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Provost Marchand (Primal Earth)

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This information contains features that were to be implemented in Issue 24 and was current as of the game's shut down date.


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Provost Marchand
Provost Marchand.jpg
Former Provost General of Praetoria
Zone Remote Vanguard Headquarters
Level Range 30-50
Introduced By None
Introduces None
Enemy Groups Badge villain devouring.png Devouring Earth
V badge Infested.png The Infested
Badge villain council.png Council
V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos
V badge Hydra.png Hydra
Badge villain crey.png Crey
Badge villain freakshow.png Freakshow
V badge Villain.png Rogue Isles Villains
V badge Loyalist.png Imperial Defense Force
V badge UPA.png UPA
Badges Badge i24 Brickstown Arc.png Group Founder
Badge i24 Brickstown Arc.png Brickstown's Keeper
Badge i24 Brickstown Arc.png The Center's Nemesis
Badge i24 Brickstown Challenge.png Chatterbox
Badge i24 Brickstown Challenge.png Long Arm of the Law
Badge i24 Brickstown Challenge.png Pendragon's Ally
Badge i24 Brickstown Challenge.png Riptide's Comrade
Badge i24 Brickstown Personal Story.png Ace Up Their Sleeve
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Provost Marchand is a hero contact in Brickstown. His level range is 30-50. He is available by phone only.

For the missions that he gives to Praetorians, see Provost Marchand.


Contact Introduced By


Contact Introduces



Former Provost General of Praetoria

Provost Marchand owed his life to the regime of Emperor Cole. His power armor suit is what keeps Marchand alive - without it, he would live for only a few minutes before his entire body shut down. Marchand's main goal was to ensure the peace and prosperity of Praetoria; however, he and Emperor Cole had a falling out due to the invasion of Primal Earth.

Vanguard has given Provost Marchand a chance to prove that he is different than the Praetors of Emperor Cole's regime; Marchand does not intend to let this opportunity be wasted.

Prior to Introduction


Contact Unlocked

Provost Gerard Marchand of Praetoria requests your support.

This contact has now been added to the active tab of your Contact window. This story takes place after the events of Issue 23.

Initial Contact

Character. I am Gerard Marchand, the former leader of the Praetorian army.

Emperor Cole is now in Vanguard custody and will be going on trial for the crimes he has committed against humanity.

In the meantime, Vanguard is finishing their evacuation of Praetoria. The citizens of Praetoria are being integrated into society, but there are a few who are being considered... special cases.

At any rate, I want to talk to you today about an initiative that I'm working on.

  • What's the initiative?

I'm forming a supergroup, Character, called the New Praetorians. They're going to be supers who are from Praetoria, as the name suggests. The people of Primal Earth need to see that Praetoria can be a force for good.

You're well known here in Primal Earth, and as such, I want you to be the one to help me form this group. People respect you and your power, and right now we need that to find potential recruits.

I know a few people who might be willing to help us out, and I am talking with the authorities in Primal Earth about some others.

If you're willing to accept this responsibility, we can begin with a slightly dangerous mission, which involves rescuing one man who has everything to gain by joining the New Praetorians.

  • What's our first task?
  • What happened to those who were part of Cole's administration?
Emperor Cole and Praetor Duncan are currently in a high security Vanguard prison. They are being guarded by Dark Watcher himself.
The two will be put on trial for their crimes against humanity, although there is talk about some mercy being shown to Duncan for her aid in Dark Astoria and the Magisterium.
Praetor Berry, Anti-Matter, and Praetor Sinclair are all MIA. I fear the three of them may have been killed by the Hamidon.
Bobcat is currently in Vanguard custody, although she was never really much of a threat to begin with. Praetor White... well, we'll get to Praetor White in a moment.
  • Are we just abondoning Praetoria?
Not just yet. The Hamidon has full control over the city of Praetoria, but there are still pockets of fighting throughout the world.
Cole's city is lost, both from nuclear fallout and from the Hamidon. Vanguard has one of their top scientists, a man by the name of Number Six working on contacting other areas of civilization within Praetoria.
The fight against Cole is done, Character, but the fight against Hamidon is a different story.
  • Alright, let's get started.
  • What about you? You were part of Cole's administration as well.
I was, Character. I believed in the world that Cole wanted. A world without war, a world where the strong protected the weak. I never stopped believing in that; I worked every day in the administration for that.
Unfortunately... Praetoria became the 'cult of Cole', where we worshipped the man, not the ideal. I, myself, was guilty of that in some moments. All of us have things in the past that we wish we could undo. All we can do is move forward and try to give back to the world.
The New Praetorians are my way of giving back, both to the people of Primal Earth and to the people of Praetoria. It is not just something I choose to do, it is something that I must do, an act that every fiber of my being is directing me to do.
  • I understand. Let's get started


Let's get to work, Character. Primal Earth could use some hope.

Too Busy

Too many people need your help, Character. Give these people what aid you can, then speak with me.

Too Low Level


No More Missions

Our job is done, Character. The New Praetorians will do their best to fight crime wherever they see it, all thanks to you and your hard work.


Provost Marchand does not sell Inspirations or Enhancements.

Story Arc

A New Dimension, A New Team

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards ? Reward Merits.


New Praetorian Plaque

You received a plaque dating the founding of the New Praetorians. You remember when you helped Provost Marchand form the supergroup in an experience you call...

A New Dimension, a New Team

Provost Marchand was looking to form the New Praetorians and had a list of people who wanted to join. You went out and recruited/rescued the members of the group - Marauder, Aurora Pena, Alec Parson, Riptide, and Pendragon. Desdemona and Noble Savage were offered positions in the group, but they were unable to join due to their commitment to the Praetorians.

Provost Marchand gathered the group for the first official meeting, which was interrupted by the Center. He revealed that the Council had staged a massive breakout from the Zig, thanks to the help of Calvin Scott and his loyal Resistance soldiers! The Center made an offer, which was that you and the New Praetorians could either stand aside and let him take over America, or try to fight him and be destroyed.

The choice of what to do next was obvious - stop the Center and Calvin Scott's plans for taking over the country!

Part 1: The Top Dog of Praetoria

Mission Briefing

Our first task is to rescue Praetor Michael White. I've had several arguments with members of the Phalanx and Vanguard, but I believe he can be of use. White has done many things in the past, actions that he and I have talked about for a long. I know that he wants to atone for his past, that is why he took the position as head of security for Praetoria. He fought for the good of Praetoria and for what he believed in - we just need him to fight for us.

Doctor Orts of Vanguard has informed me that they have a location of where Praetor White is, but it isn't good. He's in the outskirts of Imperial City, but he doesn't seem to be moving.

We need to recover Praetor White before the Devouring Earth find him and make him into one of their own.

  • Alright, how can I get there?

Portal Corp has developed a smaller, more compact portal to use, thanks to the research done by one Emil Christie. Steven Sheridan can help get you to the location; he helped Emil Christie with the development of the new technology.

I must warn you, Character, that you will be going into an extremely dangerous zone. The Hamidon is running rampant there. Vanguard has agreed to send in reinforcements with you, and soldiers loyal to myself have also agreed to provide cover fire for you once you're in.

Speak with me once you've recovered Praetor White. Marchand out.

Unnecessary Solicitation

We must act fast, Character, we can't keep this portal open for long.


Character, Marchand has briefed me. We've got the portal open for a little longer, but you'll need to hurry.

It's a huge risk keeping this open in the first place!

  • (Go to Praetoria)

Mission Objective(s)


You step through the portal and into the ruins of Imperial City. You can hear the monstrous roar of the Hamidon in the distance as its monsters rampage through the city.

  • Rescue Praetor White
    • Save Praetor White!

You've recovered Praetor White, although it seems he's not going to be much help to the cause without his powers.


Badge villain devouring.png Devouring Earth
V badge Infested.png The Infested

Notable NPCs


You... Character... I remember you, back in the fight for Lambda sector. Heh... wish I had some of them War Walkers here right about now. Sure would be helpful.

My girl's dead. She died tryin' to protect me, even admitted that she was in the Resistance this entire time. Not that it mattered. She died fightin' off those monsters, while I stood there like some sorta broken dog!

That damn Berry... his super serum made me into a weakling! Look at me, it's pathetic! I can barely walk without gettin' tired, let alone fight.

So, what the hell are you doing here? You a rescue squad or somethin'?

  • I'm here on behalf of Marchand. We're getting you out Praetor White.

Praetor White wheezes out a laugh.

I ain't Praetor White, I'm just Marauder now. I shoulda known Marchand would still want me, he was always the one arguin' with big bad Marcus.

I guess I don't got much of a choice, eh? It's either stay here and become one of these Devoured, or go work with Marchand.

Suppose I could have worse options, then again, I ain't exactly sure that Primal Earth won't just lock me up in a cell.

Dammit... to fall so far, Character! Just... slap me with your fancy teleporter and get me outta here. Let me reflect on my situation when I ain't got a Hamidon staring at me like I'm dinner.

  • (Teleport Marauder out)
  • Why should we trust you to help us?
You got some guts bringin' this up with Hamidon right around the corner. I respect that, so let's do this.
You know why they called me Marauder? It was 'cause I led a war band in the Mid-West after the Hamidon came knockin' at our door. There were monsters everywhere; me and the boys I rolled with did everything we could to survive; keep the strong, kill the weak. The world that I lived in was Hell, Character, pure and simple. We were abandoned by everyone. No one wanted to help us, so someone had to be the strong man and take matters into their own hands.
I sided with Cole 'cause I believed in him and what he was doing. It wasn't until I was together with... together with Cleo that I realized somethin'.
  • What did you realize?
That call I made to kill the weak and take the strong... That was the call of a weak man. I didn't take those people 'cause I was afraid they'd slow us down, that it would mean the end of everyone.
If I had been stronger, if I had been a better man, I woulda taken those people with us, found a way to make it all work.
I ain't gonna tell ya what else happened when I came to that realization, 'cause it ain't pretty. But you asked if you could trust me, and I'm tellin' you that you can.
If I ever get my strength back, I'm gonna use it to protect the weak. That's what I did in Praetoria, and that's what I'm gonna continue to do.
I'm gonna do it for all those people I killed, for the boys in the Destroyers... and for Cleo.
  • Fair enough. (Teleport Marauder)


Good work, Character. I should've known that Praetor Berry's serum would have adverse effects. The man was an imbecile and bad for Praetoria as a whole. I remember he swore that the serum would last for White. I can only hope that wherever Berry is he is paying for the terrible things he's done.

Vanguard is currently holding White in its custody. They want to make sure he really is powerless before releasing him under my care. Even without his powers, White can be a great help to all of us as another tactician. He fought back in the Hamidon Wars and against the Resistance; if there's a battle to be fought, he'll know how to win it.

Now, Character, we should move on to our next recruit.

Part 2: Refugees

Mission Briefing

The people of First Ward have been relocated to an island near Paragon City. Vanguard wants to give the people from First Ward time to recuperate and get the help they need, and I agree. These people have been fighting for their lives day in and day out for years. They won't be able to just easily adjust to being in a normal society.

The Carnival of Light, outside of TUNNEL assistance, have also been relegated to the area until Vanguard can be sure of what will happen if this world's Carnival of Shadows gets near them. Our next possible recruit is on the island, but you won't be going there alone. There is another who is there. He has already agreed to help our cause.

  • Who is there at the island? And who is this person helping me?

My friend's name is Grant Creston. He was a former commander in the IDF who went rogue to help the people of First Ward. He has agreed to helping our cause by joining the New Praetorians. His experience will help us greatly, and he's no stranger to being seen as an outcast, even to those who he's trying to help.

Our other recruits are going to be Desdemona, Noble Savage, and Aurora Pena, the former Mother Mayhem. All three are very powerful and will be useful to our cause.

Desdemona has the psychic power of Vanessa DeVore and her own demon summoning powers and will be eager to help us out. Noble Savage is a dear friend of mine as well; he will no doubt lend his power to our group. Finally, I'm well aware that Aurora has something to prove to the world. Tilman used her body to do terrible things, and Aurora wants to make up for all of it. We're going to give her the chance to do just that.

Travel to the Refugee Island and speak with Desdemona first. She will know where Noble Savage and Aurora are.

Rescue Desdemona

Unnecessary Solicitation

Noble Savage was once a dear friend of mine, Character. I have no doubt that he'll be willing to help us.

Mission Objective(s)


The ferry drops you off at what has been called 'Refugee Island'. You see up ahead several Paragon citizens protesting the very existence of this island.

  • Rescue Desdemona
    • Speak with Desdemona
    • 9 groups of Devouring Earth to defeat

You need to hurry if you're going to rescue the Praetorians from the Council!


Badge villain devouring.png Devouring Earth

Notable NPCs


We're here to protest the Praetorians being locked away like this! Vanguard doesn't have the right to keep them here, it's a prison! What do you say, Character?!

  • The Praetorians need to be protected, first.
  • I'll see what I can do about the situation.
  • I don't have time for this at the moment.


Ah, greetin's Character, I've heard all about you. My name's Nadia, member of the Carnival of Light in Praetoria.

The world of Primal Earth is very different from ours, and yet the same. I can feel great evil here, but a different kind, a magical kind. But I also feel an immense good, altruism, that flows through this world.

I'm lookin' forward to leavin' this Vanguard base and going out and about, but for now I'll be stayin' here 'till those soldiers give us the okay to head on out. Tons better than it was in First Ward, at least.


Blue skies overhead, the ocean covered by walls of civilization, walls that are hard, built upon good intentions. They are walls that are here to protect and to keep, much like the walls of Praetoria.

I have heard of your heroics, Character, I trust that you know what you are doing. I know that this current situation is not permanent, and that it is done out of... good intentions. Let us just hope the road that is being paved with them leads to a better place.

Contact Small Anna Palatine.jpg
Anna Palatine


Character, it's good to meet you, I've heard all about your work here on Primal Earth. I am Anna Palatine, leader of the survivors from First Ward.

I am still considered the leader of the survivors, even during this time. Vanguard spoke with me about this situation and I agreed to it. We could all use some time to rest, and some time to get used to this new world.


Hey, Character, I know that... things have been tough, between the two of us. We both had to do a lot in order to save the day.

This time here in the island has been... nice, it's given me a chance to reflect on everything. I know I've said some bad things... but I want to say that there's no more animosity between the two of us. Everything turned out for the best, and that's what counts, right?

I think I'm done with this whole saving the day gig, though. I'm just looking forward to a nice, relaxing rest of my life. Sounds good, doesn't it?

  • You deserve it, Katie. See you around.


Character. It's always good to see you. Vanguard is taking very good care of the denizens of First Ward, though, as you see, some citizens of Primal Earth aren't very... happy about our situation. However, the people of First Ward are relieved to finally have some peace.

What can I do for you today?

  • (Explain Marchand's New Praetorians)

Hrm... that's an interesting proposal, but I'm afraid I will have to decline. The people here require my aid, especially after we discovered Calvin Scott's insanity.

Aurora and Noble Savage may be interested. The two of them, along with some Carnival of Light, were taken on a tour of Paragon City. I'm sure you could ask them when they're back.

However... there is someone else who may be able to help you.

  • Who else could help me?
  • Do you know what happened to Calvin Scott?
Unfortunately, I do not. We lost him during the chaos of the Magisterium fight. I know that Vanguard is trying to track him down, as they have reason to believe he still has loyal followers in the Resistance and even a number of turncoats within the Loyalists.
  • I see. Who is this other person who could help me?


That would be me, Character. I never had the chance to apologize about what happened in Night Ward. You... saw me at a low point, as a man who was desperate to prove himself. Now, however, I have seen what I must do, the man who I can be.

Your New Praetorians group sounds like a noble cause, one that I would be glad to lend my stained sword to, should you allow me.

Your communicator lets out several beeps - it's an urgent message from Provost Marchand.

  • Hold on, Pendragon. Marchand, go ahead.


We have two problems, Character. The Council have attacked and kidnapped Noble Savage, Aurora Pena, and the Carnival of Light.

We're also getting readings of a large Devouring Earth presence beneath the Refugee Island. Apex is on his way, but he won't get there in time. We need someone on sight to handle it discreetly; we can't have the people here attacked by our Hamidon.

Marchand out.

You could handle both situations yourself, or you could put Pendragon to the task and have him deal with the Devouring Earth here.

  • Pendragon, we have a problem. You're with me.
You have my sword, Character.
  • Let's go!
EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

At this point the mission continues underground where you fight the Devouring Earth.

  • Pendragon, there's a situation. I need you to stay here and handle it.
You explain the situation to Pendragon, who nods slightly.
Understood. I've fought the Devouring Earth back in Praetoria, I'll be able to handle things here.
You take care of Aurora and Noble Savage!
  • Good luck, Pendragon.
EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

At this point the mission ends.

  • Stay here, Pendragon. Grant and I need to handle a problem.
... Alright, Character, good luck.


After speaking to Nadia, Blind Makwa, Anna Palatine, and Katie Douglas, you will be awarded the Chatterbox Badge.

File:Badge i24 Brickstown Challenge.png Chatterbox

You were sent in to handle things on Refugee Island, but you decided to catch up with some old friends from First Ward.

Rescue the Carnival of Light

Unnecessary Solicitation

Good work on the island, Character. Praetor White and I will monitor your progress from here.

Mission Objective(s)


Aurora Pena and Noble Savage are somewhere in this warehouse, along with the other members of the Carnival of Light.

  • Rescue the Carnival of Light
    • Find Aurora Pena
    • Find Noble Savage
    • Rescue the Carnival of Light

You saved the Carnival of Light from the Council!


Badge villain council.png Council

Notable NPCs

Icon clue generic.png
Odd Communication
You overheard the Council Ascendant speaking to someone over a walkie talkie. You assume by his reverent tone that it was the Center, but the Ascendant referred to a third, unknown party.
Call Provost Marchand


Good work out there, Character. No one on the Refugee Island knew about the Devouring Earth. Gaussian has assured me another Devouring Earth attack will not happen again. In the meantime, I've spoken with Pendragon, and I believe that he'll make a fine addition to the New Praetorians.

It's a shame about Desdemona, and Noble Savage seems determined to stay with the Forlorn. Aurora, however, is also on board. This is very good, Character, we already have a strong team.

  • What's next?
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented.
  • Someone planted those barrels in the island, Marchand.
Yes, I'm aware of that. I spoke with Gaussian about it, who believes that someone from the outside managed to smuggle those barrels in.
It's disturbing, to say the least. He's undergoing a full investigation into the matter to see who had contact with moving resources in and out of the island.
  • Alright, what's next in our plan?
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented.
  • The island needs to be shut down. It's too much of a risk.
I know your concerns, Character, I share them as well. The island is only a temporary solution, let me assure you.
The people of First Ward are used to a very different life, one of war and survival. They need help to be re-integrated back into normal society. This is the help that's being given to them.
I'm not concerned about what they might do to Primal Earth - I'm concerned about what people on Primal Earth will do to them. You've seen it already - the Council wasted no time in kidnapping the Carnival of Light. They need to be prepared for what's out here, and we need to be prepared to protect them properly.
  • Fair enough, what's next in our plan?
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented.
  • If you insist. What's next?
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented.
  • Didn't Cole keep people imprisoned for similar reasons?
I know, Character, what it seems like. However, we are not walking down that road. The people will be freed soon, Lady Grey has assured me that there is a timeframe for releasing the refugees into Paragon and establishing therapy sessions for them.
Please, we must turn our attention to finding more members for the New Praetorians. They are exactly the ones who will help with the integration of the Praetorian populace into normal society.
  • Alright, what's next in our plan?
Well, I'm concerned about whom that Council Ascendant was talking to. It's a reminder that what our team is lacking is an expert in technical forensics. Luckily, I know just the man who can help us.
  • Who is it?

Part 3: The Last Recruits

Mission Briefing

Are you familiar with Alec Parson? He worked for the Ministry of Information Criminal Investigation and Research in Praetoria. He's absolutely brilliant when it comes to all things technological.

His skills have only gotten better during the Praetorian War; it was with his help that Vanguard was able to take down large numbers of Clockwork. The MICIR was one of the first organizations to turn and help in the attack on Praetoria.

He may not be the strongest candidate in a fight, but he'll be able to help us with anything related to technology.

  • Where can I find Parson?

Parson is currently in a Longbow facility in Brickstown. He's been helping the organization develop their first Longbow Clockwork. Their goal is to put more robots to work to improve the quality of life in Primal Earth and to lower the number of human casualties in the war against Arachnos.

I believe he should be finishing up his work there. Go to the facility and speak with him about our initiative; with Parson's help, we could even track down that communication that we heard from the Council. Pendragon, Aurora, and Grant will go with you. I think it would be good for Parson to see what our current team looks like; I'm still working on the situation with White.

In the meantime, I'll be doing work on our last recruit. There's a bit of red tape around him, similar to Michael White, but I believe his skills as a soldier will prove useful to us.

Speak with Alec Parson

Unnecessary Solicitation

Provost Marchand's line is busy.

Mission Objective(s)


You enter the base to find that Arachnos is here!

  • Speak with Alec Parson
    • 4 Longbow scientsts to rescue
    • 3 Raid Leaders to defeat

You rescued the Longbow facility! Time to save Parson from Arachnos!


V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos

Notable NPCs

Icon clue generic.png
Alec Parson Kidnapped
You rescued a scientist named Emil Christie, who told you that Alec Parson was already gone. He believed that you could still catch Silver Mantis and her crew if you hurried.

Emil Christie also mentioned that he bought a plushie someone made of you. Maybe next time you could autograph it for him.

Save Alec Parson

Unnecessary Solicitation

Character, you've got to hurry!

Mission Objective(s)


You follow the trail of the Arachnos soldiers into this small part of Brickstown.

  • Save Alec Parson
    • 3 officers to rescue
    • Get into the sewers
    • Find Alec Parson
    • Defeat Silver Mantis

You've stopped Arachnos from kidnapping Alec Parson!


V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos
V badge Hydra.png Hydra

Notable NPCs


Silver Mantis: You're REALLY annoying, fishie, blowing up the submarine like that!
Riptide: My name is Riptide, not 'fishie'. You're under arrest, Silver Mantis.
Silver Mantis: Oh, this should be FUN! But sadly, little fishie, you're way outnumbered.
Riptide: Oh, I'm just here to stall you, Silver Mantis. Character and the others should be here at any moment!
Silver Mantis: Oh, this should be FUN!


I knew I could count on you, Character. Alec Parson has agreed to join the New Praetorians as our technological expert. As you saw, Riptide is our final member.

He's an honorable soldier who was fighting for a dishonorable man. I've vouched on his behalf to the Paragon authorities and to Vanguard that if he was given a chance, Riptide could show everyone that there were good people within Cole's regime, people who genuinely wanted to help and who believed that innocent Praetorians were at risk.

Riptide was eager to get out of his cell and put in the people who deserved to be there.

Finale: Formation

Mission Briefing

We have our team, Character. Praetor White has been released under my care, though he prefers to be called his old name now: Marauder. He and I will be acting as the tacticians for the team. You, Pendragon, Riptide, Grant, and Aurora will act as our heroes on the ground, while Alec Parson will provide technical support.

We're going to have our first official group meeting in our base, located within Brickstown. I should warn you, however, the base is somewhat... lackluster.

  • Lackluster? Why is that?

We're still not fully trusted by the authorities here, Character. They have us on a very short leash. There's fear that there may somehow be a part of Mother Mayhem still in Aurora's mind. Then there's Marauder's past, not to mention Grant and Riptide's status as members of the IDF. The only people who are really trusted are you, Pendragon, and Parson.

For these reasons, we've been given a very... small base of operations to begin. It'll be enough, however. We'll all meet there to go over what our next move is.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Provost Marchand's line is silent.

Mission Objective(s)


Provost Marchand wasn't kidding. This can hardly even be called a base!

  • Meet the New Praetorians
    • Speak with Provost Marchand

There has been a major breakout from the Zig!


Good of you to make it, Character. You're the heart of this group, for now, until we can get ourselves up to speed. The others would like to say something to you.

  • (Listen)


You put up a good fight in Lambda, Character, I'll give ya that. Maybe you and me will spar again, if I ever get my powers back.

Things are gonna be different from here on out. We ain't got big bad Marcus pulling our leashes. We're gonna show Primal Earth that there's a new batch of Top Dogs in town!

  • (Continue)


What happened during the attack on Talos was unfortunate, Character. I was told that what was done had to be done to save Praetoria. However... that does not pardon what happened. I fight now with the memories of that day in my mind.

I'm going to show Primal Earth that Praetoria had good people serving under Cole. I always wanted to do what was right, what was just. Now, I'm finally getting my chance to do that.

  • (Continue)

Contact Small Aurora Pena.jpg
Aurora Pena


Now that I have my own body back, you can bet that I won't rest until I've made up for the sins of Mother Mayhem. That may mean that I never rest... but if that's the case, then so be it. I was trapped in my own body for long enough. It's time that I take action against those who would seek to use the world for their own agenda!

  • (Continue)


It's good to be here in Primal Earth, Character. I loved Imperial City, but I knew things there wouldn't last very long. You'll be happy to know that IVy is under Vanguard care now. They asked for her after she was reprogrammed to help you in Imperial City.

I've got a few things that I'd like to try while being part of the New Praetorians, Character. You should see some of the efforts of my technology in action soon; one of them is what I call the RDC. Rapid Deployment Clockwork. Don't worry, you'll see it soon enough!

  • (Continue)

Before Pendragon or Grant Creston can speak, you hear a loud SCREECH from the video monitor behind Provost Marchand. The screen flashes for a few minutes before several figures appear on it...

  • (Look at the screen)


The Center: Pardon the rude interruption, but I felt the need to interject.
The Center: For those who do not know, I am the Center. Leader of the Council. I am here with some... friends of mine.
The Center: You may recognize one of them. Calvin Scott.
Calvin Scott: I see you made it to Primal Earth, -Aurora-.
The Center: Let's keep this civil, Calvin. I'll cut to the chase.
The Center: With the aid of Calvin Scott's Resistance, we have broken out every single prisoner within the Ziggurat.
The Center: As we speak, the tunnels beneath Brickstown are swarming with convicts. My request is simple.
The Center: Stay out of our way, and when I take over America, I shall ensure you all are well rewarded.
The Center: For example, Marauder, my scientists will reverse the effects of Berry's serum on you.
The Center: And Character... you could make an excellent lieutenant in the Council.
The Center: That is all, for now. Stand with me, or be torn down. You've been warned.


Upon completion of the mission, you will be awarded the Group Founder badge.

File:Badge i24 Brickstown Arc.png Group Founder

You helped Provost Marchand form the New Praetorians.


Calvin Scott... I should've known. He wants a war, Character. He always wanted a war. I don't know much about the Council or [[The Center|the Center, but I do know that Calvin Scott won't be happy until he sees the world burn. I thought he could change, that perhaps he was misguided, but I know now that he truly is insane. He and this 'Center' won't rest until the world is restructured through their own views, and that can only mean everyone else bowing down to what they think is right!

We're getting reports from all over Brickstown of villains causing havoc and destruction. The Freedom Phalanx are currently dealing with an Arachnos situation in Kallisti Wharf, while the Vindicators are trying to catch any villains fleeing to the Rogue Isles.

It's up to you and the New Praetorians to bring peace to Brickstown and put all of these villains back where they belong!

A New War

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards ? Reward Merits.


Ziggursky Badge

You were given an honorary badge for the Ziggursky prison after rounding up nearly all the prisoners from a major prison break. It reminds you of an experience you call...

A New War

The Center and Calvin Scott broke out every single prisoner within Ziggursky prison. You and the New Praetorians swarmed Brickstown and Founder's Falls to bring in as many of the prisoners as you could.

You showed the Council that the heroes of Paragon were up to the task, but the Council had an ace up their sleeve. Calvin Scott and his army attacked Refugee Island and kidnapped all of the New Praetorians.

You willingly gave yourself over to the Council and came face to face with Calvin Scott, who revealed that Marauder had turned traitor and joined the Council. As you predicted, one of the New Praetorians disabled the security systems in the base, forcing Scott and Marauder to retreat.

You saved the New Praetorians and destroyed the War Walker facility that the Council was hiding.

With the prisoners back in the Zig, it was time to finish the fight once and for all by taking down the Council and their generals!

Part One: Culling the Chaos

Mission Briefing

The streets of Brickstown are in chaos, Character. We're getting reports of all sorts of criminals on the loose, ranging from your petty Hellion thugs to Crey scientists, all the way up to costumed villains.

These people think that they can transform the city into their world. The PPD are doing their best, but there's only so much they can do. It's time for the New Praetorians to make a show of force.

We're going to hit these criminals hard and fast and show them that we stand for order and law!

  • We're on it. Tell me where one of the hotspots are.

We've got word that there's focused activity around the the Brickstown bank.

Riptide and Alec Parson are working on an issue with some Crey scientists. The rest of us will meet at our base to form a game plan. We've got a gang of villains robbing the bank, the Freakshow tearing up the place, the Hellions burning down a building full of civilians, and a group of Nemesis soldiers who are making an escape in the middle of the city.

It's a lot to handle, but we can do it, Character, with you leading the charge!

Bring Order to Brickstown

Unnecessary Solicitation

Provost Marchand's line is busy.

Mission Objective(s)


You arrive at the base to see Provost Marchand and the others

  • Bring Order to Brickstown
    • Speak with Provost Marchand
    • 4 villains to defeat to stop the bank robbery
    • Speak with Provost Marchand

You were able to help restore some order to Brickstown, but it isn't over yet!


Badge villain council.png Council
Badge villain crey.png Crey
Badge villain freakshow.png Freakshow
V badge Villain.png Rogue Isles Villains

Notable NPCs


Alright, Character, here's the situation topside.

We've got the Freakshow running rampant in a nearby warehouse.

The Nemesis army punched a hole in the city streets with one of their machines; they're attempting to make an escape route for their soldiers.

The Hellions have begun burning down an office building with civilians trapped inside.

Finally, we've got a band of villains robbing the Brickstown bank with the Council backing them.

There's a lot to do, but you've got the New Praetorians here to help you out. We don't know these groups as well as you do; we need you to direct what everyone should take care of. We'll leave saving the bank to you.

  • (Assign Pendragon's role)
Pendragon's main skill is his strength, Character. His armor can allow him to withstand a beating, and his sword can swipe down anyone in his way. However, he is somewhat weak when it comes to enemies who use advanced tactics.
You know that the Nemesis army employ a lot of tactics in their fighting. The Freakshow rely on brute force. The office building will be covered in smoke, so you'll need someone who can sense where people are in order to save all the hostages.
  • Pendragon, save those people from the burning building.
Pendragon heads off to handle the burning building.
  • Pendragon, take care of the Freakshow.
Pendragon leaves to fight the Freakshow.
  • Pendragon, stop the Nemesis army from escaping.
Pendragon goes off to stop the Nemesis army.
  • (Assign Aurora's role)
Aurora's main skill is her telepathy. If there's someone that needs to be found, she can do it. She won't fare very well against brute force or direct combat with enemies using tactics.
You know that the Nemesis army employ a lot of tactics in their fighting. The Freakshow rely on brute force. The office building will be covered in smoke, so you'll need someone who can sense where people are in order to save all the hostages.
  • Aurora, find those people in the burning building.
Aurora heads off to handle the burning building.
  • Aurora, take care of the Freakshow.
Aurora leaves to fight the Freakshow.
  • Aurora, stop the Nemesis army from escaping.
Aurora goes off to stop the Nemesis army.
  • (Assign Grant's role)
Grant's main skills are his advanced tactics. He doesn't have a large amount of brute force, but his time in the IDF has taught him how to maneuver in a battlefield.
You know that the Nemesis army employ a lot of tactics in their fighting. The Freakshow rely on brute force. The office building will be covered in smoke, so you'll need someone who can sense where people are in order to save all the hostages.
  • Grant, find those people in the burning building.
Grant heads off to handle the burning building.
  • Grant, take care of the Freakshow.
Grant leaves to fight the Freakshow.
  • Grant, stop the Nemesis army from escaping.
'Grant goes off to stop the Nemesis army.
  • I'm ready to head off.

Good luck, Character, we're counting on you!

  • Thanks, Marchand.


Good work on the bank, Character. The others have all reported in on the status of their tasks.

  • Tell me Pendragon's status.

Pendragon was able to handle the Freakshow easily. They came at him with brute force, but Pendragon's might defeated them in the end.

  • Tell me Aurora's status.

The Hellions were a mere hiccup for Aurora. As soon as she entered the building, she disabled all of them, then found all of the victims within minutes.

  • Tell me Grant's status.

Grant Creston's combat training outmatched those of the Nemesis army; he saw all their attacks from a mile away. All of the members of the army are back in the Zig.

  • That's it. Anything else to report?

That's it, for now. You did a great job in figuring out the strengths and weaknesses of the team, Character.

Your next goal will be to track down a group of villains. We have reports that they fled into a nearby cavern with a group of Council.

In the meantime, we'll be splitting up the team, but be aware that they may contact you for further support.

  • Understood.


After correctly assigning the New Praetorians to their tasks (Pendragon --> Freakshow, Aurora --> Hellions, Grant --> Nemesis), you will be awarded the Long Arm of the Law Badge.

File:Badge i24 Brickstown Challenge.png Long Arm of the Law

You were able to stop all of the chaos that was running rampant around the bank in Brickstown.

Bring in the remaining villains

Unnecessary Solicitation

There's a large number of super-powered individuals in that cave, Character. Be on your guard!

Mission Objective(s)


The Council seems to be using an abandoned supergroup base to hide these villains.

  • Bring in the remaining villains
    • Deactivate the empowerment machine to help Pendragon and Aurora
    • 6 villains to defeat

You've wiped out all of the villains in the base and found out the Council's next plan!


Badge villain council.png Council
V badge Villain.png Rogue Isles Villains

Notable NPCs

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

Team Status for The New Praetorians is as follows:

  • Pendragon and Aurora are fighting the Petrovichs. (0/3)
  • Grant Creston and Alan Parson are arresting Crey. (0/10)
  • Riptide is defending Skyway City from the Trolls. (0/50)
  • Marauder is investigating a cure to his condition.
Icon clue generic.png
Attack on Peregrine Island
You took down all of the super-powered villains in the base and discovered some more plans from the Council.

It appears that they freed a large number of the IDF from the Zig and helped them commandeer a naval cruiser! The group plans on opening fire on Peregrine Island. What's worse is that they're going to plant evidence to make it seem like it was a plot done by the New Praetorians!

According to this, their first plan is to establish a front on a beach in Peregrine, then launch an all out assault!

Stop the attack on Peregrine Island

Unnecessary Solicitation

The New Praetorians are going to be in the area fighting Duray, Character. They'll keep him and the Sky Raiders off of you while you handle this situation.

Mission Objective(s)


You can hear fighting in the distance. The New Praetorians are taking the Sky Raiders, while you go to the heart of the problem - the naval ship that's about to open fire on Peregrine Island!

  • Stop the attack on Peregrine Island
    • 8 groups of IDF to defeat
    • Defeat the IDF engineer to support the New Praetorians
    • 2 IDF Commanders to defeat
    • Defeat Fusion and Jane Temblor

You've stopped the attack on Peregrine Island!


V badge Loyalist.png Imperial Defense Force

Notable NPCs

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

Team Status for The New Praetorians is as follows:

  • The New Praetorians are fighting Colonel Duray.
  • Sky Raiders Defeated (0/30)
  • Praetor White is looking into a promising lead...
Icon clue generic.png
Target: Refugee Island
You overheard one of the IDF generals talking about a plan to attack the island that the First Ward refugees are being held in. You'll have to head there once things are settled here!
Investigate Refugee Island

Unnecessary Solicitation

You need to make sure that island is secure, Character!

Mission Objective(s)


Things look normal for the moment here on the island.

  • Investigate Refugee Island
    • 4 refugees to rescue

You managed to handle things on the island, but it seems like something terrible has happened to the other New Praetorians!


V badge UPA.png UPA

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

Team Status for The New Praetorians is as follows:

  • Pendragon and Aurora are fighting Freakshow. (0/30)
  • Grant Creston and Alec Parson are fighting Warriors. (0/40)
  • Riptide is looking for Praetor White.
  • Praetor White has gone missing!
EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

After the explosion, the team status for The New Praetorians is as follows:

  • Pendragon and Aurora have gone missing!
  • Grant and Alec have gone missing!
  • Riptide has gone missing!
  • Praetor White has gone missing!


Character, Calvin Scott just sent me a direct message with images. His Unified People's Army and the Council have captured all of the New Praetorians. Marauder... Riptide... Grant... everyone is under their control. They're trying to send a message, Character. I thought it was to me, but it looks like it's directly to you.

They've made one request and one request only, which is that you hand yourself over in exchange of the lives of the New Praetorians.

Vanguard has evacuated anyone who wasn't injured in the attack on Refugee Island; the rest are in a Vanguard hospital. We're reporting no deaths, but that's only due to the hardiness of the people and not for any sort of 'care' that Calvin Scott may have taken.

Finale: One Way Out

Mission Briefing

The Council and Calvin Scott clearly see you as the main threat here, Character. They want you out of the picture. They've warned me that if you do not comply, they will kill the New Praetorians. They claim to have disabled their medi-porters and that they have their prisons rigged with an electric charge powerful enough to fry the metal off of a War Walker.

They're doing all this to try to stop you, Character. What are you going to do?

  • If they want me, Marchand, then they'll have me.

You're going to hand yourself over, Character?

You can't take the chance that Calvin Scott is bluffing. However, you know that the members of the New Praetorians are all capable of taking care of themselves. You're going to put your faith that one of them will think of a way out of the prison, or at least give you a method to rescue them. If not, then you'll have to figure out a way out once the Council releases them - if the group keeps their word.

... Alright, Character. I believe in you. I won't be able to give you much support, so you'll be on your own with this. Make sure you're prepared for whatever is going to be in there, it won't be easy, handing yourself over, and it'll be even harder to get out. You'll want to be ready for whatever comes your way.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Good luck, Character.

Mission Objective(s)


The Council liason is waiting to take you to Calvin Scott.

  • Hand yourself over to the UPA
    • Speak with the Council Liaison
    • 5 New Praetorians to rescue
    • Track down Calvin Scott
    • 2 generators to destroy to weaken the War Walker
    • Defeat the Council War Walker
    • 4 computers to hack to overload the War Walkers

You rescued the New Praetorians and destroyed a Council facility producing War Walkers!


V badge UPA.png UPA
Badge villain council.png Council

Notable NPCs

  • Council War Walker (Elite Boss)
Contact Small Council Liaison.jpg
Council Liaison


Don't try anything funny, Character. We have the place covered with cameras. We'll activate the devices to fry your little friends if the cameras spot something suspicious.

  • Of course. Lead the way.


Calvin Scott: You had a chance to walk away, but you just couldn't do it.
Calvin Scott: Allow me to introduce a man who knows what has to be done.
Marauder: Character. You think I'd refuse the offer to get my power back?

Marauder: The plan is blown, it's time to retreat, Scott! You can't take on Character.
Calvin Scott: All UPA troops, make your way to kill the New Praetorians! This isn't over, Character!


Upon completing the mission, you will be awarded the Brickstown's Keeper Badge.

File:Badge i24 Brickstown Arc.png Brickstown's Keeper

You worked with the New Praetorians to stop the biggest breakout that Brickstown has ever seen.


Character, you truly are amazing. You pulled us through the brink of defeat and even destroyed a War Walker facility.

Marauder... I'm responsible for this, Character. I put my faith in him to make the right choice, that he would put aside his desire for power... but he didn't. I gambled against the Center, and I lost. I'm afraid that it may come down to facing off against him once more before this is over.

Our efforts haven't been for nothing, however. The majority of the escaped convicts have been brought back to the Zig, thanks to you and the New Praetorians. All we have left to deal with are the Council and Calvin Scott's new army.

If there's anything that I know now, however, it's that these forces don't stand a chance against you and the New Praetorians.

Tipping the Scales

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards ? Reward Merits.


EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

This story arc does not have a souvenir.

Part One: The Maestro's Symphony

Mission Briefing

Calvin Scott's Unified People's Army and the Council are both working towards a common goal of taking over America and instituting their new rule. Calvin Scott's army doesn't have the same level of power that the Council has, which is why the Center and his army are leading the charge.

If we can cut down the Council, we'll take down Calvin Scott, too. According to the Zig records - and the original video broadcast from the Center - we'll have to contend with the Council's major generals: Maestro, Arakhn, Vandal, Archon Burkholder, and Nosferatu. The Center isn't an idiot, however; the UPA and the Council have spread out to attack major points all around Paragon City, forcing us to also spread out.

  • I'll take on the generals, the others should handle the city.

Agreed. As we speak, Maestro is causing havoc in Founders' Falls. The Council have injured Numina and Infernal. Pendragon has gone ahead to prevent Maestro from escaping. We need you to get to Founders' Falls and stabilize the situation there, Character. Once that's done, Pendragon will bring Maestro to you.

Keep in mind that Maestro is very powerful. Pendragon won't last for very long against him alone. You can provide support to Pendragon by activating various mystic portals that Numina set up before the Council defeated her. Afterwards, you'll have to be prepared for a fight against Maestro.

This is our push, Character. We're going to beat the Council and Calvin Scott here and now. This is the first step!

Icon clue generic.png
Maestro's Dossier
Name: Vincenzo 'Maestro' Alferi

Background: Maestro was part of the original 5th Column before the Council overthrew it. Scientists in the 5th Column were going to restore his hearing, but the operation was interrupted by an Arachnos attack. This attack caused Maestro to have a permanent resonance in his body.

Maestro was previously incarcerated by a hero in Striga Isle. His outfit may border on the ridiculous, but his power is very real.

Unnecessary Solicitation

It's all on you now, Character.

Mission Objective(s)


Founders' Falls is in chaos from the Council's attack!

  • Defeat Maestro
    • Rescue Numina
    • Rescue Infernal
    • 2 Council War Walkers to defeat
    • 3 Nictus to defeat
    • (5 mystic portals to activate)
    • Defeat Maestro

You saved Founders' Falls from Maestro and the Council!


Badge villain council.png Council
V badge UPA.png UPA

Notable NPCs

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

Pendragon's Offensive is as follows:

  • Pendragon is fighting Maestro.
  • Complete objective before Pendragon falls for a bonus.
  • Heal Pendragon by activating mystic portals.
Icon clue generic.png
The Council and the Nictus
Provost Marchand sent you some data on the Nictus after your first encounter with one, not knowing if you've had previous experience with them.

Nictus are Kheldians that feed off of life energy. They have the ability to find 'hosts' to house their spirits. They're incredibly dangerous and, if left unchecked, could potentially destroy the world. It is believed that Arakhn, one of the Council's generals, is the leader of the Nictus. However, why would such a powerful person work under the Center?


Upon completing all objectives while Pendragon is still alive, you will be awarded the Pendragon's Ally Badge.

File:Badge i24 Brickstown Challenge.png Pendragon's Ally

You were able to keep Pendragon from being defeated while he was fighting Maestro by himself.


Excellent work, Character! Maestro is now back in the Zig. I almost feel bad for him; the Council promised to return his hearing, only for him to turn into... this after an Arachnos attack.

The presence of Nictus indicates that Arakhn and her forces are at work.

Grant will investigate Arakhn; in the meantime, Riptide has sent in an urgent request for help in Croatoa.

Part Two: Nosferatu's Croatoa

Mission Briefing

Riptide sent us a report that several odd chambers were air dropped into Croatoa. Shortly afterwards, creatures resembling vampires emerged from them! This is no doubt the work of Nosferatu. Riptide is on the scene now trying to hold him off.

The Council is trying to occupy Croatoa, which is very... strange. It's not a strategic spot at all, but they're sending one of their top lieutenants to take the area.

Founders' Falls... Croatoa... they don't make any sense as strategic targets, Character. Why not attack Atlas Park, Kings Row, or Independence Port? They're all more valuable than these places...

  • I'll head to Croatoa to deal with Nosferatu.

I'll do that. Riptide has told me that Nosferatu and his minions have cleared the town of the Fir Bolg and the witches. They truly are intending a full take over of the city.

Riptide won't be able to hold off against Nosferatu for very long, but he's left beacons behind that you can activate to provide him some support.

Nosferatu is very powerful, Character, you'd best be careful. Aurora is on her way to give you support, and Riptide will also be able to help you if you can keep him from being defeated beforehand.

Icon clue generic.png
Nosferatu's Dossier
Name: Nosferatu

Background: Nosferatu was the brains behind the 5th Column's original super soldier program. He was so entranced by what he dubbed 'vampyri' that he became one of them.

Nosferatu defected to the Council and has been running experiments since then. He was briefly captured and doing work for the Nemesis army, but he was stopped by a hero and put in the Zig.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Nosferatu is extremely powerful. Be on your guard, Character.

Mission Objective(s)


The Cabal lay defeated in the streets of Croatoa. Nosferatu and his forces hit the area hard - you'll just have to hit back even harder.

  • Stop Nosferatu's attack on Croatoa
    • 5 Transformation Capsules to destroy
    • (4 Support Canisters to activate)
    • Defeat Nosferatu

You stopped Nosferatu's attack on Croatoa!


Badge villain council.png Council

Notable NPCs

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

Riptide's Defense is as follows:

  • Heal Riptide by activating nearby tech cannisters.
Icon clue generic.png
Nosferatu's Plan
You defeated Nosferatu in Croatoa and discovered that this was a test for their mobile vampyri chambers! That could be why they chose Croatoa - it was isolated enough that setting up such a plan would be easier than other parts of Paragon City.


Upon completing all objectives while Pendragon is still alive, you will be awarded the Riptide's Comrade Badge.

File:Badge i24 Brickstown Challenge.png Riptide's Comrade

You were able to prevent Riptide from being defeated while he was fighting Nosferatu by himself.


Excellent work as usual, Character, although I'm beginning to get worried. The Council definitely has a bigger picture planned, one that we're not fully aware of. I don't believe Calvin Scott is aware of it... or if he is, perhaps he's somehow going along with it.

Alec Parson and I will continue to do more work investigating what the Council could be planning. Pendragon and Aurora are working on fighting Archon Burkholder in Striga Isle, although it appears that the Council and UPA have formed a much tighter defense on the island than we previously expected. We also believe that Marauder has his abilities back, judging by some of the small craters we've seen on the island. This calls for drastic measures, Character.

Part Three: Call to Action

Mission Briefing

You've been doing excellent work, Character, but we're still behind in this war against the Council. Every victory we get causes them to fortify their position in Striga Isle. I'm speaking with a man named Admiral Sutter about the situation.

Grant Creston was contacted by Positron about uniting the Vindicators and Freedom Phalanx in an attack on Striga Isle. He should be meeting with the groups at any minute now.

We need you to attend the meeting as the official representative of the New Praetorians. After that, Grant will continue his investigations regarding Arakhn.

  • Everyone working together? Sounds like a plan.

Exactly. You'll be leading the charge once we get everything settled. Both groups still have their hands full, of course, but we must try to convince them that this is the only way we're going to win this war against the Council.

I'll give you the location where Grant is meeting with the others. They may not listen to him, but I'm sure they'll listen to what you have to say on the matter.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Provost Marchand's line is busy.

Mission Objective(s)


Something definitely isn't right. The Council is here! Have they attacked the Phalanx and the Vindicators?

  • Meet with the Paragon Supergroups
    • Find Grant Creston
    • Defeat Arakhn

You defeated Arakhn and discovered more of the Council's true plans!


Badge villain council.png Council

Notable NPCs

Contact Small Grant Creston.jpg
Grant Creston


Grant Creston looks like he's been badly injured. Whoever did this wanted him alive to send a message to you. Grant wheezes painfully.

There... never was... a meeting. It was a trick... by Arakhn... she wants to show that... the Council will win... no matter what... that they will always be... a step ahead... of us. Y-you have to stop her... Character.

Don't be... intimidated... by her... or these... Nictus freaks...

I can... I can help... I can still get up and... do something...

  • You've done enough, Grant. (Activate Grant's medi-porter)


Arakhn: I told you, Requiem, I am the only leader of the Nictus. You wish to argue that?
Requiem: I'm merely giving you a chance, Arakhn. The 5th Column is rising.
Requiem: Join myself and the Reichsman and you will keep control over your Nictus.
Arakhn: Pah! Once the Center's plans are finished, the Nictus will be stronger than ever!
Requiem: ... Hah. We'll see how you fare against Character, then. Good day, Arakhn.

Icon clue generic.png
The Nictus Gambit
Arakhn teleported away, but what she said made you think that the Council are starting to gear up their Nictus forces. The attacks that you've been repelling haven't been major invasions - they've been tests by the Council to see how much firepower they need to take Paragon City and America!


Grant is recovering in Brickstown's hospital. He put up a damn good fight against Arakhn.

We were fooled by them, Character. They wanted to split us apart. They were just using the attacks on Founders' Falls and Croatoa to test their toys, and we showed them that they needed to do better.

The Phalanx and Vindicators are still busy dealing with other threats in both Paragon and around the world. It's up to us to finish this, and we are going to finish it. We're done chasing around the Council wherever they pop up, Character. No more tests, no more doing things the safe way.

Part Four: Praetoria's Fury

Mission Briefing

The Center and Calvin Scott think they have everything set to go for their invasion of America. Calvin Scott's army believes they have the know-how to defeat the soldiers of Primal Earth, while the Council has their parade of monstrosities. The Center is betting that we're too scared to try to attack them head-on. I lost the last gamble against him - I won't lose this one. We're going to prove him wrong, Character.

The time for caution is over. We're going to attack the Council's volcano base in Striga Isle head-on. Pendragon and Aurora report that the base's defenses are astronomical compared to earlier reports. They're getting something ready in there, Character, and we're going to stop it. I need to warn you, however, about one thing...

  • What is it?

This could very well be a suicide mission. The New Praetorians are down one man. At most, it's going to be yourself, Pendragon, Riptide, and Aurora against the Council's army. They'll have War Walkers, Vampryi, and Nictus waiting to destroy you.

By all accounts, we should not win this battle. However, I know you, Character. I know that if there's anyone who can pull through with this, it would be you.

Admiral Sutter has agreed to help us out. He and his men are going to take their vessel and bring us straight to Striga Isle. From there, Alec Parson will manage a teleportation system to get you past their walls and into the heart of the Council territory.

I don't know what you'll find in there, Character, or what your goal should be. All I can tell you is this: give them Hell.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Marchand's line has been turned off.

Mission Objective(s)


Admiral Sutter's ship comes to a stop. One of his crew announces that they've reached the outside limits of Striga Isle.

  • Assault Striga Isle
    • Speak with Provost Marchand
    • 50 Council to defeat
    • Teleport to Striga
    • Destroy the Council Generator
    • Defeat the Council War Walkers
    • Confront Marauder
    • Defeat the Goliath War Walkers

You've established a front to attack the Council's base!


Badge villain council.png Council

Notable NPCs

Contact Small Volunteer Soldier.jpg
Volunteer Soldier


We're all here from various divisions of the military. What we all have in common is loyalty and friendship to Admiral Sutter.

We all jumped at the chance to man this ship to help you in the attack on Striga, sir / ma'am.

We'll move in once you establish the front. We all know you can do this, sir / ma'am.

  • Thanks for the support.


When Provost Marchand asked me for support in attacking Striga Isle, I knew it had to be backing you, Character. I still think of our time working together to fight off the Praetorian invasion.

I've spoken with the man called Riptide, the one who was at the forefront of the invasion. I don't harbor any ill will towards him. He's not a zealot, not like some of the others. He's a soldier, plain and simple.

I've gone on long enough, however. You don't have time to talk to this veteran, Character. There's an island of fascists out there that need a good punch to the face.

  • Thanks, Admiral. I'll handle it from here.


Alright, Character, we're here. Alec Parson is starting the teleporter now. You and the others will be taken past the walls.

Sutter has his naval ship outside of their firing range; they have enough turrets and War Walkers that they could blow us out of the water. Are you ready to go in with the others?

  • I'm ready, let's go.
  • Tell the others to stay and defend the ship. I'll go it alone.
Are you sure, Character? We could use the support, yes, but you're putting yourself in extreme danger by going after the Council by yourself.
The difficulty of the next part of the mission is extremely high. It is not advised to do the following alone and without any support from NPC allies or other players.
  • On second thought, I'll take the help.
  • This has to be done, Marchand. Start the teleporter.


Good luck out there! Sorry that I can't make it, but I need to handle the teleporter here. I kind of set it up at the very last minute, but I promise it'll work!

I've ran tests on some of the clockwork I built to make sure. Oh, you should've seen the initial results! One of them was teleported into a wall, and the other appeared on the ocean floor!

I'm just happy no one saw that... but I promise you have nothing to worry about, it's 100% working now!

  • ...

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! An ambush wave appears after every 10 Council are defeated.


Character, hold your horses. Calvin Scott's gone in full retreat after he saw me comin' after him.

I used those Council fools to get my powers back. I know, the whole traitor deal, but I saw how you moved, you didn't need me 'round for this part. Someone had to get on the inside, and those idiots figured I'd be desperate enough to act like a spoiled dog.

I woulda tried to take 'em all on by myself, but there's way too many in that volcano base for me to handle. I figured I'd make my move now to get outta there and meet up with you and the others. You ready to do this?

  • How do I know I can trust you?


I would say amazing, Character, but then I would sound like a broken record. Your courage and power remind me of Emperor Cole... before he became the man known as Tyrant.

Marauder is on Admiral Sutter's ship now. I want to believe he was working to help us the entire time... but part of me is still suspicious of his motives. We'll need to investigate more to see if he truly is on our side... or perhaps, put him to the test.

If what he said is true, we have one final battle on our hands, which is to bring down Calvin Scott, the Council base, and the remaining Council generals.

We're almost to the end of this, Character - we just have one last battle.

Finale: The Last Resistance

Mission Briefing

Longbow and the US Army have occupied the area of Striga that you attacked, Character. We need to strike at the heart of the volcano as quickly as possible. You're going to have several targets.

The first are the Council's generals; the New Praetorians and Marauder will be on site to handle them. After that, you'll all split up. The New Praetorians will handle trying to destroy the rest of the facility. You'll need to take down the heads of the UPA and then bring in Calvin Scott.

  • Get in, take out the base, get out. I've done this plenty of times.

I know, Character. You can do this, but be careful. Calvin Scott is not going to go down without a fight. He's going to have tricks up his sleeve. He has many skills, one of them being demolitions. Be prepared for a fight when you go in there. If you have any allies, now would be the time to bring them in.

It's time for Scott to pay for all of his crimes against humanity. He's done too many terrible things to just walk away now. It's up to you to take him down and deliver justice for all the innocents that have died in the name of his wars, Character.

Defeat Calvin Scott

Unnecessary Solicitation

There are no more words to be said, Character. Let's finish this, once and for all.

Mission Objective(s)


You arrive at the heart of the Council's base. It's time to put an end to this.

  • Defeat Calvin Scott
    • Meet with the New Praetorians
    • 4 UPA Commanders to defeat
    • Get to the top of the volcano
    • Defeat Calvin Scott's Loyalists
    • Defeat the last of Calvin Scott's Loyalists
    • Defeat Calvin Scott

It's over. Calvin Scott is gone, the Council generals have been defeated, and the Center's army has been wiped out.


Badge villain council.png Council
V badge UPA.png UPA

Notable NPCs


Calvin Scott: Ah... hah... I shouldn't have... tried to go... toe to toe... with you... Character...

Calvin Scott: Why...? I'm fighting for our-

Calvin Scott: ... Vandal installed a self-destruct device here. It was done to destroy the New Praetorians if they succeeded.
Calvin Scott: ... I'm going to stay behind to blow up this place. I'll get you and the others out of here.

Calvin Scott: This is my justice, Aurora. And you, Character...

Calvin Scott: The world will know in his last act, Calvin Scott did something good.


Upon completing the mission, you are awarded the The Center's Nemesis Badge

File:Badge i24 Brickstown Arc.png The Center's Nemesis

You stopped Calvin Scott and the Center's plans for Paragon City. The public of Paragon consider you to be the one hero who can stop the Council.

Call Provost Marchand


Character, we heard it all. The explosion was massive. The volcano itself is still intact, but the lava flows decimated all of the Council's built up army. Their War Walkers are gone, and the Nictus were melted almost instantly by the pools of lava. The Council's war is over, though it appears the Center is still out there, somewhere.

Calvin Scott... I suppose redemption is possible for some people, although I would have preferred he stood trial for his actions. He said he always wanted to be a hero, didn't he? That's something that you can take comfort in, Character.

It was only by your example that Calvin Scott was even inspired to sacrifice himself for the greater good. You should be proud that your actions can cause such acts in men whose hearts have been wounded by hatred.

Marauder is undergoing investigation as we speak, but I believe he will be released back under our care; evidence is piling up that he sabotaged several of the Council's schemes while he was with them. Grant Creston will recover from his wounds in a few days and he'll be back in action.

As for you... it's time, Character, for you to leave the New Praetorians. You've done more than enough to help them get off the ground. They need to go out and fight the good fight without you there to back them up. But we all know, Character, then when a true hero is needed, you'll be there; for that, I say, thank you.

  • If I'm needed again, let me know.
Oh you can be sure of that, Character. After all, I do have your number.
  • What's happening with Marauder and the other New Praetorians?
Marauder is undergoing investigation as we speak, but I believe he will be released back under our care; evidence is piling up that he sabotaged several of the Council's schemes while he was with them. Grant Creston will recover from his wounds in a few days, and he'll be back in action.
Alec Parson is working on further advances for his Clockwork. He's using a few of them to improve our base.
Riptide's actions have earned him a full pass by the Paragon authorities. He's been asked for some interviews by the press, but he has declined all of them. He's very reluctant to give himself the spotlight.
Aurora seems to be troubled by something - I believe she's afraid that she lost control when she was speaking to Calvin Scott.
Pendragon is doing well enough, though I believe something is bothering him; he won't say what exactly it is, unfortunately.
  • What is the status of Emperor Cole and Praetor Duncan?
Emperor Cole's trial is still ongoing. He actually has a laywer from Primal Earth representing him now. It will be some months before the trial is finished; Cole has done too much for this to be over so quickly. However, he will see justice, and it will be in the court of law, not by the hand of any one person.
Praetor Duncan's fate is still up in the air. Ms. Liberty wants to try to bring her into the Vindicators and redeem her. The odds of that happening are up in the air, although Duncan is being given some credit due to her aid in the Magisterium conflict.
Duncan's fate will be decided once she goes through the proper channels.
  • Marauder gets a pass but not Praetor Duncan?
You have to understand, Character, the nature of Duncan and the nature of Marauder. Duncan has the reputation of being a backstabber and a manipulator. We have to be careful that this isn't just some ploy on her part.
Marauder is a fighter. He fought in the Hamidon wars, in Praetoria, and in Lambda sector to protect himself and the people of Praetoria. Even if he is rough, he has no love for what we'd call villainy.
That is why Marauder was given a 'pass' and Praetor Duncan was not.
  • What happened to the refugees?
You can see for yourself if you go to Brickstown. They've been released into Paragon City to do as they wish. Many of them have focused on staying in Brickstown due to the presence of the New Praetorians.
Every refugee has been offered therapy for everything they've gone through, along with a stipend from Vanguard for purchasing essentials. The US government is also providing support in getting the refugees jobs so they can build a new life here for themselves, although there is some grumbling from taxpayers about how much this is going to hurt them.

Personal Story

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards ? Reward Merits.


The Center's Personal Story

The Center, located in a secret base, spoke with Dr. Arvin, a scientist he recruited from Praetoria.

Dr. Arvin confirmed that the Center's back up plan worked. The Center knew that Marauder was going to betray the Council to get his powers back; what Marauder didn't know was that his blood sample was going to be stolen in order to mass produce Praetor Berry's serum!

Dr. Arvin informed the Center that the serum could be mass produced if he was given enough time and resources to crack the source of the code.

Now, the Center intends to bide his time and wait until the day comes when the serum is cracked and the army of the Council is stronger than ever before...



Paola Tirelli, also known as the Center, leader of the Council, had just received word of the failure in Striga Isle. All of his lieutenants were now back in the Zig, and Arakhn, the leader of the Nictus, was MIA.

The Center looked over his data pad to see what was left of the base...

This is a non-combat, personal story mission. In this mission, you will assume the role of an NPC. This is a solo mission.

  • (Play the Center's Personal Story)

The Center called in one of his newly recruited scientists; a man named Doctor Arvin. Several undercover Council agents had recovered Doctor Arvin from Praetoria after hearing that the man was a renowned scientist. The Center used his super-powered charisma to convince Arvin to work for the Council, specifically on a back up plan during the War Walker and Scott project.

The backup plan was quite risky, but he knew it would work as long as he was underestimated by the one known as Praetor White.

Unnecessary Solicitation

The Center waited for Dr. Arvin to arrive to give him the results...

Mission Objective(s)


Dr. Arvin finally arrived and was waiting for the Center to speak with him.

  • The Center's Personal Story
    • Speak with Dr. Arvin

The Council may be defeated, but the Center has an alternate plan - cracking the source of Praetor Berry's serum to mass produce it for his armies!


Mr. Tirelli, I have the results, just as you asked.

The blood samples that were sent from Praetor White were enough for me to work on. I analyzed the core components of Praetor Berry's super serum, the one that caused Praetor White's powers to rise to incredible levels during the battle for Lambda sector. The cure for the serum was a simple one to make, thanks to the resources you gave me.

Analyzing the source of the serum for widespread use was another issue entirely.

  • That's excellent work already, Dr. Arvin. Do go on.

To be frank, Mr. Tirelli, the serum is what we call in the genetic community a very dirty 'hack'. Praetor Berry did not make this serum to be reproduced in a mass form, or even to last very long. I believe he made it very quickly without thinking about it.

However, that being said... if I had the time and resources, I could isolate the key components of it; there is a brilliance to this through Berry's ignorance. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what the serum does to one's super powers, or if it just affects base physical strength... but it definitely does something quite extraordinary.

  • You should be proud of your work, Dr. Arvin. You've done more than I imagined.

Thank you, Mr. Tirelli. I assume from the reports that I will be at the head of this project, now that Nosferatu has been captured. We'll all look forward to his return, of course.

The Center was forced to hide a smile. His charisma had turned this good doctor into someone who actually was looking forward to the return of a scientist who looked like a vampire!

The backup plan worked perfectly. The Center knew Praetor White would use their resources to be cured. He wouldn't know, however, that his cure could eventually lead to the Council mass producing Berry's super serum for their soldiers! Now, it was just a matter of time and putting resources into cracking the Serum.

The destruction of the War Walkers was a massive blow to the Center's plans... but there could still be a recovery. Once things were back up and running, the Center knew who the Council's first target would be: Character.

Is there anything else you need from me?

  • That is all, Dr. Arvin.




Upon completion of the mission, you will earn the Ace Up Their Sleeve Badge

Ace Up Their Sleeve

You played The Center's personal story and saw that the Council has another ace up their sleeve for future events.