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Blue Steel (Developer)

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This article is about the developer, Ray Snyder. For the hero, Blue Steel, see Blue Steel.

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Blue Steel, whose real name is Ray Snyder, was a Design Support developer at NCsoft's NorCal Studios, formerly at Cryptic Studios, and had worked on "City" since 2005. His job was once described to him as "to make sure the game is fun". He joined the redname ranks on the Official Forums on March 14, 2008.

In a post on the City Of Heroes forums, Blue Steel summarized his job:

As Design Support, I work with the designers and programmers to make sure features are not only functional, but also polished. I track down bugs, run internal playtests, play though all new features, search the forums for problems with the game, help fine tune game play, some times I get some light design work in, and some other boring stuff. I’ve been working on CoH for almost 4 years now.[1]

Real Life

"I’m a gamer and have been since I was eleven and I first saw D&D. I’ve played tons of Role Playing games and then moved to table Top War games. While I was at Cryptic, I ran company game leagues for Warhammer 40K and Warmachine. Right now my table top passion is AT-43. I started playing MMOs with Ultima Online and have played Everquest, Anarchy Online, Star Wars Galaxies, Dark Age of Camelot and one to two others I can’t remember at the moment. Oh, I played this one game that I really liked, as I was a huge fan of Comics and I doubt I’d be the gamer I am today with out there influence as a child. It was City of Heroes. I fell in love with the game and played like mad. Image how I felt when Cryptic hired me to help make the game more fun."

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