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Miscellaneous Merit Rewards

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Main Article: Merit Rewards

Merit Rewards are granted upon completion of Task Forces, Strike Forces, Trials, Story Arcs, Giant Monster defeats, and some Special Events.

Miscellaneous Merit Rewards include Giant Monster slaying and any other Merit Rewards that don't fit into the other categories.

Merits will be rewarded to any character who does damage to the Giant Monster. The merits are not linked to the 10% minimum damage that is required to get a badge.

Giant Monsters

Hero Side

Name Merits Zone
Adamastor 2 Dark Astoria
Arachnos Flier 2 Statesman Task Force
Babbage 2 Boomtown / Spawns as ambush from Synapse Task Force
Eochai 2 Croatoa
Jack in Irons 2 Croatoa
Jurassik 2 Crey's Folly
Kraken 2 Perez Park
Kronos Class Titan 2 Spawns as ambush from Crimson's story arc
Lusca 2 Independence Port
Paladin 2 Kings Row
Badge bughunter 01.png Bug! Castle has confirmed that the Arachnos Flier should not be giving merits in the Statesman Task Force, and is exploring how to fix this for a future release.

Villain Side

Name Merits Zone
Arachnos Flier 2 Grandville
Deathsurge 2 Cap au Diable
Caleb 2 Nerva Archipelago
Ghost of Scrapyard 2 Sharkhead Isle

Special Spawns

Name Merits Spawn Notes
Eochai 2 Halloween Event -- all applicable zones
Jack in Irons 2 Halloween Event -- all applicable level 20+ zones
U'Kon Gr'ai 2 Rikti War Zone -- during a Rikti Ship Raid
Winter Lord 2 Winter Event -- all applicable zones
Lord Winter 8 Winter Event -- Lord Winter's Realm
Hamidon 53 Hamidon Raid -- The Hive (Heroes), The Abyss (Villains)

Enemies that don't give merits

Zone Events

The Zone Events in each Praetorian city zone have an option for a Merit Reward as part of each event's reward table.

Exploration Accolades

Exploration Accolades can be earned by finding all the Exploration Badges in the listed zone. There are 8 Exploration Badges in each zone listed to find.

Paragon City

Name Merits Zone Explored
Atlas Tour Guide 5 Atlas Park
Wincott's Ally 5 The Hollows
Galactic Explorer 5 Echo: Galaxy City
PDD Informant 5 King's Row
Canyon Carver 5 Steel Canyon
Sky Gazer 5 Skyway City
Faultline Finder 5 Faultline
Citizen of Salamanca 5 Croatoa
Island Hopper 5 Talos Island
IP Address 5 Independence Port
Zig Warden 5 Brickstown
Lost and Found 5 Founder's Falls
Portal Corp Analyst 5 Peregrine Island
Apprentice Plumber 5 Sewer Network
Perez Park Perfection 5 Perez Park
Boom... Goes the Town 5 Boomtown
A Light in Dark Astorias 5 Dark Astoria
Straight Through Striga 5 Striga Isle
Utilities Commission 5 Terra Volta
Crazy for Crey's Folly 5 Crey's Folly
Master Plumber 5 Abandoned Sewer Network
All Your Firebase... 5 Firebase Zulu
Cascade Cleansing 5 Cascade Archipelago
Can't Stop the Chant 5 The Chantry
Storming the Palace 5 The Storm Palace
Adam in Waiting 5 Eden
Busy, Busy Bee 5 The Hive

Rogue Isles

Name Merits Zone Explored
Mercy Mariner 5 Mercy Island
Marcone Insider 5 Port Oakes
Mad Science Supporter 5 Cap Au Diable
Jumped the Shark 5 Sharkhead Isle
Nerva Navigator 5 Nerva Archipelago
Johnny's Go To Guy/Gal 5 St. Martial
Arachnos Spymaster 5 Grandville
Touched Bottom 5 The Abyss
Honorary Monster 5 Monster Island


Name Merits Zone Explored
Pure Praetorian 5 Nova Praetoria
Emperor for a Day 5 Imperial City
A Neu Man 5 Neutropolis
Knows Nova's Nooks 5 Underground Nova
Beneath the Empire 5 Underground Imperial
Neu You Could Do It 5 Underground Neutropolis

Paragon Rewards

The Paragon Rewards Program grants players reward merits by placing a Reward Token into the following Reward Level 7 slots:

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