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Riptide is one of the "Top Dogs" in the Powers Division. He usually hangs around Nova Praetoria, at North Aetna. His coordinates are (-4779, -12, -3032).

Riptide may be found as both an ally and an enemy by Praetorian players. Apparently, he's the most active of all the Top Dogs:

  • During the mission A Spectacle for the Crowd from Reese as an Enemy.
  • During the mission The Killer from Transmuter as an Ally.
  • During the mission Stronger than Family from Chimera as an Ally.
  • During the mission This is the End from Chimera as an Ally, if you decided to help the Loyalists.
  • During the mission Find and Kill Top Dog in Tunnels from Dr. Hetzfeld as an Enemy.
  • During the mission Betray Dr. Hetzfeld from Dr. Hetzfeld as an Ally.
  • During the mission The Rift Enclosure from Provost Marchand one last time, as an NPC.

Heroes may fight him:


Riptide's frightening appearance is matched only by his brutality in combat. He can discharge lethal amounts of bio-electricity on anyone who gets too close, while clusters of retractable poisonous spines discourage anyone from staying within arms reach. Despite his monstrous countenance, Riptide is an honorable man outside of combat, but start a fight with him, and all semblance of civility is tabled until victory is had.

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