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Archetypeicon blaster.png

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Primary Ranged
Secondary Support
Inherent Defiance
Base HP 1204.8
Max HP 1606.4
Primary Sets 8
Secondary Sets 6
Ancillary Power Pools 5


The Blaster is an offensive juggernaut. This hero can deal a ton of damage from either a distance or up-close, but he must be careful because he's somewhat fragile compared to other heroes. The Blaster can't stand toe to toe with most opponents for long. His best defense is a great offense!

Alignment: Hero

The Blaster's power sets are:

Primary: Ranged
Secondary: Support

The Blaster has Low Hit Points and High Damage.

Power Sets

Primary Power Sets

A Blaster's primary power sets are designed specifically for ranged attacks. They are:

Secondary Power Sets

A Blaster's secondary power sets are designed for support via melee attacks, minor crowd control powers, or temporary self-buffs. They are:

Ancillary Power Pools

Inherent Power


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