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Dr. Aeon (Developer)

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This article is about the developer under the pseudonym, "Dr. Aeon". For the NPC, see Dr. Aeon.


Dr. Aeon's Forum Avatar

Dr. Aeon, whose real name is Sean McCann, is a late-2009 hire for NCsoft's Paragon Studios. As a long-time City of Heroes player, Sean was Fearghas on the Official Forums and @fearghas in the game. He was hired by Paragon Studios because of his stellar work with the Mission Architect, creating some of the first Dev's Choice arcs. He joined the redname ranks on the Official Forums on October 8, 2009.

His areas of responsibility are:


Dr. Aeon was introduced on the Official Forums by Hero 1:

I wanted to take this time to introduce you all to our new point man on all things Architect. He's one of our newest hires in the design team, but has already impressed us with how quickly he's picking things up. In fact he's been working behind the scenes for a couple months now on a number of things, but I'll let him tease you all with that.

Dr. Aeon's first post included a brief look into his job:

My role for Architect will be working with Hero 1 and pohsyb to deliver to you all more features for the system and to iron out any kinks that are within it. The talented War Witch and our other world designer have also been helping me get accustomed to the world design system we have in place in order to give you guys more great features for the Architect system.

Forum Activities

Dr. Aeon generally remains in character to his screen persona, and at times, plays with the community on various Mission Architect story arcs, as well as presenting new Developer's Choice story arcs and challenges to the forum.

To the amusement of players on the official forums, Dr. Aeon is currently in the middle of a propaganda war with The Television.

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