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Katie Douglas

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Katie Douglas
Katie Douglas.jpg
Renegade Seer
Zone First Ward
Coordinates (355, 18, -1572)
Level Range 20-29
Introduced By Noble Savage
Introduces Blind Makwa
Enemy Groups V badge Awakened.png The Awakened
V badge Apparition.png Apparitions
V badge DUST.png D.U.S.T.
V badge Loyalist.png Imperial Defense Force
V badge Apparition.png The Possessed
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Katie Douglas is a Praetorian contact in the Sunken City neighborhood of First Ward at coordinates (355, 18, -1572).  Her level range is 20-29.


Contact Introduced By

Contact Introduces

Blind Makwa's pretty cool for a crazy old blind guy. Sits around Mercyview and talks to ghosts all day long. And he must be some kind of force to be reckoned with because nobody messes with him. He told me he was a 'medicine man', whatever that means. Hopefully, he's got the cure we need for First Ward.
Travel well on this path and do well to mind each and every pebble; even the smallest can cause ripples on a distant shore or find its way into the bottom of your shoe.


Renegade Seer

Katie Douglas is an ex-seer who escaped from the Seer Network and the authorities in Imperial City and then made her way to First Ward. She has worked tirelessly toward freeing other Seers and has enjoyed limited success here. To accomplish that feat, however, she has had to lie low and choose her allies very carefully. The Resistance sees her as nothing more than a weapon--politically and literally--and the Loyalists would just as soon place her back into the Network for another 15 years.

Prior to Introduction

Missing Prior to Introduction Dialogue

Initial Contact

Character, guess what? A package arrived in the mail today. It's all the intel you gathered on the Awakened and the Apparitions from D.U.S.T. Oh, and by 'mail', I meant I recently read your mind and downloaded the bits I needed. Cool? Cool.

So what we know is that the Asylum sent a D.U.S.T. cell to retrieve some of 'her special children' from the Sunken City. We don't know how these 'special childen' AKA 'the Awakened' got there in the first place. But they were recovered and brought to ARCLIGHT, and that's when things lost the plot. The Awakened went crazy, some of them mind-controlling the D.U.S.T. Rangers inside, and others fleeing to other parts of the Free-Fire Zone - and almost always accompanied by the Apparitions. And then there's some hogwash about medical records at BETTERMOUSETRAP that got you nowhere. Sound about right? Whatever, it's close enough and I'm tired of talking. Moving on.


  • Spit it out already.
  • *sigh*
    What's up?

Too Busy

Missing Too Busy Dialogue

Too Low Level

Missing Too Low Level Dialogue

No More Missions

This is where we part ways, Character. I don't need anything else from you, m'kay? It's really been a riot, but it's time for you to bother someone else.

Story Arc

Black Channel Protocols

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 7 Reward Merits.

Black Channel Protocols


Colonel Vargas, CO D-SEC HQ, to all uncompromised COs of Special Operations in First Ward

Of course you're compromised. Transmissions are down everywhere. The Seer Network itself is full of those ghosts, spreading them across the Free-Fire Zone like crows. I have little hope that the IDF Battle Orb I sent to shut down the Network will succeed, even with a full cell behind him. Most likely, that task will fall on others. If there are any others out there.

Something is wrong with my mind. It itches three inches behind my head. That would be them, so time is short: this is what I suspect happened, for those of you who may be able to read this. Praetor Tilman's Awakened didn't escape the Asylum. They were somehow stolen. Who could pull off such an exfiltration right out from under Mother's nose? I certainly have no id-- CROWS no no no it's waking up ins--


[transmission ends after the sound of a sidearm firing]

Part One: Top Men


First things first: this is going to be pretty morbid. I won't speak for you, but I don't much like it.

Each one of the possessed D.U.S.T. Rangers in the FFZ had some kind of persona defense training, right? Right. And we both know that particularly strong individuals that are possessed retain a bit of their personalities even when they're serving as a host body to an Apparition. Soooo... stands to reason that any given possessed D.U.S.T. Ranger retains, at the very least, some idea of where he was at, what he was doing, what his orders he had at the time were, et cetera et cetera, just before he was all bodysnatched. If we collate enough of this data, we could make a good estimation of where to go next. Following me? Good. Now. Here's the tricky bit.

I need to scan the minds of a few D.U.S.T. Rangers at the moment you separate their host body from the Apparition. You're going to have to get your hands bloody, because there's only one surefire cure for possession. You know what I'm asking. Deal with your conscience in whatever way fits you best afterwards, but I'm going to have to scan a few before I can start building us the Big Picture. You up for this, killer?

  • I'll only go after the officers. It's doubtful that the grunts will know enough.

Huh, I didn't think of that. Good idea.

Get me into enough of their minds and I can triangulate our next likely step.

And, yeah, I just said 'triangulate' without blinking. So sue me. Won't happen again.

Get moving. We'll hook back up when I've got us a location.

Find possessed D.U.S.T. officers

Unnecessary Solicitation

What's up with you? I need you to separate possessed D.U.S.T. officers from the Apparitions inside them.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Find possessed D.U.S.T. officers
    • Defeat 3 Peculiar Leader

Katie Douglas has discovered the location of the D.U.S.T. fallback position. She will meet you there.


V badge Apparition.png The Possessed

Investigate Fallback Position

Unnecessary Solicitation

I'm not sure why we left our investigation.

Mission Objective(s)

Map: P_TUNNELS_30_LAYOUT_03_01

Katie is putting up a subliminal psychic safety measure. D.U.S.T. hasn't been alerted to your presence yet.

  • Investigate Fallback Position
    • Lead Katie to the Fallback Commander
    • Speak to Officer Orb

The D.U.S.T. cell that had retreated to the fallback position had failed their previous mission: to shut down the Seer Network. It has evidently been overrun by the Awakened and the Apparitions.


V badge DUST.png D.U.S.T.

Notable NPCs

  • D.U.S.T. Officer (Lieutenant)
  • Corporal Garret (Lieutenant)
  • Officer Orb (Ally)
  • Katie Douglas (Ally)
Contact Small Officer Orb.jpg
Officer Orb


I will not yield to a known accomplice of Seer 1381. She is an enemy of the state, as are you by association.

  • Then why bother speaking to me?


  • What?

'WHY ARE YOU BOTHERING TO SPEAK TO ME, SIR!' is what you meant to say. You will address me properly.

  • That's not going to happen. Start talking.

It's classified.

  • Which part? ARCLIGHT? BETTERMOUSETRAP? What're you doing here?

All of it. Classified.

  • Even your failed mission?

As far as I'm concerned, my mission to shut down the Seer Network is still in progress. By definition, that is not a failure.

  • You failed to remember it was classified.


You are correct. Therefore I am promoting you to Corporal now, which means you will also get executed if it is ever found out that I hastily gave up classified information. That makes enough circular sense for my thot-box…Corporal.

  • If you say so. Now what happened at the Seer Network?

Colonel Vargas, head of D.U.S.T. special operations in First Ward, found out that the Seer Network had been compromised. The Awakened had contaminated it for unknown reasons. Since I am naturally resistant to mind-control, I was promoted to command status of this cell, with orders to shut down the Seer Network with Red-level threat contingency bypass codes. The Awakened and the Apparitions in the facility were too strong. My cell withdrew to this fallback position to await further orders. Because of the Black Channel, no such orders will come. And, of course, my men have decided to ignore me, as you have seen.

  • They'll be executed. We're still on mission, Officer Orb.

I have not forgotten that your association with Seer 1381 makes you a war criminal. And I know she would be valuable in this mission. I am granting her a temporary stay of execution. You, Corporal, may be given a pardon, however, if we succeed. And we will succeed.

  • Right. We'll meet you at the Seer Network.

'We will see you there, sir.' Remember your station, Corporal.

  • (Leave)

Icon clue generic.png
Assymetrical Warfare
You and Katie Douglas investigated the fallback position, finding that its cell was led by a Mk. 2 Battle Orb, a device normally reserved for the IDF. 'Officer Orb' had been recently promoted to officer status by one Colonel Vargas, the head of D.U.S.T. special operations in First Ward, to spearhead an assault on the Seer Network, which had recently fell into the hands of the Awakened and the Apparitions. After the mission failed, and its cell withdrew, Officer Orb's cell mutineed against it. You finally struck an alliance with Officer Orb to combine your forces to complete the mission its soldiers were unable to accomplish.


Well, I didn't see that one coming. I can't often say that, being a psychic and all. It looks like we're going to have to work with a machine who takes orders from a D.U.S.T. head-honcho who take orders from the Asylum...and who's on loan from the IDF. That's just...great. And, yeah, I guess I'm going to have to get over working with said ugh-inducing 'Officer Orb', since he has the Network's bypass codes.

Look, killer, I know I come across as a bit...well, you know, but I can't have my sisters in the Seer Network threatened like this. They're innocent. And they need our help. So we're helping, you get me?

This is gonna be a long road for us, killer. And I really don't want to be seen tagging along with you. Not physically, anyway. But if you need to reach me, just scream my name really loud in your head. Really, really loud. It'll be annoying enough that I'll probably answer.

Part Two: Shut It All Down


The Awakened have taken control of the Seer Network in First Ward. That's how they were able to take down those D.U.S.T. facilities so easily-- every Seer connected to the Network started working for them. I'm not sure how the Awakened did it, but we have to shut the local Seer Network down.

I'm not going to get all shot up again like last time, so I'll teleport in when you and 'Officer Orb' clear a safe passage to the Seer Network controls. Then we'll see if his bypass codes will let us access them.

  • Sounds like a plan, but he mentioned that the facility was full of Apparitions, too.

Yeah, I’m still trying to make that connection. Maybe the Apparitions are the ghosts of dead psychics…? But we can table all the speculation until after we shut the Seer Network down.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Why did we leave?

Mission Objective(s)


Officer Orb is waiting for you with the Seer Network access key.

  • Get Katie to the Seer Network
    • Rendezvous with Officer Orb
    • Lead Officer Orb to the Seer Network Controls
    • Destroy Apparitions
    • Speak to Katie
    • Wait for Katie to think
    • Guard the Seer Network Controls
    • Defend yourself against Katie and the Apparitions

Accompanied by Katie Douglas and Officer Orb, you shut down the Seer Network. The Awakened were using it to turn D.U.S.T.'s own Seers against them across the whole Ward. It turned out that the entire Network was infected with Apparitions. How they got inside it, and why, is still unknown, but it's obvious that Colonel Vargas (the head of D.U.S.T. special operations in First Ward) is the likeliest person to know how all of this started.


V badge Awakened.png The Awakened
V badge Apparition.png Apparitions

Notable NPCs

  • Officer Orb (Ally)
  • Katie Douglas (Ally)
  • Subjugator (Boss)
  • Enraged Spectre (Lieutenant)
Contact Small Katie Douglas.jpg
Katie Douglas


Something is blocking my access to the Network!

  • The bypass codes were supposed to fix that.

Yeah, well no. Officer Orb's bypass codes are junk. The Awakened must have put up new security countermeasures after his team retreated.

I'll think of something else.

  • (Let Katie Think.)


Okay, so we should talk about how things went twenty kinds of crazy then you drew all those Apparitions to my house and all my friends got killed...but I totally don't feel like it.

But now I know what being possessed can do to someone, and it's... not cool.

Look. I'll stop calling you 'killer' from here on out. Fair? Fair. And that's about as good as its ever going to get between us, Character.

Finale: D.U.S.T. to D.U.S.T.


Everything we've learned about the Apparitions, the Awakened, and the Black Channel Protocols leads to one man: Colonel Vargas, head of D.U.S.T.'s special operations. If anyone knows how all of this started, it would be him. You need to break into D.U.S.T.'s spec-ops station, D-SEC, and find out what Colonel Vargas knows. The Asylum and Mother Mayhem decided that his knowledge of the threat was enough to shut down all communications between him, his men, and the whole of the outside world. And that means First Ward has a crisis on its hands.

Considering my experience at the Seer Network, I wouldn't call this next bit exactly lucky...but I had enough Apparitions swimming around in my head that I've narrowed down a location for D-SEC.

  • Good. Learn anything else?

Yeah, and it throws another weird spanner into the works. I felt a...magical element to the Apparitions in the Network. Which pretty much pokes all kinds of holes into my theory of them being the ghosts of dead psychics.

Yeah, so..., listen, Character, I'm still pretty shaken up by what happened back there, so I'll just tag along in your head for this outing. This one is too important to risk me wigging out on you again.

Unnecessary Solicitation

We still need to know what Colonel Vargas knows, Character. Get back to D-SEC.

Mission Objective(s)


The reports about D-SEC were true. Via Katie's psychic senses, you can feel the Apparitions running rampant throughout the facility.

  • Investigate D-SEC
    • Find Colonel Vargas
    • Find Colonel Vargas' Files
    • Scan files on the D-SEC Comm Array
    • Reason with Officer Orb
    • Defeat Officer Orb
    • 2 data archives to download

You successfully recovered the Black Channel Incident data files from D-SEC, fending off an IDF attack along the way.


V badge Awakened.png The Awakened
V badge Apparition.png The Possessed
V badge Loyalist.png Imperial Defense Force

Notable NPCs

  • Officer Orb (I.D.F. Minion)
  • Colonel Duray (I.D.F. Lieutenant)

You found the D-SEC pass key on the body of Colonel Vargas.

Contact Small Comm Array Station.jpg
D-SEC Comm Array


BLACK CHANNEL OVERRIDE: Transmissions Log [Incoming]

Colonel Duray, IDF, to Colonel Vargas, CO D-SEC HQ

Great work on shutting down the Seer Network, Vargas. You have my condolences for the losses you have suffered at ARCLIGHT, BETTERMOUSETRAP, et al.

Now that the experiment is safely contained, I can lift the Black Channel. Your orders are to recall all D.U.S.T. operatives with knowledge of these events back to D-SEC. I am sending a Recovery Team to debrief your personnel and retrieve all data regarding the Incident. See to it that both personnel and data are secure at D-SEC prior to our arrival.

  • (Keep scanning incoming transmissions)



  • (Leave Terminal)

You found the Data Archives pass key from Officer Orb's damaged thot-box.



Whenever you’re ready to find the blind guy, I’ll telesend you his location.

Icon clue generic.png
Signal to Noise
D-SEC was completely compromised just like ARCLIGHT and BETTERMOUSETRAP were. Colonel Vargas was a lost cause, having died before you even got there. His encrypted files confirmed that the Black Channel fell when he reported to Mother Mayhem that the Seer Network had become flooded with Apparitions, through the machinations of the Awakened. They also confirmed that the entire incident started at the behest of Mother, who had ordered D.U.S.T.'s special operations branch to retrieve some of her 'special children' that had somehow escaped her care.

Even after you shut the Network down, though, it wasn't enough for Praetor Tilman. An IDF kill team was sent in to cover the entire incident up. One thing seems clear from Vargas' data files, though-- a notion that Dr. Jonas Fletcher had, as well-- to defeat the Apparitions, it's going to take a magician, not a psychic.