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Carnival Mistress
Zone First Ward
Coordinates (1858, 196, -2852)
Level Range 20-29
Introduced By Doorman
Introduces Palatine
Enemy Groups V badge Apparition.png Apparitions
V badge DUST.png D.U.S.T.
V badge Dregs.png Dregs
V badge Apparition.png The Possessed
Badge DefeatResistance.png Resistance
V badge Shepherds.png Shepherds
ParagonMarket ZonePack FirstWard.png Requires First Ward Zone Pack.
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Nadia is a Praetorian contact in the Eltentown neighborhood of First Ward at coordinates (1858, 196, -2852).  Her level range is 20-29.


Contact Introduced By

Contact Introduces

Very good, child. She has already taken up residence in the old Monarch's throne room, but the Hetman keeps a watchful eye on her movements. For now, it is he that truly controls the Survivor Compound.
Very good, Character, because the watercolor regent needs your help desperately.


Carnival Mistress

Mistress Nadia, a powerful sorcerer of the Carnival of Light, watches over the Survivor Compound, striving to keep it safe from the myriad dangers of First Ward.

Prior to Introduction

No, no, no, child. The spirits say it is not time for you to speak to me. You need to know that you want answers. Then you come back to me, okay?

Initial Contact

You come to ol' Nadia for answers, don't you, child? Did Jester not answer enough? Speak to me - speak to us. The loas have gathered to hear your questions.


You come back to ol' Nadia just like the spirits say you would. They also tell me what is on your mind, child. But you need to say it to me.

Too Busy

Missing Too Busy Dialogue

Too Low Level

Missing Too Low Level Dialogue

No More Missions

The loas are drawing a path. Can you see it? It looks like tiny, feathered fireworks just in the corner of your eye, this path. And you must follow it from me to another body in the gumbo. Go now.


  • None

Story Arc

A Quotidian Ragbag

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 7 Reward Merits.


The events of...

A Quotidian Ragbag

...were anything but commonplace. What started as a diplomatic mission to free some Carnival prisoners from the Survivor Compound turned into a desperate search for Anna, the Monarch's imaginary daughter...who later turned out to be real, only not his daughter but that of a spirit that had possessed him. In the end, the dying Monarch, freed of the Apparition inside him and feeling a lingering attachment to a daughter he never had, and full of sorrow at all that had occurred, bequeathed to Anna the Throne of the Compound, naming her its Palatine.

Part One: Good Gumbo


Character, we've got us a big ol' mess on our hands. The Carnival and Eltentown's 'Survivor Compound' used to be great allies. An' in the gumbo, you make all the allies that you can, believe you me. But something's... strained that alliance lately, an' the spirits say that we don't have much time to stitch it back together. See, the Compound's leader, the Monarch, he's gone a bit broken in the ol' brainpan.

Before the crazy got in him, the Monarch was a good man and a strong leader. But then he started thinkin' some of my peoples in the Carnival kidnapped his daughter. Problem is, well, the Monarch doesn't have a daughter. He never has. But this didn't stop his mad-thinkin' from issuin' out an order to start arresting us Carnies. An' to make a threadbare rug even more of an eyesore, a few Carnival troupers surrendered to him, acceptin' the ol' Mistress Nadia here, she has no idea why. Listen clearly, Character, there's others in the Carnival that just want to steamroll the Compound, bringin' war where I think finesse would fare us better right now. But I can only hold my more blood-minded brothers and sisters at bay for so long.

I need someone to convince the Monarch of the Compound to let my Carnival friends out of the stockade. That would be you, girl. Speak to Cheshire, the Gatekeeper, to get things moving.

  • I'm on it.

The loas are watching you, child. Try not to upset them too much.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Character, what's wrong with you, child? Speak to the Gatekeeper, y'hear? I need my peoples out of that prison, quick-like.

Talk to Cheshire, the Survivor Compound's Gatekeeper

Mission Objective(s)

  • Talk to Cheshire, the Survivor Compound's Gatekeeper


Eckery, ackery, welcome to the gumbo, stranger.

Otherwheres called First Ward, but mainly out of tradition, and who really needs that idea anymore out here?

You're specifically at the Compound, but that's a rather boring moniker, and some of us refer to it as the 'Last Word' but I can see it's already getting confusing even before it really starts.

Anyhoo, are you here to rescue the Monarch's daughter or to see the clowns?

  • Tell me about the Compound. (optional)
Land o' tea leaves, home o' the knaves, that's us. The Compound's just another motley pot of the exiled, the disenfranchised, and the disappeared here in First Ward. And since First Ward is New Praetoria's dirty little secret, I guess that makes us the things you read on the bathroom wall.
  • I don't know anything about the Monarch's daughter. (optional)


  • What's going on with the Monarch's 'daughter'? (optional)
Ha! Who knows? She's imaginary! Well, except to the Monarch, but that's beside the point.
Hmm, actually I guess it is the point. Or a point. Things are a bit slanted and enchanted out here at the moment. Forget I brought the whole thing up.
  • I'm here for the captive Carnival troupers.
Yeah, your chances of talking to those freaks are slim to nil. Only by leave of the Hetman is that going to happen, and he's handing out wolf tickets these days.
  • What are wolf tickets? (optional)
Oh, sorry, that's gumbotalk for being a bit angry. First Ward's crawling with Dregs and Ghouls and D.U.S.T.-- all making trouble for us nice little Last Worders these days.
And with the Monarch off his rocker, it's up to the Hetman to keep everything in the Compound sorted, everyone safe, and when you factor in the Carnies into it all...well, that would make just about anyone a bit choleric, wouldn't you say?
  • Tell me about the Hetman.
  • Who's the Hetman?
Second in command to the Monarch of the Last Word Compound. You'll need to talk to him to get a visit to the clowns we've got in the clink.
No one's allowed to speak to the Monarch right now. He's too busy painting watercolor portraits of his imaginary daughter...again.
  • Watercolor portaits? What? (optional)
I know, right? He sits around all the live-long day painting watercolor pictures of her. Which is kinda creepy, especially the watercolor part. Watercolor's creepy all by itself, even before you throw in dreamt-up daughters into the pigment.
Anyhoo, the day-to-day affairs of the Compound are now handled almost solely by the Hetman.
  • Where can I find the Hetman?
You'd think once we got out from under Cole's thumb-- voluntarily or not-- we would've kicked bureaucracy to the curb, yeah?
Yeah, well no. The Hetman's a busy fellow and only really talks to his confidantes or proper emissaries. You don't fit either bill.
But I tell you what. Talk to ol' Billystick up in the central shanties. If you get in his good graces, chances are he'll fast-track you up the chain. I'll tell 'im you're coming.

Talk to Billystick

Unnecessary Solicitation

So you get past the gate and decide to stroll all the way back here, do ya? That makes no lick of sense. Get back to the Compound and find out a way to release my fellows in the Carnival.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Talk to Billystick


Cheshire sent word you'd be looking for me. Name's William Barrow, but most folks around here call me Billystick on account that I used to be the Hetman before I got too old for it. What can I do you for?

  • I need to speak to the Hetman about the Carnival.

I'm not so sure that's a good idea for a coupla reasons.

One, I just plain don't think it's a good idea.

Two, yer gonna really have to talk to the Monarch to get to them clowns. And the Hetman's real protective of the Monarch these days, and understandably so.

  • Any chance you can just sneak me in to see the Monarch, then?

And why the Cole would I do a thing like that? Maybe you haven't heard, but the Monarch-- well, he's taken sick. As in the head. A few weeks back he got into that head the idea he had a daughter.

And that she was kidnapped by our-- what's the word?-- our 'ostensible' allies, them Carnies. Thing is, he doesn't have a daughter and everyone knows it. But what's a body to do but rustle up suspects when yer Monarch demands it of ye, fake daughter or no?

Turns out the Hetman and the Guard didn't have to do too much... a few o' the clowns heard wind of what was going on and decided to surrender. They denied it, of course, and who can blame 'em, but still, that's why they're in the stockade and we're lookin' at a potential war.

  • Why would the Carnival surrender to a crime that couldn't have happened?

I never said it couldn't have happened, just that the Monarch doesn't have a daughter. Leastways, none that I've ever heard about, and I've known the man for a long time.

He's the kinda man you want runnin' this part of the gumbo. Breaks my heart to see his head kicked in like this.

But, well, we're talking about the Carnival and First Ward here, and both of those are synonymous with Different Rules May Apply. So who knows what happened.

  • If you help me then I'll help the Monarch.

Now I can't tell if that's altruism talkin' or desperation. Either way, it came out quick enough for me to believe you'd do it.

Tell the Hetman I sent you with good conscience. As stretched-thin as he is, he's probably got a few minutes to spare for someone willin' to help us.

Talk to the Hetman

Unnecessary Solicitation

Hoo boy, Character, I swear you jes sleepwalkin' right before my eyes. Get back to the Compound, you fool chil'. There's work to be done.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Talk to the Hetman


I'm sure you're famous, stranger, but this is the gumbo. I can't really be bothered at the moment. Take no offense, 'course.

  • Barrow sent me. He said you would listen if I had his endorsement.

Did he now? *sigh* The next time you see Billystick, tell him his good conscience is growing barnacles.

I swear the longer we go on out here, the more everyone wants Kumbaya to just set in. We're losing our minds.

  • Like the Monarch?

Yeah. Like the Monarch, but that's not your concern. Quit dancing your jaw and tell me what you're really here for.

  • I want to talk to the Carnival troupers you have in lockup.

Now you're out of your mind, boy / girl. No one talks to them on my watch. I told the old man not to trust them in the first place.

If you'll excuse me, I've got other matters that demand my full and undivided attention.

  • I could take some of that off your plate.

Part Two: Hoist That Rag

Talk to the Hetman

Unnecessary Solicitation

Hoo boy, Character, I swear you jes sleepwalkin' right before my eyes. Get back to the Compound, you fool chil'. There's work to be done.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Talk to the Hetman


Yeah, I'm pretty sure you could. I'd be stretching the whole 'obstinate' thing if I ignored your help, so here goes.

My lookouts say that a cell of D.U.S.T. Rangers have set up a camp near the Compound. A D.U.S.T. cell shouldn't be this far west, not normally anyway. I really don't need them embedded so closely to the Compound right now.

I need you to scout the Ward and find out if D.U.S.T. has any operations planned out here and, if so, the location of its staging ground out. After that, finish the job.

  • I can do that.

Find where this cell near the Compound is hiding, what they're doing here, and then drive them away, Character. Your best bet is to bust some D.U.S.T. heads up over in the Free-Fire Zone, their normal stomping grounds, and get some of them to talk. Once you're done, we can see about letting you in to see the prisoners.

  • (Find the location of the D.U.S.T. cell)

Defeat D.U.S.T. Rangers

Unnecessary Solicitation

Big top almighty, boy / girl! If the only way to get my peoples out of their cages is to rough up some D.U.S.T. Rangers, then do it already!

Mission Objective(s)

  • Defeat D.U.S.T. Rangers to discover the location of their Cell hideout near the Compound
    • Defeat 5 D.U.S.T. soldiers in First Ward

You've learned the staging ground of the D.U.S.T. cell near the Compound and the name of its commanding officer, Captain Muldoon.


V badge DUST.png D.U.S.T.

Icon clue generic.png
Fair Trade
You've discovered the location of the D.U.S.T. cell near the Survivor Compound from a tactical uplink found in the damaged gauntlet of a defeated Ranger. Evidently, the commanding officer of the operation is Captain Muldoon. It's time to drive the cell away from the area and earn the Hetman's trust.
Drive away the D.U.S.T. cell

Unnecessary Solicitation

Boy / Girl, aren't you supposed to be cleaning that hideout of D.U.S.T. Rangers? Shoo!

Mission Objective(s)


This seems like an ad hoc base of operations for the D.U.S.T. cell plaguing the Compound. From the look of things, the Rangers haven't been here very long.

  • Drive away the D.U.S.T. cell
    • Find Captain Muldoon
    • Decide Captain Muldoon's Fate

As a favor for the Hetman, you drove away the D.U.S.T. cell that had taken up camp near the Compound. Now he owes you an audience with the Monarch.


V badge DUST.png D.U.S.T.

Notable NPCs

Contact Small Captain Muldoon.jpg
Captain Muldoon


Captain Muldoon taps his com-link and tells the D.U.S.T. forces under his command to currently stand down. Then he turns his attention to you.

Listen, friend. I could cite some outlandish protocol in the D.U.S.T. Rules of Engagement that allows for parley with third party aggressors but I don't want to waste your time. I'll skip straight to the introductions. I'm Captain Muldoon of this D.U.S.T. cell. I report to Colonel Vargas of D-SEC in the Free-Fire Zone. And who might you be? Powers Division or something?

  • Nice try, Captain. Here's how it plays out: I ask you a question and then I break your neck.
Sir / Ma'am, I'm asking you to be reasonable here. I can answer a few of your questions, but my cell has a mission to perform and I really do not want any further loss of life. Ask yourself, does that sound like normal D.U.S.T. procedure?
  • Ask yourself if I seem to care. Tell me why your cell is so close to the Compound.
I can't really say more than D.U.S.T. is having a bit of an...organizational crisis at the moment. D-SEC sent my cell on a scouting mission to check out sectors of Eltentown beyond the fringes of the Free-Fire Zone. We were to record anything out of the ordinary that we could find and report back. My cell isn't the only one on this mission, it's just...
  •'s just the one that ran into me. Goodbye, Captain. (Kill Captain Muldoon)
[death rattle]
  • Leave
  • Or something. Captain, you and your men will immediately make a tactical withdrawal.
You're offering us...a chance to retreat? Clemency? Why? And in exchange for what?
  • You wanted to parley, so here we are. Tell me why your cell is so close to the Compound.
I can't really say more than D.U.S.T. is having a bit of an... organizational crisis at the moment. D-SEC sent my cell on a scouting mission to check out sectors of Eltentown beyond the fringes of the Free-Fire Zone. We were to record anything out of the ordinary that we could find and report back. My cell isn't the only one on this mission, it's just...
  •'s just the one that ran into me. Shove off, Captain. And leave the Compound alone.
Understood. All units, stand down and fall back!
  • (Let the D.U.S.T. force withdraw)

Let Muldoon live:

Icon clue generic.png
You let Muldoon escape with his hide intact. Who knows if you'll run into him again?

Killed Muldoon:

Icon clue generic.png
The Wolf Ticket Pass
The Compound should be safe from D.U.S.T. for the time being. That should gain the trust of the Hetman and, by extension, his permission to speak to the Monarch, whose authority holds sway over the ultimate fate of the Carnival troupers in the Compound's stockade.
Report your success to the Hetman

Unnecessary Solicitation

Character, you done good, very good. Only it's not me you should be braggin' it to, ya know. Tell the Hetman of the Compound. Getting' on his good side means we're closer to getting' my folk outta the mess they're in.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Report your success to the Hetman


So you took care of the D.U.S.T. problem. That's a pretty impressive feat. How'd you manage to pull it off?

  • Let Muldoon live: I persuaded the cell captain to have his men make a tactical withdrawal.
You let them go..?! Are you insane? What in the Ward made you think that was a good idea?
  • I don't have to explain myself to you, Hetman. We had a deal.
All right, boy / girl, you go right on ahead with those pacifist notions and see how far it gets you out here in the gumbo. And the deal we struck? Don't forget it included you finding out why this particular D.U.S.T. cell had ranged so far out of the Free Fire Zone.
  • The captain said D.U.S.T. was having an 'organizational crisis'... (see below)
  • Killed Muldoon: I found the cell captain and broke his neck. Then it was just a matter of clean up.
Huh, so you're not afraid to get your hands bloody. That's good. The Compound needs more people like you. If you ask me, we've gotten soft. Taken in too many folk that are no better than your average Dreg.
Eh, but that's my concern, not yours. So did you find out why this particular D.U.S.T. cell had ranged so far out of the Free Fire Zone?
  • The captain said D.U.S.T. was having an 'organizational crisis'...
And just what is that supposed to mean?
  • That's all I got. Now let me see the Monarch.
A deal's a deal, but listen up, Character. I've already told you the Monarch is a good man. He still is, but he's tore up from the floor up what with this obsession about this daughter he's never had.
I'd tread lightly around that issue, and I certainly wouldn't get my hopes up about him letting you see the Carnies we have in the clink. That's... that's just not going to happen. Not the way I see it, anyway.
  • I'll take my chances. It was a pleasure, Hetman.

Convince the Monarch

Unnecessary Solicitation

Here's our chance, boy / girl! The Monarch might be crazy, but he's the only one that can free my peoples. Well, war could, too, ya know, but none of us wants that yet.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Convince the Monarch to let you speak to the imprisoned Carnival members


The Monarch indeed seems rather...unstable. He's holding several small watercolor portraits of his imaginary daughter that he's painted by hand. As he flips through the various portraits, his emotions and moods span the gamut from speechless mourning to quiet chuckles of tear-filled nostalgia.

Character, it's about time we met, wouldn't you say? You must forgive my Hetman; he has a suspicious heart, one burdened moreso with the concerns it has for me. We fought in the Hamidon wars together... Anna was only a child then.

The Monarch shows you a watercolor painting of Anna, age 9, posing on a tireless bike.

  • Your Hetman thinks you're nuts. So does the rest of the Compound. (optional)
They do a better job of minding their manners in my presence regarding the matter than you do! What do you want of me?
  • I must speak to the Carnival troupers you have imprisoned.


  • Let me speak to the Carnival troupers you have here in the Compound.
Never! They stole her! They're hiding her from me! Those garish, iniquitous wretches will rot unless their co-conspirators bring her back! And I will muster the Compound for war if it is not soon!
The Monarch begins to froth at the mouth in his rage, and he unconsciously wipes away the spittle with one of the watercolor portraits of Anna. When he sees what he has done, he begins to sob uncontrollably.
  • Monarch, you need help. What if I found this daughter of...what if I found Anna?
The Monarch nods quickly at the offer, smiling as if in rapture. He hands you one of his many watercolor portraits of Anna.
Yes! Finally someone sees that my madness is only loss and my mind is my own. Take this picture! It will help you find her!
  • Let me speak to the Carnival troupers first and we have a deal.
Her childhood nickname is Antebellum, given to her when we withdrew back here to Eltentown, because she reminded me of the days before the war. She should have been born then, in happier times.
That bicycle--the one without tires?-- it was her favorite friend in the whole world simply because she wanted to protect it 'from the other bicycles that made fun of it'.
She was once convinced that she was allergic to stained glass, too, but she got over that when I taught her to paint.
Fine, you may treat with the Carnival troupers, if it will help you bring my daughter back. The psychic one named Candlestick, speak to him. The others remain in silent protest at their incarceration.
  • I'll show him this picture. Maybe it will jog his memory.

Icon clue generic.png
The Watercolor Ultimatum
The Monarch seemed genuinely concerned about the safety of his daughter, Anna, even if the rest of the Compound considers her to be a figment of his imagination. He even gave you a small watercolor portrait of her he painted himself. You now have permission to speak to one of the Carnival captives, bearing an ultimatum: convince them to return Anna... or get ready for a war neither side is ready for.
Speak to the Carnival prisoner, Candlestick

Unnecessary Solicitation

Lissen here, Character, you a'wastin' time talking to me. Talk to one of the Carnival troupers an' see if there ain't some way to reconcile with the Compound.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Speak to the Carnival prisoner, Candlestick


Eck-ack, it's another cake-eater from the Compound, about to ask Mr. Candlestick if he's now willing to give up the skinny on the fake girl's whereab--

  • Quiet. I'm here on behalf of Mistress Nadia.

Candlestick laughs at you.

Next time, friend, you should lead with that. Tell the Old Mistress that we are fine, so far, and are just awaiting the rest of the Carnival to attack the Compound and free us of this so-called crime. Pass on, too, my apologies for surrendering to the Monarch's accusations, and that I did it partly out of whimsy, partly out of a plan to shake the fool's head back on straight.

Turns out that didn't work as well as it did in my own head when I was making it up. He still thinks we have his imaginary daughter taken hostage somewhere.

So what's the plan?

  • The plan is that we find the imaginary daughter.



...that makes no sense whatsoever. I love it! Where do we start?

  • (Show Candlestick the watercolor portrait of Anna)

Okay, now that's just creepy.

Even for the gumbo, that's...yuck. Therefore, and rightly so in the name of mighty nonsense, press that watercolor picture right against my forehead!

You hold the portrait of Anna up to Candlestick's forehead and he seems to go into a powerful psychic trance. Or at least he pretends that he does.

Whoa Nelly, she's a real live girl! File that under a big 'Say What?' as easy as kiss my hand! She's here in the Ward, Character, she's here in the Ward!

  • Where?
My brainpan's talents are only capable of so much! All I can read is that this Anna girl is alive and nearby. You're going to need Mistress Nadia's sorcerous powers to determine her exact whereabouts. Take her the picture, too. It's making my head itch.
  • We've almost got you out of here, Candlestick. Stay safe.

Icon clue generic.png
File Under: 'Say What?'
At first, Candlestick was a bit imperious regarding his incarceration, considering his arrest over the kidnapping of an imaginary daughter an absurdity, and knowing that the Carnival could bury the Survivor Compound if war broke out over the matter. However, when you showed the picture of Anna to him, his psychic powers confirmed that she was indeed a real person. You should to return to Mistress Nadia with the news, as her mystical powers should be able to pinpoint the last known whereabouts of this mysterious 'Anna'.


So now, child, what have we here..? An imaginary daughter who turns out to be a real live girl, eh? Mistress Nadia's feelin' a crazy quilt comin' our way, you can bet on that. Hand me that portrait the Monarch painted of his daughter and let's see if I can't scry where she might be hidin', hm? Usually the mojo go doubletime with a link like this one, so personal, an' made by hand, an' all caught up in sorrow.

Lemme know when you're ready to find Little Miss Watercolor here. My peoples in the Carnival aren't out of danger yet, y'know.

The spirits that paved your way into the Ward are pleased with you, Character. They have blessed my small part in it, child, for which I am grateful. They will keep us in contact from now on.

Finale: Thou Shalt in Thy Daughter See


Hmm, this picture has some strong power in it, boy / girl..! Whatever the rest of the gumbo thinks, the loas are tellin' me that this definitely ties blood to blood, they're just not sure how. Perhaps the Monarch's not off his rocker, after all.

The loas also say that our Watercolor moves around a bunch. I'm seeing a slaver den, but I'm not sure if she's there now or not. In any case, she has been there, so that's your first step. Go to the slaver den and find out what you can. Its operation is run by a Dreg with mighty-high notions of himself called Taggart. Make sure to show he and his peoples that the Compound is protected.

  • I'll look for her there.

Make the spirits proud, Character. And be sure to question any slaves you find in that den, too. The more we know of the watercolor girl, the easier the loas can help bring her home.

Investigate the Slaver Den

Unnecessary Solicitation

Boy / Girl, the loas have already told you where to look for the watercolor girl. Get steppin'.

Mission Objective(s)


It seems like you're not the only one interested in the slavers. There's combat up ahead. Someone in here knows where Anna is, you just have to find the right one to ask.

  • Investigate the Slaver Den
    • 3 slaves to question
    • Speak to Slavemaster Taggart

The slaver hideout was under attack by a band of Shepherds when you arrived. You learned that Anna was the leader of the Shepherds from Slavemaster Taggart and a clue to her present whereabouts. It's time to track her down and convince her to meet the Monarch of the Compound, who claims to be her father.


V badge Dregs.png Dregs
V badge Shepherds.png Shepherds

Notable NPCs

Contact Small Slavemaster Taggart.jpg
Slavemaster Taggart


Hold on, now! You're from the PPD, right? I've got no beef with you...well, I did but that was back Coleside. S'what got me shipped to the Ward in the first place.

Or maybe you're not a cop, I don't really care, just hear me out--

  • Tell me where she is. (Show Taggart the portrait of Anna)

You've gotta be kidding me. You saw that Shepherd group attacking my operation, right? You couldn't have missed it.

Who do you think runs that group? She ain't here with 'em today, but she sure did send 'em. You can probably find her at their Haven, a defunct warehouse due east of here, skirting the Free-Fire Zone.

  • You could've made this easier on yourself, Taggart.

Lookee here, we got us a mudbelly with conflictin' principles..! Kinda like them high-horse Shepherds out there wreckin' the joint. Only thing is, you do know, even if you go through me, they're not going to play nice with you when you go looking for their leader, boy / girlie, right?

  • I'll take my chances.

Taggart collapses from his wounds.

  • (Leave)

Icon clue generic.png
Watching the Flock
Before you put his operation down, Taggart told you that Anna runs a band of Shepherds. From those you've encountered, that means the Monarch's daughter is the head of an insane, ultraviolent cult with access to magical weaponry. He says that you can find them at a defunct warehouse due east of his own hideout, just skirting the Free Fire Zone.
Find Anna at the Shepherd Haven

Unnecessary Solicitation

So this Anna girl, she's on the move, eh? An admirable quickstep for a gumbo-girl to be able to stay a step ahead of the loas. I like her already. Go to the Shepherd Haven and convince her that she's got ties to important people in the Compound.

Mission Objective(s)


You hear mystical chanting up ahead.

  • Find Anna at the Shepherd Haven
    • Convince Anna to Listen

You convinced Anna to meet you at the Compound and speak with the Monarch, who believes himself to be her father. However, Anna claims that her real father is long dead, and this is a ruse of some kind. You're having doubts that this will end up being a happy reunion.


V badge Shepherds.png Shepherds

Notable NPCs


Hold! I will whatever foulness you work for--

Who was it? Taggart? D.U.S.T.? Who sent you?

  • Taggart? You mean the slavemaster? I shut his operation down. (optional)
You...did? Why?
  • I suspect for the same reason your crazed, violence-prone cult was trying it.
We are not a cult. We're, you're right. These particular Shepherds like to think themselves as one. But you judge them too harshly. Crazed and violent? That describes most First Warders.
I have been trying to change that, to redirect their purposes. Towards something better than merely recovering through magical artifacts from the Carnival's trash bins. It's just been...taking awhile. And you: tell me now of your purpose. Why have you come?
  • Your father sent me.
Tread carefully when speaking of my father. He is long dead. And his passing was unkind in its circumstances.
  • No, he's waiting for you at the Compound...Antebellum. do you know that name? My father called me that when I was only a child.
  • When your best friend in the whole world was a tireless bike, I know. He's alive, Anna.
My father is dead, Character, of that I am sure. How you or he came to know these things of me, though, I do not know, and would have answers. I will meet with this Monarch. I have affairs to settle with the Shepherds here first, but I will be at the Compound when you return to it.
  • I'll see you at the compound.
  • Calm down, Anna. Your father sent me.
Tread carefully when speaking of my father. He is long dead. And his passing was unkind in its circumstances.
  • No, he's waiting for you at the Compound...Antebellum. (See above)
  • (Show Anna the watercolor portrait)
You show Anna the watercolor portrait that the Monarch painted. The effects of the image move from a disconcerting sense of loss to a slowly rising anger.
Is this some kind of sick joke? Which twisted faction in all of First Ward do you represent?
I command you to tell me who sent you!
  • Relax. I share no allegiance with your enemies, especially Taggart. I shut his operation down.
You...did? Why?
  • I suspect for the same reason your crazed, violence-prone cult was trying it. (See above)
  • Calm down, Anna. Your father sent me.
Tread carefully when speaking of my father. He is long dead. And his passing was unkind in its circumstances.
  • No, he's waiting for you at the Compound...Antebellum. (See above)

Settle affairs between the Monarch and Anna

Unnecessary Solicitation

Boy / Girl, ol' Nadia is havin' a bad feeling about what happens when the Monarch meets his daughter. Character, go make sure t'watch and help out where you can. The Carnival's still caught up in it like a thread that don' belong, don'tcha forget.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Settle affairs between the Monarch and Anna


Badge DefeatResistance.png Resistance
V badge Apparition.png The Possessed
V badge Apparition.png Apparitions

Notable NPCs


They're staring at me, Character. And not with the normal unease reserved for a Shepherd, but with a...with a...

  • With recognition, Anna. They've seen the Monarch's paintings. They know you're his daughter.

If you must know, my father died in the Asylum shortly after the Emperor sent us to First Ward. He went insane from the iniquities he found here and shortly after that the seers dragged him away. Orphaned in the ruins, I went native.

Whoever you're taking me to isn't my father, but I can see that some part of you wants him to be. And I choose to believe that's born out of compassion and not some baser agenda. Whatever the case, no one escapes the Asylum, Character. This is either a trap or the prologue to something far more sinister. You would do good to prepare yourself for what happens next.

  • I've worked hard to get you here, Anna. We can do this.
Let's get it over with, then.
  • We'll be fine. (Start Mission)
  • I'm not ready yet, give me a second (Leave)
  • Calvin Scott escaped from the Asylum, you know. (optional)
I stand corrected. The famous Calvin Scott seems to be the exception to every rule.

Mission Objective(s)


There's an unnatural tension in the air here, a cold emanation of an event gathering momentum.

  • Settle affairs between the Monarch and Anna
    • Defeat the Monarch
    • Defeat Apparition of Anna's father
    • Speak to the Monarch

The Monarch was possessed by an Apparition of Anna's father, which explained his erratic behavior-- a behavior that turned violent when Anna refused to recognize his paternal claim. During the ensuing conflict, the Apparition detached itself from the Monarch and fought us once more, a ghostly spirit whose longing for a reunion turned into an insane bloodthirst. The dying Monarch, feeling a lingering attachment to a daughter he never had, and full of sorrow at all that had occurred, bequeathed to Anna the Throne of the Compound, naming her its Palatine, a title that requires no ties of blood.

Anna and the Monarch

Monarch: My beautiful Antebellum! It really is you!
Anna: What twisted deception is this? You're not my father.
Anna: While you labored on all those portraits of me, did you once think to paint yourself?
Monarch: What do you mean? Why look on me with such disdain? Why deem this reunion so foul or fueled by deceit?
Anna: If you think you are my father, then think of his face. It does not match your own, Monarch.
Anna: What's wrong, milord? Is it unraveling for you now, the consequences of such a mismatched visage?
Anna: Good! Now tell me who you REALLY are!
Monarch: You will mind your tongue, daughter. I have suffered so much to find you...


I am dying, Character, and these are my last wishes. It may seem quite mad to you-- and it will seem so to the others of the Compound, but they have known me long that way these days--but tell Anna that she is my Palatine. The Throne of the Compound will pass to her now.

  • You're doing this because you still have fragments of her as your daughter in your memory.

Of course I do. I played host to that Apparition for so...long. To look on her is to feel a loss I cannot reconcile with my own memories. But she is strong and forthright and dear to me still, even without ties of blood. She will be a better leader for the Compound than I have ever been.

  • I have a feeling the Hetman will not like your last command.

Then I make one more: you will find a way to enforce it.

  • Leave.


Don't feel bad you didn't get my people out of the clink, Character. First Ward works by strange rules, and maybe we're following them now. You did good, child, and the loas are pleased with you. And yet they are also alarmed that none of us suspected an Apparition as some deranged puppetmaster behind this whole ragbag. Perhaps the Vortex is making them stronger? Or dulling our senses to them? I'll just have to think on it in a trance brought on by lemonade-overload.

Anna is the key now. She's the Palatine of the Compound. If you get the rest of the Last Worders to recognize her authority instead of the Hetman's, she'll be allowed to free the Carnival troupers. An' I've got a sneakin' suspicion, boy / girl, that we'll see each other again.

The spirits say you are closer to what it is that you need to do, but they don't say what it is you need to do. That is still a good sign, Character. I am glad you came to ol' Nadia for answers.

Are you ready to help Anna legitimize her throne?