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U'Kon Gr'ai

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U'Kon Gr'ai


U'Kon Gr'ai is a Giant Monster of the Rikti. He can be found during a Rikti Ship Raid. The most powerful enemy in the game (save for the Hamidon), U'Kon Gr'ai's very name is a parody of the Con System; being read as "you con grey."


The Rikti Master At Arms is the head of ships Security. A powerful warrior and mentalist, he takes his responsibilities seriously.


File:Badge vanguard 003.png Master At Arms

You have defeated the Rikti Master At Arms from the crashed ship in the Rikti War Zone.


  • His name means "you con grey", referencing the fact that high level players see low level mobs as grey. This also alludes to a famous forum post by Positron, in which he was asked why he never helps heroes dying at his feet in Steel Canyon. He replied "All that crap is grey to me, no XP."

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