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Archetypeicon tanker.png This user's main main hero is a Tanker.

V archetypeicon mastermind.png This user's main villain is a Mastermind.

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CoH Game Icon.png This user plays City of Heroes on the Justice server.
CoV Game Icon.png This user plays City of Villains on the Pinnacle server.

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Badge vr months generic.png This user has been playing City of Heroes since Issue 2.
Badge anniversary 14.png This user's first edit to Paragon Wiki was on January 23, 2007
E color taunt duration.png This user survived the dark age (Aug. 2007 - Oct. 2008)

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Greetings, and welcome to my user page.

As a fellow editor and member of the community here at Paragon Wiki, allow me to point out the following to you:

  • A ParagonWiki global channel exists in the game. The channel may be used to discuss articles and ask other editors and admins questions in-game or just to say hello once in a while.
  • The Paragon Wiki hero supergroup exists on the Champion server. Though not very active, the SG was formed with the intent of allowing us to easily gather a group of heroes together in one spot to collect data that might require teaming for Paragon Wiki.
  • The Paragon Wikid villain supergroup also exists on the Champion server. Again, the SG isn't very active, but was formed with the same idea in mind as The Paragon Wiki SG for villains.


SpruceHammer.png Spruce Hammer

For your efforts in editing an untold number of articles in the wiki for consistency and completeness, Guy Perfect has awarded you an honorary Spruce Hammer.

Incarnate-Paragon.png Wiki Incarnate

You have completed 5,000 or more edits to the Paragon Wiki and thus have proved beyond a doubt that you are a paragon of editing!

Badge Year 10 Veteran.png Who's Counting?

It's been at least ten years since your first edit at Paragon Wiki, and, like fine vintage items, any more anniversaries are just numbers. This'll do.

Badge anniversary 2.png Documenter

Your efforts at documenting the contents of City of Heroes are greatly appreciated. (Awarded to everyone who made an edit in the year prior to September 1, 2007.)

Badge anniversary 3.png Gatherer

You've gathered more bits and bytes, and added them to Paragon Wiki. (Awarded to everyone who made an edit in the year prior to September 1, 2008.)

Badge anniversary 4.png Transition Maker

You've helped welcome Paragon Wiki to its new home by adding more information about City of Heroes. (Awarded to everyone who made an edit in the year prior to September 1, 2009.)

Badge anniversary 5.png Data Hound

You've left no stone unturned in the search for more content to add to Paragon Wiki. (Awarded to everyone who made an edit in the year prior to September 1, 2010.)

Badge anniversary 6.png Archivist

An archive doesn't just happen on its own. It takes people like you. Thank you. (Awarded to everyone who made an edit in the year prior to September 1, 2011.)

Badge anniversary 7.png Knowledgebase

With your help, Paragon Wiki has become an even more expansive repository of knowledge. (Awarded to everyone who made an edit in the year prior to September 1, 2012.)

Badge anniversary 8.png Torchbearer

Although City of Heroes is shut down, you've continued to contribute to Paragon Wiki. (Awarded to everyone who made an edit in the year prior to September 1, 2013.)

Badge anniversary 9.png Rebel

Despite the absence of new content in The City, you've found a reason to continue updating Paragon Wiki. (Awarded to everyone who made an edit in the year prior to September 1, 2014.)

Badge anniversary 12.png Indomitable

Your desire to continue updating Paragon Wiki cannot be overcome. (Awarded to everyone who made an edit in the year prior to September 1, 2017.)


This is the first Wiki project I've worked on. I've learned quite a bit about syntax and formatting and all that, but I'm sure there are some things I haven't tried yet.

Any and all suggestions welcome. (Even if I'm not quick to agree with them.)

I'm pretty much using this space as my scratchpad to try things out and learn as I go.

Works in Progress

Looping Contact Dialogue

User:Eabrace/Looping Contact Dialogue

Demo Edit Example

User:Eabrace/Demo Edit Example

Hidden Overlaps

User:Eabrace/Hidden Overlaps

Create Mastermind henchmen images


Add Game Environment Images

User:Eabrace/Game Environment Images

The Living Game Manual

Moved to User:Eabrace/LivingGameManual. --GuyPerfect 22:04, 3 July 2007 (EDT)

Now located in The Players' Guide to the Cities.

Template for Required Updates: User:Eabrace/Sandbox/Template:Update_Needed

Contact Standardization

Attempting to create a generic guideline that covers a very broad range of content for contacts

  • including as many special cases as possible


User:Eabrace/Shadowstar Cleanup

Capitalization Standardization

Helping to better define what is and what isn't normally capitalized when discussing the game (particularly since the game and official documentation go a bit overboard)


IO Crafting Cost Discrepancy Investigation

Looking into discrepancies between crafting costs of IOs at equivalent levels.


Been There, Done That

Contributions to Paragon Wiki

Archive Paragon Times Articles


Updating IO Sets in Power Set Articles (I13)

Current Progress List: User:Eabrace/Power_IO_Set_Updates_I13

AT Infoboxes

User:Eabrace/Infobox AT


Potential Upcoming Projects

Short Term

Long Term

  • Top to bottom review of The Players' Guide to the Cities.
    • Remove all WIP tags.
    • Make any necessary updates/corrections.
    • More links where possible.
    • More Gametip boxes where possible.
  • Contact standardization - mostly being handled by others, so really just a matter of reviewing as changes are made

Personal Info


When I'm not logged into City of, I'm typically either at work designing software, surfing the CoH boards, or both.

Typically I play on Triumph, but our SG organization has satellite branches on Justice and Pinnacle, as well.

I'm sometimes found over on Champion, running up my prestige total in The Paragon Wiki super group.

In-Game Contact

Via global: @B Samson

Characters and SG Affiliations


th_OSI_seal_80.gif OSI SG Net Gain Net Gain 50 Technology Blaster Energy Blast Devices Munitions Mastery Fitness Flight
Sum Sing Wong Sum Sing Wong 50 Natural Scrapper Katana Regeneration Weapon Mastery Fitness
Outage Outage 50 Science Warshade Umbral Blast Umbral Aura
Net Result Net Result 50 Technology Tanker Invulnerability Energy Melee Energy Mastery Fitness Leaping
Backwater Backwater 31 Magic Tanker Shield Defense War Mace Fighting
Smorgasborg Smorgasborg 18 Technology Blaster Dual Pistols Mental Manipulation
Acutance Acutance 4 Technology Controller Illusion Control unknown Flight
th_OSI_CO_seal_80.gif OSI Covert Ops SG B. Samson B. Samson 50 Natural Tanker Super Strength Invulnerability Energy Mastery Fitness
Husky Husky 50 Science Scrapper Martial Arts Super Reflexes Body Mastery Fitness Speed
Daemor Daemor 50 Magic Defender Dark Miasma Dark Blast Dark Mastery Fitness Teleportation
Mawsitsit Mawsitsit 50 Mutation Controller Earth Control Empathy Stone Mastery Fitness Leaping
The Self-Immolator The Self-Immolator 34 Mutation Tanker Fiery Aura Fiery Melee Fitness Leaping
th_ISO_seal_80.gif ISO VG Oni Kingyo Oni Kingyo 50 Magic Mastermind Ninjas Force Field Leviathan Mastery Fitness Flight Leadership
Briquette Briquette 50 Mutation Brute Fiery Melee Dark Armor Soul Mastery Fitness Leaping
Mesquite Mesquite 50 Science Dominator Plant Control Thorny Assault Mace Mastery Fitness Speed
Manic Infinity Ball Manic Infinity Ball 50 Natural Stalker Claws Ninjitsu Mu Mastery Fitness Teleportation
Micrathena Micrathena 50 Natural Arachnos Soldier Crap Spider Soldier Crab Spider Training Mace Mastery Fitness
Muffetsbane Muffetsbane 25 Natural Arachnos Soldier Arachnos Soldier Training and Gadgets
Phonon Exchange Phonon Exchange 20 Technology Corruptor Electrical Blast Cold Domination
Elevated Threat Elevated Threat 15 Mutation Mastermind Mercenaries Pain Domination
Tomas de Mendoza Tomas de Mendoza 10 Technology Mastermind Demon Summoning Traps
I. Scream I. Scream 3 Technology Corruptor Sonic Attack Sonic Resonance
unaffiliated characters Piezon Piezon 10 Science Dominator Electric Control Earth Assault
Sharur Ninurta Sharur Ninurta 5 Mutation Tanker Stone Armor Dark Melee
Laika Laika 5 Science Blaster Ice Blast Ice Manipulation
Conservator Conservator 2 Technology Brute Kinetic Melee Energy Aura


th_OSI_RD_seal_80.gif OSI Research and Development SG Randulfr Asbjornson Randulfr Asbjornson 50 Magic Tanker Ice Armor Battle Axe Arctic Mastery Fitness Leaping
Sagittaire Sagittaire 50 Natural Defender Trick Arrow Archery Teleportation Concealment Medicine
Neurasthenia Neurasthenia 40 Mutation Blaster Assault Rifle Energy Manipulation Fitness Flight
Jianyu Wei Jianyu Wei 35 Magic Controller Gravity Control Kinetics Fitness
Deposition Deposition 30 Magic Tanker Fiery Aura Ice Melee Leaping
Anaphylaxis Anaphylaxis 20 Natural Peacebringer Luminous Blast Luminous Aura


th_ISO_RO_seal_80.gif ISO Repeat Offenders VG Heikki Lunta Heikki Lunta 50 Science Dominator Ice Control Icy Assault Soul Mastery Fitness Speed
Dingus Khan Dingus Khan 50 Natural Brute Dual Blades Willpower Soul Mastery Fitness Presence
No Ma'am No Ma'am 50 Natural Mastermind Thugs Poison Heat Mastery Fitness Leadership
The Tainter The Tainter 45 Mutation Corruptor Radiation Blast Thermal Radiation Fitness Flight
Raining Bodies Raining Bodies 40 Magic Mastermind Necromancy Storm Summoning Fitness Leaping
Triboelectric Effect Triboelectric Effect 35 Technology Brute Electrical Melee Electric Armor Fitness Teleportation Flight
Barking Widow Barking Widow 30 Natural Arachnos Widow Fortunata Training Fortunata Teamwork Fitness Leaping


PWSG icon.png Paragon Wiki SG
ParagonWikid SG

Personal Scratchpad

Notes to self:

Sample Alternate Badge Names Table

Alignment Icon Name
Align Status Hero.png Align Status Vigilante.png Badge count 50.png Explorer
Align Status Villain.png Align Status Rogue.png V badge 50BadgeBadge.png Obsessed
Align Status Loyalist.png Align Status Resistance.png Badge count 50.png V badge 50BadgeBadge.png Knows the Truth

DPL Deconstruction

{| class="wikitable sortable" ! Invention Set !! Type !! Levels !! # Enhs !! Bonus {{#dpl: |category=Category:Sets that improve Ranged Defense |mode=userformat |listseparators=,,\n, |includepage={InvSetOverview}ClassName.dpl |includematch=,/class\s*=\s*Defense.+?type[1-9]?\s*=\s*Ranged/s |shownamespace=false}} |}

{{#dpl: |uses=Template:CIT Badge |include={CIT Badge}:ID |table=class="wikitable sortable",Article,ID |count= |allowcachedresults=true }}