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Sewer Network

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Sewer Network
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Map SewerNetwork.jpg

Hero Trial Zone (3-10)

Trainers: none
TF Contacts: none
Events: none
Exploration Badges: Spirit of the City, Plutonian, Baumton Avenger, Sewer King, Sewer Stalker, Downward Bound, Terror of the Vahzilok, Seeker of the Lost
Plaques: none
Day Jobs: none
Enemies: Hellions, Lost, Vahzilok
Connecting Zones: Abandoned Sewer Network, Atlas Park, Boomtown, Kings Row, Skyway City, Steel Canyon
Transits: none
Sewer Network VidiotMap


The Sewer Network (not to be confused with the Abandoned Sewer Network) of Paragon City is not a place utilities workers go anymore. The grimy, filthy water and rusty pipes are now the venue for hordes of smelly scoundrels. The maze-like corridors hide many dangerous foes, and ample turns for anyone to get lost among. The enemies are numerous, and tougher than what you can expect to find in Atlas Park or Galaxy City. There are no contacts or trainers down here, only villains looking for trouble. Rumor has it that the Rikti fled to even deeper parts of the sewers when their invasion was defeated.

Exploration Badges

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Spirit of the City

The heartbeat of the city thrums through the halls of the Sewer Network, creating a harmony all its own. Being down here, letting that vibration flow through you, you feel at one with the city and its people. If you are able, open your mind to the life of the city all around you, become one with it. True understanding lies in part with becoming what you wish to understand, and down here all that the city is flows to this central point: its soul.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Plutonian

The best knowledge is knowledge acquired in secret, without the filters thrown up by outside forces to edit or alter that information. And with information comes power, the power of dominion over all that you survey. From here your influence could spread throughout the city, and away from the prying eyes of those above you could gather your power free of interference. You understand now why so many of a dark bent frequent the tunnels of the Sewer Network. There is a power here, one that will give itself to you if you have the will to take it.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Baumton Avenger

No one who lived through the Rikti Invasion of Baumton will ever forget it. For many this was a personal violation. They saw their homes, their lives, and those that they cared about laid to waste in mere minutes. The thirst for revenge against the Rikti is one that burns still, especially amongst the survivors of Baumton. Some take the trek down into these tunnels to exact some retribution against the Rikti, who now skulk and breed down here to perpetrate their alien designs.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Sewer King

By now you've walked so much of the Sewer Network that you know these winding corridors like the back of your hand. You know its moods and its cycles. Its odors are no longer offensive as they can offer you a wealth of information relating to the network's health and who is currently stalking through its halls. The thugs and beasts who call this place home know to fear you, for you are a force to be reckoned with.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Sewer Stalker

The sewers are full of predators. They stalk the shadows and strike without warning, preying upon each other and upon those foolish enough to trespass upon their hunting grounds. You are one of those, yet you have the power to turn the tables against them. Where they hunt, you hunt. Where they lurk, you are the eyes in the darkness watching them. You are the predator that they now fear, it is the stories of your exploits they use as cautionary tales among themselves.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Downward Bound

Many fledgling heroes see Atlas Park as a mere stepping stone to the city districts beyond where greater rewards await. Others turn their attention downwards, to the unseen avenues that underlie this famous starting location. Not content to grandstand beneath Atlas's statue, hob-nobbing with the likes of Ms. Liberty, you understand that dark dangers live just beneath Atlas Park's streets. You are determined to keep those dangers contained lest they stain Paragon City's glittering heart.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Terror of the Vahzilok

They hunt the innocent and violate the dead. They are the name used by mothers to terrify misbehaving children. They are deserving of every ounce of punishment visited upon them. In the sewers they congregate in large numbers, believing they are safe from judgment. But you are here to prove them wrong. You will hunt them down and extract your vengeance upon every Reaper and Mortificator you find. You will make them know fear.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Seeker of the Lost

Reviled. Spat upon. Shunned by the 'norms,' the Lost are truly a pitiable breed. Were it not for their great hostility or their powerful salvaged Rikti weapons, you could even feel sympathy for them. Your campaign against them serves the purpose of thwarting their more dangerous plans while also acting as a disincentive for those among their ranks whose loyalty may be wavering. If your attacks can convince even a small number to quit and seek out legitimate help, then you've done your job.


Boomtown Sector
  • Atlas Park Sector (Yellow - Level 3-7) (Music)
  • Boomtown Sector (Red - Level 8-10) (Music)
  • Kings Row Sector (Yellow - Level 3-7) (Music)
  • Skyway City Sector (Yellow - Level 3-7) (Music)
  • Steel Canyon Sector (Orange - Level 6-9) (Music)
  • Underworld (Orange - Level 5-9) (Music)

Transfer Points

Villain Groups