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Master of the Airwaves Badge

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Top of the world! You have climbed to the top of the radio tower in Grandville.


The Master of the Airwaves Badge is located in The Tangle neighborhood of Grandville. The marker is on a ledge on the large tower in the center of the zone. It is located on the south face of the tower just above the large Arachnos logo.

Its coordinates are (2726, 734, 1043).

Badge Master of the Airwaves.jpg


V badge HeadlineStealer.png  Yesterday's News Badge        
Badge VillainExploreAccolade.png  Eye on Arachnos Badge        
V badge HeadlineStealer.png  Headline Stealer Badge        
Badge VillainExploreAccolade.png  Arachnos Spymaster Badge        

Supergroup Badge

Badge sgitem.png  Grandville Beacon Badge        


  • The Master of the Airwaves badge is awarded to male characters. The same badge on female characters is called Mistress of the Airwaves.
  • This badge unlocks Television as a contact for villains lv 45-50.

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