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Exclaimation.png Update Needed


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{{Eabrace/Sandbox/Update Needed|Issue=<put number here>|Note=<put description of needed update here>}}

This simple template may be used to point out where new/additional information is required due to a change in the game. A message box with an icon will be displayed.

One required parameter:

  • Note - description of what needs to be updated

One optional parameter:

  • Issue - specifies which Issue made the current information obsolete


Badge temporal strife.png Update Needed for I12
  • Need to add info on clicking names in chat.
  • Need to add info on placing/using links in chat (i.e. "[Hasten]") or dragging and dropping enhancements, inspirations, powers, or recipes into the window.
Badge DayJob OnPatrol.png Update Needed for I13
  • tabs removed from badge window and replaced with drop-down menu
Badge ArchitectPlay.png Update Needed for I14
  • /help now opens the Help Window; /hc is used to send messages on the Help Channel
Badge villain 5thcolumn.png Update Needed for I15
  • Something changed in Issue 15
Power Spectrum Icon.png Update Needed for I16
  • Something changed in Issue 16
Badge Defeat8ClonesChallenge.png Update Needed for I17
  • Something changed in Issue 17
Badge History.png Update Needed for I18
  • Something changed in Issue 18