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Usurper of Worlds Badge

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The briefing listed this area as "Tyrant's Rock," though you are not sure why. Perhaps it is the growing sense of duty and entitlement that fills your chest with unbidden pride. You cast your gaze across this shattered landscape and are struck by a sudden feeling that it is yours, by might or by right. Your heart thuds with a martial drumbeat and you nod at the truth of it—yes, it could all be yours. You will find the one who rules this land and take their throne by force. But you shake off this irrational notion and the realization of where you are slaps you in the face. These thoughts are a trap meant to distract you from your real purpose here.


The Usurper of Worlds badge is located 134 yards NW of the Tyrant's Rock marker, in the NW section of the island.

Its coordinates are (946, 4833, -6690).

Badge Usurper of Worlds.jpg


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