial without destroying any Lights of the Well.



  • Incarnate Threads drop instead of Incarnate Shards.
  • Upon successful completion of this trial, each character is presented with a reward table allowing them to choose one reward from several options. There is a participation threshold that must be met in order to receive an Incarnate Component table instead of a 10 Threads or one Super-level inspiration "consolation prize".
    • If a character surpasses this threshold, the rarity of the component reward is a random roll. The options available will either be a choice of: one Common component or two Super-level inspirations, one Uncommon component or three Super-level inspirations, one Rare component or four Super-level inspirations, or one Very Rare component or five Super-level inspirations.
  • The chances of receiving a Rare or Very Rare Incarnate Component upon completion of this trial are higher than in other Incarnate Trials.
  • A random Uncommon Incarnate Component is awarded the first time each achievement badge is qualified for.
  • A random Rare Incarnate Component is awarded the first time the Master of the Magisterium badge is qualified for.


  • Two Empyrean Merits will be awarded upon successful completion of the Trial once per 20 hour period.
    • Any successive completion of the Trial within that 20 hour window will instead award one Empyrean Merit. This functionality is essentially the Incarnate Trial version of Merit Reward Diminishing Returns.
  • An Astral Merit can be rewarded at the end of the trial for running as an Open League.
  • An Astral Merit can be earned if the requirements for the Triple Threat badge are fulfilled, even if you already have the badge. It is awarded at the end of the trial.
  • An Astral Merit can be earned if the requirements for the Ready to Rumble badge are fulfilled, even if you already have the badge. It is awarded at the end of the trial.
  • An Astral Merit can be earned if the requirements for the Shadow Master badge are fulfilled, even if you already have the badge. It is awarded at the end of the trial.
  • An Astral Merit can be earned if the requirements for The Hard Way badge are fulfilled, even if you already have the badge. It is awarded at the end of the trial.
  • An Astral Merit can be earned if the requirements for The Really Hard Way badge are fulfilled, even if you already have the badge. It is awarded at the end of the trial.


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