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Sally is a monster that roams the lake of Salamanca in Croatoa. It is the only member of the Croatoa faction.


The Lake Salamanca monster, or Sally as she is sometimes called, is generally believed to be a myth. Though many insist that they have seen her, the world at large remains unconvinced.


File:Badge croatoa believer.png Believer

You have defeated the monster in the lake, proving to all that it is real.


  • To "defeat" Sally, you only need to hit her once before she sinks back into the lake. She is not aggressive and will not attack even after engaging her.
  • She is the unofficial mascot of the local university in Croatoa.
  • There was a large rally to "Save Sally" on the official forums before she was on the live servers.
  • According to the City of Heroes Giant Monster Guide, Sally resurfaces 30 to 45 minutes after she is defeated.

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