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Pohsyb's current Forum Avatar, from an image[1] drawn by Poison [2]
Pohsyb's occasional Forum Avatar
Pohsyb's Traditional Forum Avatar


Pohsyb was a programmer for Cryptic Studios.
Secret Identity: C.W. Bennett
Current Title: Where's My Signature Character?

Pohsyb ("byshop" spelled backwards) is the original nutty dev of the City of Franchise's forums and has been known to make interesting and joke posts since the game's beta forums. He's perhaps most known for his 'box' that Poz trapped him in back in the testing for issue 4.

He did hint at roleplaying a Rikti signature character named Poh'Syb. [1]

For an unknown reason, Pohsyb's posts weren't showing up from January 10th, 2007 to November 09 2007 in the Developer's Digest. During this time he occasionally took advantage of his stealth to post in several Forum Games and make funny comments, one of which is his Redname song below.

Pohsyb departed NCsoft to work for Apple in March 2011.


In response to UniqueDragon's post, Pohsyb said, "Never fear, we are constantly vigilant against the menacing threat of jerk hackers. If a jerk hacker is found, we reverse hack-jerk, and they are actually the ones who well be gone to the americans!"

Pohsyb's Redname song:
O my luve's like a red, red name.
That's newly sprung in June;
O my luve's like a melodie
That's sweetly play'd in tune.


Pohsyb talking about various names people sometimes use for him:
Pohsay, Pohsby, Pohsee!
Who are they? Not Me!


Pohsyb discussing his idea for his signature character, if he had one:
The concept if anyone is curious for, pohsyb or (pohsib):

A dilapidated and malfunctioning robot abandoned by his inventor (a different character that tries to mix magic and technology, but usually fails). Left alone, the robot has an epiphany and becomes a religious zealot believing that the universe is really a giant computer and that god is binary.

This half-mad glitchy robot begins proselytizing his beliefs (with violence if necessary) and soon begins to work actual miracles (explaining any powers he has whenever I roll him) indicating there may be something more to his beliefs than pure lunacy.

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