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This is my own reference for base Items and pending updates to I-13

Base items Tech Wiki Updated? Arcane Wiki Updated? Power Control Connections Source Prerequisites Notes
Energy Basic Generator OK
Power Crystal OK
+1,000 +0 2 general none
Turbine Generator OK
Ley Tap OK
+5,000 +0 2 Advanced none requires a 1x3 space, does not attach the Energy Curtain / Crystal Ward
Fusion Generator OK
Dimensional Vortex OK
+25,000 +0 2 Expert 750 PVP kills requires a 4x4 space, does not attach the Energy Curtain / Crystal Ward
Generator Energy Curtain OK
Crystal Ward OK
-100 -25 Aux Advanced none Increases Defense, requires special salvage to build (10 Abberant Tech / Scent of Brimstone)
Circuit Breaker OK
Crystal Focus OK
+150 +0 Aux general none
Battery Brief Capacitor OK
Mana Crystal OK
+500 +0 0 general none runs for 60 seconds
Backup Capacitor OK
Mana Seal OK
+1,000 +0 0 general none runs for 120 seconds
Emergency Capacitor OK
Mana Lens OK
+1,500 -20 0 Basic Pay off 2,000,000 debt runs for 240 seconds
Aeon Capacitor OK
Mana Resonator OK
+2,000 -100 0 Expert none runs for 480 seconds, requires special salvage to build (1 Aeon Tech / Crystal Codex)
Start Up Combo Power and Control Unit OK / OK2
min changes
Combo Power and Control Unit OK/OK2
min changes
+125 +75 0 general none Can co-exist on a plot with a Control Main and Energy Main
Control Mainframe OK
Magic Axis -50 +50 9 general none
Supercomputer OK
Orbits of Control -500 +500 9 general Mentor for 5 hours Arcane version requires a 1x3 space (Tech version is only 1x2)
Autonomous Expert System OK
Mystic Orrery -2,500 +1,500 1 Expert 50 million damage dealt Tech version requires a 2x4 space, Arcane version needs 3x5, can only attach a Mission Computer
Terminal OK2 Clerk Desk -10 +10 Aux general none
Corner Terminal OK2 Augury Table -15 +12 Aux general none
Monitor Bank OK2 Scrying Paintings -10 +20 Aux Advanced none
Holodisplay OK2 Mystic Advisor ok -15 +25 Aux Basic none
Database OK2 Bookshelf -100 +50 Aux general none
Advanced Terminal OK2 Seer Desk -100 +100 Aux Expert none requires Supercomputer, requires special salvage to build (1 Rikti Data Pad / Astrology Book)
Advanced Corner Terminal OK2 Viewing Portal -150 +120 Aux Expert none requires Supercomputer, requires special salvage to build (1 Rikti Data Pad / Astrology Book)
Mega Monitor OK2 Astral Haruspex -100 +200 Aux Expert Collect 5 other SG badges requires Supercomputer
Advanced Holodisplay OK2 item not available Mystic Overseer -150 +250 Aux Expert Win 10 scheduled raids (innactive) requires Supercomputer
Advanced Database OK2 Mystical Bookshelf -1,000 +500 Aux Expert none requires Supercomputer
Mission Computer OK2 Oracle -20 -10 Aux Basic Does NOT require a badge enables Raids, Cathedral of Pain trial, and a Villain SG Strikeforce.
Pillar of Ice and Flame OK2 Pillar of Ice and Flame OK2 +0 -15 Aux general none functions even without being attached to a main item.
Medical Basic Reclaimator Resurrection Circle -50 -25 2 general none Resurrects players with 25% HP and 25% End
Robo-Surgery Spirit Signal -20 -10 Aux Advanced 25 million healing Improves Reclaimator +10% HP and +10% End
Auto-Doc Tree of Wonders -35 -15 0 Advanced 5 million healing sells Respite and Catch a Breath, buys most inspirations
Combat Logs Contemplation Charts -15 -5 0 Advanced 100 million healing sells Break Free
Transport Basic Telepad ok Basic Telepad ok -50 -25 2 Basic none does nothing without Beacons
Beacon Beacon +0 -5 Aux general All explore badges in a zone each zone has its own beacon
Raid Teleportal Raid Teleportal -80 -15 0 general none tech version requires a transport room larger than 2x2 (arcane version fits in 2x2 space)
Workshop Basic Worktable Basic Forge -20 -10 1 general none
Advanced Worktable Advanced Forge -50 -25 1 general none
Expert Worktable Expert Forge -200 -100 1 general none
Invention Worktable Invention Worktable +0 +0 0 general none
Robotic Fabricator Flames of Hephaestus -50 -25 Aux Basic none enhances item repair chance by 5% (whatever that means, it\'s for scheduled raids, which don\'t exist)
Raid Dimensional Anchor Dimensional Anchor +0 +0 0 general none Only certain rooms can hold one, see the Rooms sheet for details
Item of Power Base Item of Power Base +0 +0 0 general none Can only be placed in a Vault (though it\'s listed as available for all rooms)
Storage Enhancement Table Enhancement Table +0 +0 0 general none Holds 100 Enhancements.
Salvage Racks Salvage Racks +0 +0 0 general none Holds 2500 non-Invention Salvage. (but the counter stops at 999, overfill at your own risk.)
Inspiration Collector Inspiration Storage +0 +0 0 general none Holds 100 Inspirations.
Personal Storage Vault Personal Storage Vault -5 -5 0 general none Holds nothing. Is merely an access point to the same Vault space as found out in the zones.
Empowerment Radiation Emulator Enchanting Crucible +0 +0 0 general none
Linear Accelerator Arcane Crucible +0 +0 0 \"Empowerment 1\" none
Supercollider Mystic Crucible +0 +0 0 \"Empowerment 2\" none