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Basic Reclaimator

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The Basic Reclaimator is a core Medical base item.

The Basic Reclaimator heals HP and End by 25%. By adding 2 Robo-Surgery items (unlocked by the Robo-Surgery Plans Badge), these values can be increased to 45%.

A primary advantage of having one of these active in a Super Group base is that, when defeated, you are given an extra option: to go to your base. This is valuable because you are returned to the zone you came from upon exiting the base, instead of the zone of the nearest hospital.


The reclaimator works like those at the hospitals, teleporting defeated members to the base and automatically healing them. Its healing is less efficient than a hospital's, but can be improved with auxiliary items.

Additional Information

Basic Reclaimator
Base Element Type Medical
Price 10,000 prestige
Issue Added 6
Energy Consumed 50
Control Consumed 25
Crafted at Not Crafted
Maximum Connections 2
Allowed "Aux" Items Robo-Surgery
Arcane Equivalent Resurrection Circle

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